Released on Parole, He is Expected
to return to Austria

Truth about lies

Dictator Donald Trump is not, was not and will never be the President of the United States. History has already dismissed him. He was and is the leader of a degenerative cult that is either brainwashed, politically motivated or afraid to defy his will because he is a deranged, psychopathic murderer -nothing more and nothing less.

In his mind, he is still the leader of the 'Save America' movement, the one that tried to storm the capitol to reverse a legitimate election, but the people voted and they will continue to vote until the very last trace of Trump is eliminated, forever.

Even twitter has cancelled Trump, but what is wrong with law enforcement in America? Charles Manson was put away because it was not appropriate to allow him to incite further violence. Why is Trump a free man? If the FBI does not have the capacity to identify and to arrest serial killers, we need a better FBI.

Make no mistake about it, as long as an unrepentant, psychopathic maniac like Trump is a free man, the FBI is a direct accomplice to every single criminal activity Trump engages -and there is nothing, absolutely nothing legitimate about a demented, lifelong criminal who is directly responsible for everything that happened on January 6, 2021.

Clearly, every second of every day that Trump is a free man is one more opportunity to plot the murder of his enemies, that is how he operates and if remnants of J. Edgar Hoover still exist in the Bureau, which they undoubtedly do, they need to be rooted out now.

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