Elizabeth Warren

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Buttigieg held a narrow lead of 26.2 percent in state delegate equivalents, the traditional metric by which an Iowa winner has been determined. Sanders had 26.1 percent.

The results followed a chaotic count marred by technical issues, and an official winner has not been declared. Sanders, however, held a lead in the popular vote, and he claimed victory on February 6, 2020, noting that he had an advantage of roughly 6,000 votes in the first round of the caucuses and about 2,500 in the second round. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) finished third, with 18 percent of state delegate equivalents. Former vice president Joe Biden earned 15.8 percent, a disappointing fourth place finish.

Elizabeth Warren performed above expectations in Iowa, beat Joe Biden, is tied for 2nd in New Hampshire, and has the highest favorability ratings among all Democratic candidates -and that's the best position to be in.

The Trump campaign has clearly failed to make Pocahontas irrelevant and it thinks that the best way to deal with her is to publicly ignore her, and that's why Joe Biden gets all the publicity.

But a tweet by Eric Trump has clearly exposed their secret obsession.

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