There are three pillars of justice; The Judge (and or jury), the law (criminal or civil procedure) and the evidence (the facts).

Having destroyed all three, republicans are now ruled by King Trump.

Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that Republican Senate Defense arguments are generating backslapping laughter. Even if Trump did abuse his powers in an attempt to bully Ukraine into interfering in the 2020 election on his behalf, it would not matter because they allege that the House never accused him of committing an ordinary crime.

That might play well on Fox news, but history has a long memory and the stain of a bogus impeachment defence should do to every single republicans in the next election what Ken Starr did to the Independent Counsel Statute.

Republicans who are currently trying to change the clear, undeniable assertion that impeachment exists to remove officials who abuse power, are on the wrong side of history.

Ignore partisans. Listen to what historians say when they are not being partisan.

As historian Tim Naftali informed us, this is the first time in the history of the United States that the President's party has controlled a Senate Trial and that means that closing the door on fairness is exclusively the doing of the republican party.

The words of historians like Tim Naftali strike at the heart of republicans who think they can do whatever they like without accountability or consequence. They are subverting democracy before our very eyes, and they will invariably pay a huge price in 2020 because the American people demand and deserve the truth.

In his own words, historian, Tim Naftali said; "We witnessed the largest cover up, the largest stonewall of an impeachment in history during the House period." Watch Mr. Naftali make it very clear that unlike Richard Nixon, President Trump ignored every single subpoena and that is an unprecedented abuse of power that should never be tolerated.

Let us be very, very clear, if you think that republican crackpots like Mitt Romney (who is a Ted Cruz clone) are actually prepared to be fair and reasonable, as the media routinely implies by calling him a "moderate", think again. Romney famously said "if everything is an outrage then nothing is an outrage" and Jeffery Toobin promptly shut down the door to granting him the opportunity to spout from both ends of his mouth, right here. Watch and listen very carefully, the jig is up, do not buy the gimmicks.

Trump and republican senators are acting like they are above the rule of law and Tim Naftali made that very clear when he said, "If you have this massive stonewall, the Senate has the power, in our constitution, to be an active player in judging the President. The idea that it is supposed to be passive, in the words of Adam Schiff, read the cold record of the grand jury, is nonsense. The Senate knows, all these Senators know the White House is stonewalling. They have an obligation to the public to get this information out..."

Every single Senator said, "I do" to the the oath; "Do you solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of President Donald John Trump, President of the United States, now pending, you will do impartial justice according to the constitution and the laws, so help you God?"

Every single senator who is currently blocking that obligation deserves to be immpeached.

A genuine, fair trial is clearly averted without the documents and the witnesses that are essential to do impartial justice, there can be no reasonable or fair Senate trial without judicious disclosure and the people are therefore being deliberately deprived of the right to the truth.

Fickle arguments which pretend that there are no triable issues for the Senate to consider are repugnant and disgusting.

Consider the grotesque, indefensible hypocrisy of former Republican House Manager, Chris Canon, who failed to impeach President Clinton in 1998, and you will clearly understand how broken the system is when clowns get away with manufacturing alternative realities that subvert democracy.

Watch CNN's Jake Tapper, scratch his head, as republican Chris Canon, admits that the trial in the senate will not be fair.

Henry David Thoreau told us that "The lawyer's truth is not Truth, but consistency or a consistent expediency" and if he was still alive, he might have added that the hypocrisy of republican like Chris Canon is repugnant and disgusting.

Make no mistake about it, the republicans are on the wrong side of history and if the next election does not fix that, who will?

This is the bottom line and it must be taken very seriously;

The Trump defense is nothing more than irrelevant or debunked talking points that have been repeated over and over and over again even before the senate trial started and if we make history our guide there is absolutely no question about what constitutes a reasonable and appropriate senate response.

Under the circumstances, every Senator should either;

A/Render Impartial Justice B/Recuse Themselves for Being Partisan C/Face a Perjury Charge for breaching oath to render impartial justice.

The Constitution does not indicate that removal from office requires two-thirds of the senate. It requires two-thirds of Senators PRESENT for the proceeding and those who fail to render impartial justice are not PRESENT in the manner the founders intended.

As long as President Trump and his enablers act like they are above the rule of law, there is no truth, no justice and no trial, and it is therefore silly to suggest that the Impeachment Trial of the President of the United States has not already ended the very way it started -that is, without the ability to render impartial justice.

Next: Laurence Tribe exposes the current danger.





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