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Chandra Levy
Chandra Levy was murdered
Chandra Levy:

She wanted to be a CIA or an FBI Agent, and while the CIA and the FBI will miss the oppportunity to have her, they should take the time to know about her.

Primary Motive: Chandra Levy died because her integrity was not subject to compromise.

Wednesday May 22, 2002

nsnews staff

The remains of Chandra Levy were found in Rock Creek Park today, 387 days after she went missing. Why were they found? Simple. They were found there because the people who are responsible for the murder of Chandra Levy wanted them to be found. How do we know that? Simple. The Police had scoured Rock Creek Park and they had failed to turn up any trace of Chandra Levy. Are they so incompetent that they missed finding the remains during their exhaustive searches? Not likely. The Police had searched extensively in the very same area where Chandra's body was found, but arrogant, professional killers have absolutely no doubt about their capacity to get away with murder, and if they were pressured to close the book on the Chandra Levy murder mystery, they did not disappoint. Police cadets standing shoulder to shoulder had combed the area where Chandra Levy's body was found, and it is safe to assume that her arrogant killer or killers deliberately placed the body at Rock Creek Park because they wanted somebody to find it. Rock Creek Park is a public place that is frequented by all kinds of people, and planting a body there has the potential to create a multitude of confusing impressions. It can, for example, create the impression that Chandra Levy's disappearance was a freak, motivation-free crime. One plausible scenario of planting the body at Rock Creek Park is that Chandra Levy was jogging when she had a chance encounter with a pervert who raped and murdered her. But if this scenario is vaguely plausible, it doesn't make any sense, under close scrutiny. If Chandra Levy's disappearance was a random murder of the sort that discovering a body at Rock Creek Park suggests, then Chandra Levy's body would have been found a very long time ago. Most realistic scenario; Chandra Levy's disappearance was a meticulously planned crime and moving the remains to Rock Creek Park, a location where they would certainly be discovered, was a deliberate attempt to create a false impression about the disappearance of Chandra Levy. For example, instead of a professional killing, Chandra Levy's murder was arguably a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time -or try any other number of potential possibilities. Nice try, but 'meticulous professionals' ultimately betray themselves because they are all too frequently, too meticulous for their own good. It's not the crime, it's the cover up stupid.

The people who made Chandra Levy disappear without a trace were too professional for their own good. They made Chandra Levy's body disappear for 387 days and then they made it magically reemerge in a "remote" area of Washington DC. The only problem is, there is no remote area in Washington D.C. And even if we accept the suggestion that it was indeed a "remote" area, it had been thoroughly combed, and returning the remains in an area that had been thoroughly searched was ultimately a mistake. Bad mistake.

Now that the cover up has been publicly aired on CNN, as every cover up usually is, we will draw the only conclusions that are realistically plausible. The well funded cabal that exploits vulnerable people like Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones for political purposes, is responsible for the disappearance of Chandra Levy, and their private investigators, people like Rex Armistead, can spend the rest of their lives trying to cover their tracks.

We do not have a crystal ball that enables us to disclose the minute detail of the murder of Chandra Levy. All we can do is tell Chandra's story the way she would have told it if she were alive. Her only 'crime' was that she had a relationship with a married Congressman in a world where sex is used as a weapon to destroy the political careers of otherwise invulnerable politicians. If Chandra Levy was willing to use details of her sexual relationship with Congressman Gary Condit, to destroy his political career, Chandra Levy would have been every media network's media darling when she was alive, but Chandra Levy was a caring, compassionate and decent human being. As long as she was alive, Chandra Levy denied the opportunity to create a sex scandal to destroy Gary Condit, and the 'meticulous professionals' who are responsible for her disappearance, can cover their tracks but they will never dictate the truth.

Chandra Levy was a strong, intelligent, happy, well adjusted, independent young woman who was looking forward to the rest of an exciting life and the last thing she wanted or needed was to be associated with a sex scandal. In the final analysis, it is ultimately an insult to the memory of Chandra Levy, to suggest that Gary Condit murdered her to cover up an affair, because in the absence of outside interference, Chandra Levy and Gary Condit had absolutely nothing to cover up.

The media likes to suggest that Gary Condit murdered Chandra Levy because he was a popular Congressman who wished to destroy his own political career, and isn't that an exceedingly preposterous theory? If anybody had ever presented the slightest evidence to suggest that Gary Condit was in fact guilty of murdering Chandra Levy, we would join the bandwagon. But Gary Condit has been under the microscope long enough to confidently say that he is clearly not guilty of anything beyond having had sex with Chandra Levy and of doing what most men do under his circumstances -deny a sexual relationship until the 'sex police' prove their mettle.

