This is a thank you to fellow twitterite, Joey Tranchina for making me laugh. On December 18, 2014 I created this website and if you review it you will clearly understand the birth of the new word I coined "bogasity".

When the site was completed I posted the link with the tweet, "It takes somebody with the intellect of Elizabeth Warren to eliminate the bogasity (new word)."

Joey Tranchina responded with the tweet, "Used in a sentence: Elizabeth Warren confronts a Senate awash in puerile bogasity with actual intelligence."

I promptly thanked Joey for making me chuckle and he tweeted, "Thank you. Its not often that one comes up with a new word that resonates. Were living in The Age of Bogasity."

After all that, I did a google search and discovered that "bogosity" is a real word. Moreover, I discovered that the meaning of bogosity was in fact what Joey and I had implicitly assigned to the non-existent "bogasity."

Bogosity -The degree to which something is "bogus" in the hackish sense of "bad". At CMU, bogosity is measured with a bogometer; in a seminar, when a speaker says something bogus, a listener might raise his hand and say "My bogometer just triggered". More extremely, "You just pinned my bogometer" means you just said or did something so outrageously bogus that it is off the scale, pinning the bogometer needle at the highest possible reading (one might also say "You just redlined my bogometer"). The agreed-upon unit of bogosity is the microlenat.

When I did a search for bogasity, the output was, Did you mean gaseous?

Yes I did. Bogasity is bogosity with maximum gas/hot air/bullshit...

Enough said. We all get it and that is why we all think Elizabeth Warren should be the next President of the United States.

Next: People are on the march because Bogus Justice is not acceptable.




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