There is nothing more complicated than finding truth, science and understanding.


Because we will never find all the answers until we are dead and hopefully, that will give us enough time to at least scratch the surface.

In the meantime, we need to clarify the manner in which we learn, to be able to begin the process.

Everything we do in this life is governed by 2 major factors -instinct and learning.

Needless to say, in the human animal, instinctive modes of behavior are modified by learning.

The supreme human ability is to develop further knowledge through the ability to think.

The id-ego-superego psychological model Freud developed is fundamentally flawed because, in a civilized society, there is no conflict between our instincts and our needs.

First and foremost, like human instinct, animal impulse is not about the development of a tyrant, the exaltation of unchecked ego, morality, etc., etc., etc... It is about the need to survive and the capacity to modify instinct through learning.

Needless to say, our animal instincts must be tempered by human ideals to minimize the force of destruction.

All knowledge comes from experience but when the human mind works overtime on a superficial basis, the answers it finds are filled with erroneous conclusions. Clearly, when falsehood dominates, the truth is buried by the myths we manufacture to sustain our comfort level.

Like the word "truth", the word "science" is subject to abuse unless it is very carefully scrutinized.

Psychology is not "scientific" when it is given an air of precision by pseudo-technical language that supposedly dictates the presence, the absence or the nature of psychological disturbance. The human mind is too complicated, individual character and responses too varied, to be precisely identified or systematized.

Science may be organized, human conduct is scattered.

There is nothing more dangerous than "the halo of infallibility".

The most compelling contact with reality is "EXPERIENCE" NOT "EXPERIMENT".

Experience is a supplement of investigation. Experiment is a method of investigation.

Controlled conditions in a laboratory provide controlled conclusions.

There is no substitute for experience. Aristotle said, "the intellect is perfected not by knowledge but by activity", and that will never change.

Perception is the interpretation of data.

Reality is accurate perception.

Delusion is common.

Mischaracterization is the promotion of delusion.

And that is why we all have a great deal to learn.

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