Predictable Death of Journalism
by Bob Livingstone
November 25, 2011

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Too many terrorists are roaming the streets. Most of them are time-warp cold warriors who look at Liberal Icons like David Halberstam and think that if they get these critics out of the way, they can win wars; like Iraq and Afghanistan. They still believe that we lost the Vietnam war because we fought it with one hand tied behind our backs, but the fact is, we dropped more bombs on Vietnam than we did during World War II. The truth is, we did not lose the Vietnam war. We merely understood the fact that genocide is not accpeptable, and we backed down, as we should have.

We never learn, do we? For example, Fidel Castro has been a target of assassins for over 40 years, and as late as 2000, anti-Castro militant, Luis Posada Carriles was sentenced to eight years in jail in Panama for a plot in 2000 to assassinate Fidel Castro. These guys started in 1960, and they're still trying.

When Posada was arrested he was found with a map of Washington showing the daily route to work of Orlando Letelier, the former Chilean Foreign Minister who was assassinated on September 21, 1976.

Posada is also responsible for downing a Cuban airlines jet off Barbados killing all 73 people on board.

He is also responsible for a 1997 Havana hotel bombing which killed an Italian tourist.

In 2005, Posada was living in Miami, and it is probably safe to say that as long as terrorists roam the streets, the daily routine activities of influential people like David Halberstam are subject to be targeted by the cold war fanatics who seek to replace the stories of independent and objective reporters with their brand of propaganda.

Was the person who killed David Halberstam one of these people who advance the agenda of time-warp, cold warriors? How will we ever find out?

When Halberstam was killed, the man who killed him referred questions about the crash to his lawyer, Laurel Headley, who declined to comment.

Halberstam had given a talk two days before the crash at the UC Berkeley journalism school. Jones, a first-year graduate student, had volunteered to drive him to Mountain View.

It appears that Halberstam was a sitting duck if he was the victim to time-warp cold warriors who rely on knowledge about daily routine to kill somebody. Consequently, the news blackout which has precluded the opportunity to obtain every single detail about the accident that caused his death is not acceptable.

Where is Jones now, is he a journalist, as he claims, or merely another time-warp patriot who cannot afford to expose his views for fear of being more seriously implicated, with respect to the death of David Halberstam?

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam was killed doing what he had done for more than four decades: chasing down a great story in a world that prefers to promote the fiction that does not interfere with the agenda of time-warp patriots.

If I was a betting man, I would be inclined to dispute the suggestion that Halberstam was the victim of an accident. After all, the man who killed him claimed to be a journalist, it's beeen over 4 years since he killed David Halberstam and we still can't find any evidence that he has ever written anything. Is he a journalist or a killer of journalism?

And by the way, lest the uninformed seek to call us ignorant conspiracy theorists, Kevin Jones, the man who killed David Halberstam pleaded no contest to vehicular manslaughter, and just like Luis Posada, he is a free man today. He may have killed the 73 year old in a car crash on April 23, 2007, but Halberstam's ideas are invincible, and he will therefore always be a journalist. Will Kevin Jones ever abandon the pretense that he is a journalist?

Life is cheap because people like David Halberstam are invariably slaughtered by the ignorant, but they always get the last laugh. David Halberstam is still the only acknowledged, credible journalist, despite his death.

Bob Livingstone is a an investigative journalist who believes in biography.  Secrecy invites independent speculation about cause and effect and time ultimately proves that the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.



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