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Unravelling Dunne.

Dominick Dunne is a demagogue
Dominick Dunne:

A sick mind? He thinks
"you can get away with
your embezzlements and your
lies and your murders, but
you can never get away with
failing..." Is this pathological insecurity?

Hilariously self-indulgent, Dominick Dunne is addicted
to the image of a sleuth and
the life of a thrill seeker.

December 17, 2002

By Jeff Falcon

Dominick Dunne is a demagogue. He has obtained his power through impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace and has become the Joseph McCarthy of the publicity treadmill. Joe McCarthy had his day of reckoning. This is Dominick Dunne's time to implode.

Dominick Dunne has carved out a reputation as the chronicler of the criminal entanglements of the rich and the famous, but this former Hollywood producer turned pop novelist, is a writer of fiction and like all writers of fiction, Dominick Dunne fabricates a reality which has absolutely nothing to do with the truth. For some reason however, the fiction that Dunne produces is giving incompetent or corrupt prosecutors, the opportunity to pervert justice.

Dominick Dunne measures his success, not by the integrity and the intelligence which is required to adjudicate in a reasonable manner, but by the joy of skewering his real-life targets, to create the impression that his fiction is "a somebody". That is the consistent element of Dominick Dunne's entire life -he will do whatever it takes, to be "a somebody" because, in his own words; "You can get away with your embezzlements and your lies and your murders, but you can never get away with failing."

In his prime, Dominick Dunne lived a life of pure fantasy. He moved from his Santa Monica dream beach house next door to Peter and Patricia Kennedy Lawford into a mansion on Walden Drive in Beverly Hills, and hosted parties that attracted celebrities and stars like Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Kirk Douglas, David Niven, Liz Taylor, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, Roddy McDowell, Paul Newman, Loretta Young, Audrey Hepburn and David Selznik. The lifestyle was lavish and glamorous, but the insecurities were disturbing, and he tried to overcome them by drinking and using cocaine. Addicted to drugs and to celebrity socializing, it didn't take much more than to be rejected by Truman Capote, who threw his famous version of the ball at New York's Plaza Hotel and failed to invite the Dunne's, to make Dominick Dunne feel like a "nobody".

In his fiction, Dominick Dunne loves to skewer those in society's upper reaches and Kennedy cousin, Michael Skakel offered the ideal opportunity because he is Robert F. Kennedy's nephew and the hostility of the vendetta against the assassinated former Attorney General of the United States, is maintained through proxy targets. In 1985, Dunne wrote "The Two Mrs. Grenvilles" a novel based on the infamous 1955 murder of socialite Billy Woodward by his former showgirl wife, and Dunne developed the understanding that the very rich deal with crisis by closing ranks and by siding with a killer to keep their names out of the paper. Unfortunately, Dunne decided to apply his theories to other cases without acknowledging facts which are unique to every case, and Dunne ultimately managed to turn his fiction into the body of "evidence" that is commonly exploited by incompetent or corrupt authorities who do not distinguish the difference between a proper investigation and bad police work.

In 1991, Dominick Dunne covered the William Kennedy Smith rape trial, and for some unknown reason, Dunne was intrigued by the rumor that William Kennedy Smith was at the home of Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, on the night that Martha Moxley was murdered. This false rumor is responsible for generating a level of publicity which lead to the publication of A Season in Purgatory" the fictional account of the Moxley murder. What is a Season of Purgatory really all about? According to Maureen Dowd, of the New York Times, "Dominick Dunne takes all the most chilling character flaws of three generations of Kennedys and compresses them into one creepy plot line." What a brilliant synopsis, but for the sake of accuracy, it is important to note that Dominick Dunne compresses character flaws that are more imagined than real. For example, the Kennedys are blamed for the murder of Marilyn Monroe, but the source of that claim is right wing financed propaganda which is in fact, loathsome fiction. Regardless, Maureen Dowd is a brilliant writer, and she rarely misses a beat, to the point where she informs her readers that "Mr. Dunne's novel flows from his Vanity Fair coverage of the 1991 rape trial of William Kennedy Smith..."

What was the purpose of the false rumor that William Kennedy Smith was somehow linked to the murder of Martha Moxley? Perhaps, the answer to that question lies in the fact that the woman that William Kennedy Smith allegedly raped, turned to him after the alleged rape and inexplicably said "Michael you raped me".

