Once upon a time, a wonderful couple named Bill and Hillary entered the White House filled with the hope and the anticipation they would usher in the reforms the public craved and needed. It was the first time since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy that many Americans felt connected to their President.

The reform never came because fierce opposition destroyed every hope and every opportunity. The Gingrich devolution derailed progressive change, focused on irrelevency and divided America.

Sandwiched between the Bushes, the Clinton promise never materialized.

Fastforward to 2014 and Hillary Clinton is still the hope of many Democrats. But the times they-have-a-changed and reform is now the responsibility of younger Democrats like Elizabeth Warren.

Unlike an elected official like Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton was recently an Obama Administration appointee who had no need to risk election success or failure because her role in the Democratic party is secure. But Democrats who look to her for leadership need to drop the claim that the best role for her is the presidency because politics is not about looking back. It is about moving forward and making sure the talent in the party is nurtured, to be able to effectively encounter the all the challenges which will inevitably surface.

And so, it is time for Bill and Hillary Clinton to take Elizabeth Warren under their wing and to guide her to the top where she belongs.

If Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton can form an alliance to be able to move the country forward, the promise that Bill and Hillary offered when they stopped George Bush Sr., will hopefully materialize.

Divided, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton will potentially hurt the opportunity to usher in the necessary changes, but together, President Elizabeth Warren and VP Hillary Clinton ought to be an unstoppable force.

United, the Democrats will effectively oppose Jeb Bush (or any other opponent for that matter) because the Warren-Hillary alliance will send the clear signal the Democrats are the Party of the future and the damage of the destructive past is subject to be corrected.

Why antagonize Americans who will choke at the prospect of another Clinton versus Bush run for the presidency? Republicans are secretely hoping Hillary Clinton runs so they can impose and sustain the impression that election 2016 is going to be another typical, Clinton/Bush horserace.

Quash the opportunity to advance Republican schemes, the time is ripe for an overdue landslide and the unity that is necessary to accomplish that is clear and obvious.

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