And by the way, all the behind-the-scenes 'experts' who organized the incredible, CNN media circus on May 22nd 2002, produced a beautifully orchestrated presentation. We are talking about a calibre of people who have the talent and the capacity to produce a James Earl Ray or a Lee Harvey Oswald, to make the simple truth as obscure as possible. The traditional capacity to pervert justice is well established, but in the case of Chandra Levy's mysterious disappearance, Chandra Levy's brutal murder and Chandra Levy's magical re-emergence, the cover up is too obvious to deny and any further effort to scapegoat, ads insult to injury. Clearly, in the final analysis, Chandra Levy gets the last laugh because she was a very aware, a very intelligent and a very astute young lady who was full of life, and the serial murderers who are responsible for snuffing it out were repeat fraudsters who will always lack the courage to expose the simple truth, making their pathetic existence absolutely useless and irrelevant.

Since we published our views about Chandra Levy, on the day that her remains were found, we have been
overwhelmed by a torrent of email that has literally flabergasted us. It is as if we were all waiting for the
slightest clue to emerge, so that we could collectively blow off the level of steam required, to bring Chandra
back. The hope was not entirely in vain, because you have managed to bring her spirit back, and that is the
impression that we get when we read messages like the following email;
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 14:49:09 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Rick Turpin"

To: newsworld@yahoo.com

I don't get it. I was watching CNN yesterday and prior to the discovery
of Chandra Levy's body, everybody was calling her death a murder. When
her body was found, it was called a 'death investigation'. I understand
the attempt to give forensics the opportunity to provide an indisputable
conclusion, but this absolute abandonment of every semblance of reason
was eerily creepy. Larry King even went so far as to say "she could have
been jogging and had a heart attack right?" Give us a break. This reporting
is one step below the National Enquirer, and this so called 'death investigation'
is living proof that the media is sleepwalking on this one.

Thank You for reporting the truth, and under the circumstances, it is an
understatement to say that your reporting is refreshing because you are
the only people who are in fact reporting. I used to rely on CNN for the
news but it has become comic relief -except the reporting on the Chandra
Levy case is very sad and disappointing. I hope there is a change, for the
sake of others because I have stopped watching. The Internet has become
my preferred choice for news and information.

thanks for the news

We share the frustration of readers who, in our estimation, reflect the simple, common sense of people who
are informed and we do not understand how somebody like CNN can be so out of touch. On May 23rd, CNN
aggressively spun stories that Chandra Levy had been murdered while jogging, and even showcased an
overzealous Prosecutor who wanted to force a confession out of a petty criminal who was serving a 10 year
prison sentence for trying to assault two female joggers. Needless to say, CNN has no trouble slandering a
proven loser who is serving time for being beaten up by the women he failed to assault, but it is folly to blame
this criminal for making Chandra Levy disappear. When CNN challenged our sanity with their reporting, we
researched newsgroup public opinion, and this is what we found;

Date: 2002-05-23 07:53:56 PST
(Steve Franklin) wrote in news:dd60515e.0205230422.33e312f@posting.google.com:
Also might make it less likely that Condit is responsible since it's hard to imagine
a scenario where he killed her while she was jogging.

Talk about leaping to conclusions. That's what this case has been
about all along: the incredible ability of people, even the so-called
investigators of the police, to swallow whatever cover story the
perpetrators of this crime have constructed without so much as the
hint of a questioning thought.

Have you looked at a map? Are you telling me Chandra levy *jogged*
from her apartment at New Hampshire and M Street to a point in the
park north of Brandywine? That's a distance of about 3 1/2 miles as
the crow flies, and a good 4 1/2 miles on the ground--the park twists
and turns. That's 9 miles round trip assuming she was planning on
turning around at that very spot, which she probably wasn't. Was she
practicing for a marathon or something? If not, then she got to that
point in some manner other than running all the way there.

Who says she ran there? Bodies can be transported.

Conclusion? There are other people involved in this who are counting
on the utter lunk-headedness of the police.

