Recruit Senator Elizabeth Warren
By Mat Wilson
November 22, 2014
Elizabeth Warren

If you want to know what is wrong with America and what needs fixing, listen to what crafty and brilliant political strategists like Dick Morris have to say, interpret it and the taste of truth will prevail.

In the coming days, months and weeks, Republicans will flood the airwaves to tell you that Obama is an illegitimate President who is not following the will of the people (since they have seized control of the Senate and the Congress) and they will obsessively claim the people have given them the mandate to rule even though they didn't even bother to show up to vote.

Now this ludicrous deception is wonderful news for a populist like Senator Elizabeth Warren because she actually has the mandate (substantively speaking) that Republicans claim they have.

False prophets will predictably come out of the woodwork and their pulpit, the lame-brain media, will provide the opportunity to brainwash America. In other words, from now until election day emerges, the pundits will torture your ears with the effort to craft this horserace and the rest of us will fill the social media with a steady diet of "50 great reasons why it is vital and necessary to make Senator Elizabeth Warren the first female President of the United States of America". Needless to say, the time to elect a female is highly overdue and one historic election deserves another.

Don't let the propaganda sway your vote. Pretend Democrats like Chuck Hegel will tell you how America must double the Pentagon Budget to fight ISIS and he thinks he can hand Republicans the hero-worship status that they are saving America. What he actually means is that despite every covert campaign, the US has failed to change the regime in Syria, the Russians and the Chinese will not support America's malignant plot there and America needs to revive the Cold War so that they can once again bring the world to the brink of mutually assured destruction.

That is the only world Republicans are obsessively trying to navigate and their obsession to win an unwinnable Cold War is ultimately self-destructive.

If you want to understand the real truth, decode propagandists like Dick Morris because they are the hired guns who tell it like it is not.

Dick Morris discussed the alleged implications of the current Republican mid term victory and they should scare every American Citizen:

The implications of victory. Boy, what a victory it was. We finally got our country back. We finally got the United States back as we recognize, as we've come to know it, not this deformed political entity that Obama has tried to create.The magnitude of the triumph is unbelievable. It will eventually be 9 seats, we'll clearly win in Louisiana. We were supposed to finish second, we finished first in the first primaries so the runoff will be just a formality. And the inroads are just incredible in blue states. Illinois elected a Republican Governor, Michigan re-elected a Republican...the inroads and the magnitude are enormous, they really are presaging a national shift decisevely in the direction of the Republican Party. In terms of what this means for the future, let's look at it particularly in terms of its implication for 2016. Six times since world war II a party has won the midterm elections in the 6th year of the presidency occupied by the rival party. And in 5 of those times, the party that won the midterms in th e6th year rolled on to win the presidency 2 years later. Truman lost Congress in 1950 and Eisenhower was elected 2 years later. Eisenhower was decimated in the election of 1958 and 2 years later, JFK was elected.

Republicans made huge gains in 1966 and in 1968 Nixon was elected. In 74 there were enormous Democratic gains, in 76 Jimmy Carter was elected. And in 2006 there were enormous democratic gains and the democrats took over Congress, Pelosi became speaker ans 2 years later Obama was elected. The 2 times it didn't happen was under Clinton in 1998 but there was no winner -there was no net exchange of seats. Unpredictably enough, the election of 2000 was a dead even tie. And in 1996 and 98 was the only time the pattern broke, the democrats won the election of 96 but Bush nevertheless went on to win the election of 1998. So history says that once a sunami like this comes along, a wave like this, it's going to sweep all before it. And I think clearly it indicates such a massive vote of disatisfaction with the President with the democratic party policies, with the extreme left of the administration, that they are not likely to support Hillary in 2016. In fact the problem Hillary now has is does she now embrace the policies that have been so dramatically rejected and increase her chances of winning the general election or does she oppose those policies and separate themselves from her, which increases the chances of getting a primary fight and being denied the nomination in the first place, just like she was in 2008. It's a very pleasant situation to watch the other side be in.

The good news is that Morris also predicted a Romney victory and Obama singlehandedly averted that pending disaster. Needless to say, the only way to avert an even greater disaster, because the stakes are so much higher now, is to fail to recruit a populist like Senator Elizabeth Warren to singlehandedly defeat the Republicans again.

To be sure, in the context of an election, singlehandedly means one leader who has hordes of enthusiastic Americans behind her. If that does not happen in the election of 2016, Dick Morris will prove to be prophetic and nobody who has a functioning brain is willing to sit around and to let that happen.

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