This is getting difficult to grasp. Rumors are not born out of thin air. They are carefully crafted by the people who manipulate Dominick Dunne, and it is now very easy to understand the source of the "Michael you raped me" rumor. In retrospect, the William Kennedy Smith trial was not about a rape, it was a carefully crafted conspiracy to use Dominick Dunne to frame a "Kennedy". Michael Skakel and William Kennedy Smith were evidently targets at the same time, and the only reason it took so many years to lynch Michael Skakel is because the charges against him are preposterous. Indeed, imagine the resources, the plotting, the manipulation and the carefully orchestrated script which is responsible for the bizarre conviction of Michael Skakel, and you will understand everything. Imagine how much easier it would have been, if Michael Skakel had in fact murdered Martha Moxley. Imagine all the resources, all the plotting and all the manipulation which is responsible for creating the false impression that Ken Littleton did not murder Martha Moxley.

There is no need to believe that the woman who brought the rape charges against William Kennedy Smith was part of a conspiracy. You can always believe that her "you raped me Michael" accusation was an individual act of madness but you would have to hire cover up artists like Gerald Posner and John McAdams, to prove that. [both Posner & McAdams were evidently hired to revive the fraudulent, single-bullet theory] In the meantime, what we have is a phony rape accusation against one Robert F. Kennedy nephew evolving into a phony murder accusation against another Robert F. Kennedy nephew, and it would indeed take an individual act of madness to think that this is a bizarre coincidence.

Dominick Dunne is evidently very confident about his ability to turn his fiction into fact, and that was perhaps most clearly illustrated by his decision to write the foreword of Mark Fuhrman's Book, Murder in Greenwich, billed as a true-crime novel. Lucianne Goldberg is Mark Fuhrman's literary agent, and if she wasn't trying to use Mark Fuhrman to take Skakel down the way she used Linda Tripp to target President Clinton, she has really pulled the wool over our eyes. Spies like Goldberg are more treacherous than forthright, their signature is a miscarriage of justice, and that is what makes everything they touch, extremely suspect.

When Dominick Dunne was passed a stolen copy of a private detective's report on the murder of Martha Moxley, Lucianne Goldberg called and invariably steered him in the right direction, the way she steered Linda Tripp when she wanted to use a consensual sexual relationship to destrpy the President of the United States. Dominick Dunne was reading the stolen report which was used to frame Michael Skakel "and then, at that very moment," Dunne recalled, "I got a call from Lucianne Goldberg." Goldberg can evidently rely on a rumor-chaser like Dominick Dunne, and we can rely upon the predictable agenda of a veteran spy like Lucianne Goldberg. And so, in the context of Dominick Dunne and the people who feed the rumors, the "you raped me Michael" rape case was not about sex. The "you raped me Michael" rape case was about using a consensual, sexual relationship to discredit Lucianne Goldberg's favorite target -the Kennedy family.

President George Bush criticized the publicity that the William Kennedy Smith trial received, and that appeared to be cruel and unusual because publicity ultimately cleared Mr. Smith. Rape allegations are very serious, and from the beginning, William Kennedy Smith was assumed to be guilty in the media, in the gossip of the day and in the public statments of people who claim to be experts. The publicity reversed the rage and the zeal of the lynch mob and proved that Mr. Smith was innocent. Not surprisingly, in January of 1992, newsgroups were abuzz over the fact that President George Bush criticized the press coverage surrounding the William Kennedy Smith rape trial, because "the notion of holding trials to determine the guilt or innocence of persons accused of a crime or crimes against others behind closed doors is anathematic to all of us who hold as sacrosanct Civil Rights and just, fair and equal protection under the law."

If George Bush did not share the bias of the Prosecution, it is difficult to understand his criticism. Indeed, the Prosecution was so absolutely biased, it even tried to introduce the book "Senatorial Privilege" into evidence, in effort to prove the claim that the Kennedys have a knack for manipulating the news media. The judge appropriately determined that a book about the Chappaquiddick tragedy had nothing to do with the "Michael you raped me" sex allegations, and the motion was denied. Not to be Un-Dunne, Dominick wrote his own book of fiction, Season in Purgatory and the evidence for the next Kennedy trial was essentially produced by the people who failed to frame William Kennedy Smith.

