1. We insist upon our own infallibility and reject any alternate point of view without appropriate scrutiny.

2. We alleviate the discomfort of objectivity by embracing (like a dog on a bone) a position which mirrors our prejudices.

3. The truth is lost in the thought process of an individual when Words are used to manipulate, deceive, control, impress or to merely challenge, without factual foundation.

4. When we listen to confirm prejudices we develop tunnel-vission.

5. The inappropriate presumption of guilt sabotages both the right to be presumed innocent and the responsibility to prove guilt. Circular argument is not evidence.

6. Agenda-driven conclusions inhibit independent inquiry and encourage a lynch mob mentality.

7. The general willingness to accept a false assumption.

8. The hostile obsession to dictate, to control and to dismiss contrary impressions.

9. The pressure to comply destroys independent scrutiny.

10. Sloppy DNA labwork

11. "Circumstantial evidence" or an unreliable civil lawsuit endorsement is consequently the big hoax that is used to excuse a miscarriage of justice.


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