The Bank of Nova Scotia robs man


  The Bank's "surveillance" tape is only 362 frames from a single angle and has been edited to conceal a cash transaction. The top animation on the left is frames 153, 154, 155 and 156 and have been placed here for analysis purposes. The constitute what was evidently a cash deposit the bank disputes.
  The clip on the right is very interesting and it occupies frames 183-201. What is particularly interesting is that after the customer places what appears to be money on the counter, the teller tries (but fails) to open the cash box. Looks like creative editing.
  Both clips are consistent with the customers distinct movements;
A/ Customer pulls content out of wallet.
B/ Customer places content on counter.
C/ Customer gently pushes content towards teller with the palm of his hand.

If you view a Tim Horton's surveillance video, you can read the writing on the currency but the Bank's video is deliberately obscure -what are they trying to hide? The money?

This is how the customer entered the Bank on February 22, 2012.

The path of entry is clear. This is what the video surveillance entry would have looked like if there was no tampering.

The Banks' version of customer entry happens at frame #93 of the 362 frame surveillance clip.

Needless to say, the surveillance tape has been tampered with because the blue square is where the customers feet should be in the surveillance tape entry shot as the "entrance footprints" clearly indicate and the red square is where they were actually positioned as the frame # 93 of the Banks' surveillance tape clearly proves.

It is consequently not possible to deny the fact that BNS video pranksters altered the Banks' surveillance video in attempt to conceal cash deposit.

Note the final 9 frames of the Bank's video surveillance clip.

A digital file is merely a compilation of still photographs strung together. It is very easy to place frames out of sequence and to even photoshop individual stills to produce an illusion of motion which misrepresents what in fact occurred. The tampering above is so clear and obvious it merits no argument. First and foremost, the subject of the video does not appear until frame #93. Consequently, frames #1-92 are essentially useless and there is no legitimate reason for the video clip to end at frame #362 when frame number #363, which was not provided, is certainly more relevant than frames #1-92. Moreover, the fact the Bank excluded all the frames which identify the manner in which the customer entered and exited the bank also speaks for itself. Banks have multiple cameras to provide the opportunity to visually audit but the childish pranksters who edited 362 still frames numbered 1-362 think they can hide both the front door and the money of a foolishly disputed transaction. The fact is, both the money, as the client's bank account clearly proves, and the front door of the Bank are impossible to deny, no matter how many videoclips are fraudulently altered.

To conduct a complete analysis of the Bank's entire, fraudulently altered surveillance clip, click here ! Despite any warning, downloading will not place your computer at risk. The warning merely identifies an unusual file with an EXE extention and it is perfectly safe to download the short, surveillance videoclip.

Finally, a frame-by-frame analysis provides the best opportunity to unravel fraudulent alteration and you can review every single frame individually, right here.


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