Since Dominick Dunne's hand in the plot to frame Michael Skakel has made him "a somebody", the foolish gossip now insists that four people are responsible for the plot to murder Martha Moxley. Speaking on Larry King on 1 November 2002, Dominick Dunne said;

"I wrote in this next 'Vanity Fair' about an extraordinary experience I had on the coast of Maine when a man, whom I -- who must remain anonymous but who certainly was telling me the truth, you know, we always thought -- I always thought that it was Tommy Skakel who helped clean up after the murder but there were four of them. And four of the people were -- four people were involved, not in the murder but in the cleaning up, the moving of the body and the washing of the clothes. The clothes were washed and bleached all night long. And whether that comes up or not I don't know."

What is the source of this extraordinary revision? David Sween, an experienced criminal investigator has proved that Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley, and since Mr. Sween exposed the fact that Michael Skakel could not have possibly done what he has been accused of doing, Dominick Dunne and his "assassins" have revised their allegations. Amazingly, Ken Littleton has also revised his alibi since Michael Skakel was convicted for the murder of Martha Moxley. Interviewd on 12 December 2002, Ken Littleton claimed that Michael Skakel said, "I did it and you are going to get blamed for it." This scripted testimony which did not make the courtroom is extraordinary, because it exposes the fact that Ken Littleton's testimony is not genuine. Ken Littleton's testimony is scripted by the same people who are feeding Dominick Dunne, and that makes the conviction of Michael Skakel one of the most transparent frauds in American history.

The proof that Liittleton murdered Martha Moxley is absolutely conclusive.

"Ken Littleton was responsible for supervising Michael Skakel on the day that Martha Moxley was murdered. The simple fact that Ken was responsible for Michael's welfare has made it very difficult for Ken to conceal his guilt because his consistent obsession to cover up the truth about the murder of Martha Moxley never fails to surface. Indeed, Ken Littleton is so obsessed by the need to manufacture an alibi to conceal his guilt, that his mind predictably blanks out when he is asked even the simplest question which needs to be answered, to determine the truth about the murder of Martha Moxley.

The only undeniable fact about Ken Littleton and the murder of Martha Moxley is that he needs an alibi to cover his tracks, but unfortunately for Ken, the one he manufactured was so stupid, that it does not even pass the laugh test. Ken Littleton claims that he did not even know Martha Moxley, before she was murdered. Ken Littleton claims that he did not even know that she existed. Incredible alibi, isn't it? Ken Littleton could not have possibly murdered Martha Moxley because he did not even know who she was. That is Ken Littleton's "BIG LIE" and it bought him the time he needed to get away with murder, but in retrospect, it should have bought him a life sentence for the murder of Martha Moxley.

Ken Littleton's alibi is well rehearsed, very firm and absolutely unbelievable. In his own words:

"My first night at the Skakel house was Oct. 30, 1975. I never met or saw Martha Moxley before Oct. 30, 1975, or after Oct. 30, 1975."

It is absolutely astounding that the media has provided Ken Littleton the opportunity to deny Martha Moxley's existence and that it has not challenged this ridiculous alibi. Needless to say, Littleton's confidenent denial stems, not from his innocence, but from the knowledge that he acted alone, because if Michael Skakel had been involved in the murder of Martha Moxley, as others have speculated, Ken Littleton would have been in a position to expose the fact. But Ken Littleton was a witness for the prosecution, he did not produce evidence of Michael's involvement, and he inadvertently incriminated himself in the process because if Michael Skakel was guilty, Ken Littleton would have been in a position to prove it.

Ken Littleton pretends that he didn't know who Martha Moxley was prior to her murder but that is clearly a preposterous lie. Clearly, on the day that Martha Moxley was murdered, Ken the Tutor and Martha the flirt were the major attraction, and it is easier to part the Red Sea than to avoid an encounter between Ken and Martha.

It was Ken Littleton's first day on the job and the word that the Skakels had a new tutor, had invariably spread like wilfire. Needless to say, the meeting between the Skakel tutor and the neighborhood flirt was the most anticipated event of the entire night. Ken asked Michael about Martha, Martha flirted with everybody and young people always manage to find a way to shoot the breeze with each other. Martha was creative enough to find Ken, and Ken was certainly asking all the right questions about the attractive flirt to arrange a chance encounter. Unfortunately for Martha, Ken wanted to do much more than shoot the breeze, and when the young flirt tried to scream, Ken panicked and struck her in the face, without thinking, and that was the beginning of his long nightmare. That was the start of his persistent obsession to cover up the truth about the murder of Martha Moxley, and it is an obsession that has never wavered. Some people would call this circumstantial evidence. Those who understand the significance of absolute consistency call it absolute proof, and the room to doubt the fact that Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley, has been oblitherated by the force of the evidence.

