Berkley Marina
There is something I did not realize till I got to Berkley Marina and saw it myself. The "famous" boat ramp, from which Scott allegedly took Lacy's body in the boat to the Bay, is on the premises of the "Olympic Circle Sailing Club". This club has a fleet of 40 yachts of their own parked around the launch ramp and outdoor repair shop next to the ramp. They, also rent out "parking spaces" for private yachts. Security is tight because there is a great deal to steal there. Just think about those "professional grade" GPS systems or expensive communication equipment. Yachtsmen trust their lives to this stuff. Yachts themselves cost tens of (often hundreds) thousands of dollars.

This area is well lighted at night and UNDER WATCH BY PRIVATE SECURITY OF THE SAILING CLUB, DAY AND NIGHT. Also, the "Cezar Chavez Park" is five-six hundred feet from the ramp and there are a lot of people at day time. There are three, overlapping, securities at this area: Private Security of the Sailing Club, State Park Rangers and State Fish and Game Rangers.

Scott with his truck and small boat, handling something covered and as big as a human body, at night, (launch ramp closed from 10pm to 6am), would draw the attention of the Sailing Club Security and would be apprehended in minutes. Not to mention the Park Rangers, who were on high alert due to terror threat at the time when Laci disappeared.

And, during the day, if somebody showed up with something unusual and as big as a human body, it would capture the attention of security.

Scott would also have to evade the attention of all those dog walkers, roller-skaters and bicyclists from the park, it is not exactly a place to get away with dumping the evidence without being noticed. In fact, Scott was seen by, at least, two bystanders, and there was nothing sinister in his boat or truck.

Scott clearly did not choose to use the populated and guarded Berkley Marina to dump Laci's body in the sea. The populated, Berkeley Marina was and still is a solid alibi.

Those who actively promoted the ridiculous claim that Scott launched the boat from some place else (without ramp, "the missing auxiliary wheels theory") - enjoy the view of shoreline from Berkley Marina to Richmond (when you see on Fox the video clip, where coroners carry Lacy's body in bag, notice the same type of shoreline).

There is no way that Scott could launch the boat from trailer without a ramp.

The chance fact that Scott Peterson was witnessed in his boat without Laci's body makes the speculative claim that he dumped his wife's body in San Fransisco Bay a preposterous fiction.

Map of Berkley Marina

Launch Ramp

Launch Ramp from different angle. Notice sailing boats on both sides of the ramp. 

Direct view from Launch Ramp to Olympic Circle Sailing Club.

Entrance to Olympic Circle Sailing Club.  Notice gates that locked at night.

View from paking lot  to" Cezar Chaves Park"

Shorline at Berkley Marina.

It looks like Scott Peterson is clearly a victim of a typical miscarriage of justice.