Needless to say, the disparity between media reports and simple common sense is glaringly obvious. We can go
on and on extolling the common sense of ordinary people, and we have done nothing more than provide a tiny
sample of the reaction that the Chandra Levy case is producing. We can continue to allow CNN to dazzle us with
the dramatic, and absolutely useless "breaking news" bulletins, which facilitate the plot to cover up the truth
about the murder of Chandra Levy, or we can accept the simple fact that the questions that you raise are what
must be answered, to get to the bottom of the Chandra Levy murder. The following email illustrates the point:

  From: "David Sween"

  To: newsworld@yahoo.com

  Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 14:14:37 -0500

    I will keep this email as short as possible because lengthy media distortions are too numerous to economically counter.

First and foremost, the body of evidence has been replaced by skeletal remains, making the effort to flesh out an
accurate portrait an immense challenge. Moreover, thee circumstances of the Levy disappearance appear to be complex,
disturbing and dominated by the obsession to cover up a murder.

Untrained investigators do not understand the potential or the limits of science, and allow their prejudices to fall
victim to speculative rather than reasonably investigated, probable cause. People need to understand that forensic science
corroborates, it does not define probable cause. Needless to say, the capacity to solve the Levy murder mystery relies upon
the intelligence to determine the motivation behind the murder of Chandra Levy, and this ability is unfortunately too rare to
inspire confidence that this crime will ever be solved.

Competent investigators draw reasonable conclusions, they are not blinded by the mindless dictum that scientific facts are
supposed to produce.

Savvy, veteran homicide investigators understand the fact that planting a gun in the hand of an alleged suicide victim simulates
the authority of science and that an incompetent Medical Examiner gives the police the answers they expect. At its best, science
can be used to conclusively prove murder and at its worst, it can be abused to implicate an innocent peson.

The murder of Chandra Levy was not a random killing, it was a targeted hit. Chandra Levy was not robbed and it was her practice
to jog on a treadmill, not at Rock Creek Park where her disintegrated remains were conveniently placed, to permit the speculation
that a known criminal who was convicted for failing to assault two joggers is responsible for this planned hit.

The obsession to close the book on a murder investigation does not influence the competent investigator.

Chandra Levy's remains were placed under a foot of leaves to create the impression that her body was in Rock Creek Park since she
disappeared, and that is the sort of forensic tampering that betrays the complexity of the Levy murder investigation.

Clearly, the most difficult challenge of the criminal investigator is to expose intent, and given the fact that it is a relatively
impossible task as long as people are extremely deceptive, it is unfortunately necessary to theorize or to interpret the acts.

Given the fact that Chandra Levy's killer or killers managed to keep the body hidden for 387 days, it is safe to assume that they
are deceptive cover up artists who think that they have successfully denied forensic scientists the opportunity to do their work.

It appears as though Chandra Levy's murderers planted skeletal remains at Rock Creek park, not because they sought to expose, but
because they sought to obscure the truth, and knowing that authorities do not even require a body to make an accusation, they obviously
understand the tendency to associate the fake, crime scene victim with known, Rock Creek Park criminals.

They had nothing to lose and everything to gain by moving the body to Rock Creek Park because it had disintegrated to the point where
it was forensically useless, but at the same time, the evidence betrayed the organized capacity to keep a body hidden for a significant
amount of time.

Fortunately, it is not reasoable to suggest that the body was recovered by chance after missing for 387 days. The preposterous suggestion
that a search party combed the area immediately to the left and to the right of where Chandra Levy's remains were found is not credible,
removing doubt about the fact that Chandra Levy's murderers were obsessive about diverting blame.

On May 26, 2001, police sent dogs into the Rock Creek Park area where there is heavy underbush and they were not looking for Chandra Levy's
skeletal remains. They were looking for a fly infested mess of maggots on a body, and if Chandra Levy had been murdered at that spot,
they would have found it.

When Levy family lawyer Billy Martin said that Chandra was a victim of a "well-planned kidnapping and removal" it sounds like he was
following the evidence. When the Police searched Levy's apartment on May 6, 2001, her luggage was packed and her driver's license, money
and credit cards were inside her wallet. Chandra Levy was getting ready to leave town when she was abducted and murdered and then, her
desperate killers conveniently dumped her remains to create the false impression that Rock Creek Park was the crime scene. There are
some who are gullible enough to say that placing a foot of leaves over skeletal remains simulates a shallow grave, and that is what
ultimately betrays the plot to cover up the truth about the murder of Chandra Levy.

Forensic scientists clearly understand the disparity between an undisturbed crime scene and a staged, shallow grave, but ignorant murderers
overestimate their intelligence.

David Sween


In memory of Chandra Levy and Laci Peterson

In memory of Laci Peterson