A photo from Getty Images of a suspect wearing black riot gear and carrying zip ties widely circulated on social media in the aftermath of the attack and it prompted concern that protesters had planned to take lawmakers hostage.

The obsession to kill the speculation produced 2 quick identifications; Lisa Eisenhart and son Eric Munchel were charged with federal conspiracies but the frenzy and the confusion over their involvement has obscurred reality itself.

Consequently, people began to falsely believe that 2 people controlled the entire story about zip tie handcuffs and the speculation about a piece of plastic that was designed to be used to restrain hands, legs, arms, and leg to hands, ended.

The speculation was killed without even identifying the woman in the Getty Image that prompted all the frenzy. How did that happen? It's the cover-up, stupid. That's what happened. The forces of expose and reveal were overwhelmed by conceal and distort, and everybody, as the tweets that follow clearly prove, was falsely lead to believe that the woman in the Getty Image was Lisa Eisenhart. In fact, Lisa Eisenhart is the woman in the photo on the left above, she is not the women in the Getty Image on the right that produced the zip-tie guy hysteria. So who is she? Can anybody identify her?

We all know about the arrests but we still do not know the identity of the woman wearing the pandemic mask.

Like the zip tie guy, the unidentified woman climbed the rails in a frantic search for zip ties on the senate floor and it would therefore be very fruitful to be able to interview her.

It is rather disturbing that the identity of this woman has been aggressively concealed through crafty misrepresentation. In particular, self-declared sleuths put a chokehold on relevant speculation because they obviously seek to conceal rather than to provide the opportunity to expose the truth.

Aside from deliberate cover-ups, common ignorance also impedes the opportunity to expose the truth. For example, law enforcement thinks that you bring handcuffs with you because you intend to take people into custody and that was certainly not true on January 6, 2021.

The plans of targeted assassinations are very deliberate and very specific and the massacre that was evaded produced specific concerns. You do not need handcuffs for the bloodbath that was narrowly avoided. The purpose of the handcuffs was to restrain Trump's allies and co-onspirators so that they could continue to support him after the insurrection.

You don't bring zip ties to a massacre unless you have people you intend to protect.

Why do you think Charles Manson didn't bother?

Targeted assassinations generate specific concerns and if Charles Manson was as evil as Trump is, he would have carried zip ties as well.

By the way, in the afternoon of January 6, 2021, Jared Kushner arrived in Washington from a trip to the Middle East. Most people think he was in Saudi Arabia on the day of the insurrection. Is that an alibi?

What did Jared Kushner do in Washington on that fateful day? Shouldn't we all know what he did during the failed coup attempt? Keep reading, the gulf between the truth and what we are told is extremely steep and you might even find the answer below...

Investigated and fact-checked by historian, Louis D. Thorpe -January 31, 2021. To understand how zip tie guy information is dominated and misrepresented on twitter, review this pdf which popped up on a "zip tie guy" twitter search. In my experience having exhaustively researched the Kennedy Assassination, specific, key searches produce the work of key cover up artists far more readily than reliable facts.

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And if "she" is in fact a man, the reason for
ignoring this person is equally perplexing.

Today's republicans are hypocrites.










Given the fact that Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham act like the propagandists of a violent
cult, how are they unlike a terrorist?    Have we underestimated the influence of propaganda?