The Prosecution had no trouble cultivating a witness like Ken Littleton because he was responsible for supervising Michael Skakel on the night that Martha Moxley was murdered, and Ken Littleton was always obsessive about the need to cover up the truth. When the Prosecution developed the determination to blame the murder of Martha Moxley on Michael Skakel, Ken Littleton predictably exploited the opportunity. Ken Littleton has never failed to manipulate the circumstances, to get awauy with the murder of Martha Moxley. His initial crime, the actual murder, was an unintended crime of passion, but the rest of his life is a deliberate act to cover up the truth about the murder of Martha Moxley.

Ken Littleton is an evil genius because the foundation of the plot to frame a Skakel brother for the Moxley murder, was initially his doing. Having delivered a knockout punch [her nose had been broken by what appeared to be a punch in the face, according to the autopsy] the athletic tutor had narrowed the pool of potential suspects, and the Skakel golf club expanded and confused the investigation. The drunk children that Ken Littleton was supervising were unlikely suspects and Ken Littleton's alibi was not questioned, probably because his mental instability [being an undiagnosed bipolar] was not known to the police, at the time. Despite his insanity, the manipulative tutor was clever enough to divert attention away from the fact that his own fist was the actual murder weapon, and he managed to create the preposterous suggestion that if the Skakels did not own golf clubs, Martha Moxley would still be alive today.

When Ken Littleton mutilated Martha Moxley's body with the Skakel golf club, he added the grotesque element that confused the authorities and betrayed the incurable insanity of a very dangerous person who is as manipulative and as deceptive as somebody like Ken Littleton is. It is not possible to control the truth. You can be opposed by an army of hired advocates who dispute everything, and they do, and they can certainly dominate publicity through their fickle, aggressive advocacy, but there is absolutely nothing that that anybody can do to control the truth. Like clockwork, Ken Littleton's apologists cry "conspiracy" whenever they are confronted by the obvious truths that the mainstream media ignores. Their concern is legitimate. If the obsession to demonize Michael Skakel fails, the power of the self-fulfilling prophesy breaks down and the suggestion that Ken Littleton is a poor victim is reconsidered. Indeed, Ken Littleton is a victim of his own deception and his own insanity. The suggestion that he has been victimized by Michael Skakel and by law enforcment is preposterous, but that's the fiction that Lucianne Goldberg, Dominick Dunne and Mark Fuhrman have managed to sell to a public that loves a fairy tale. They are, after all, "Dorothy's Angels" and the perception that justice is bering done, is very powerful when the family of the victim is misled. Dorothy Moxley is Martha's mother, and Dunne, Fuhrman and Goldberg have managed to turn her into a celebrity with angels.
The truth is easy to discover but it is frequently buried in a sea of unreliable gossip, and who has time to find the needle in the haystack? The truth is always a conspiracy because when at least two people get together, one of them has a different opinion. Needless to say, propagandists have bastardized the word 'conspiracy' because every time somebody challenges the advocacy of an ignorant propagandist, he or she is labelled a conspiracy theorist.

Fascinating, how these ignorant propagandists operate, isn't it? Former Prosecutor, Nancy Grace, spent a full hour discussing the Moxley murder as the host of Larry King live and she shrewdly did not even mention the name Ken Littleton. Ken Littleton was responsible for supervising Michael Skakel, on the day that Martha Moxley was murdered, and she didn't even mention his name. Prosecutors like Nancy Grace are directly responsible for the fact that people like Ken Littleton are granted the opportunity to murder.

P.S. Since this was written, Ken Littleton has changed his story. This is the addendum:

On Tuesday 12 December, 2002, after Michael Skakel's conviction, Ken Littleton claimed that Michael Skakel had said, "I did it and you are going to get blamed for it." Ken Littleton was so definite that he even ascribed a motive for the unlikely killer. In his words: "Michael Skakel was on a multitude of drugs which caused his mind to be genetically altered and his behavior to be obstructed. Michael Skakel wasn't Michael Skakel at the time of the murder. It was the drug dealers who caused his mind to be altered and polluted."

The problem with this revision is that it proves that Ken Littleton perjured himself at Skakel's trial, where he testified that after Moxley's body was found, family advisers suddenly directed him to take Skakel, his siblings and a cousin to upstate New York, about two and a half hours away, where the Skakels had another home. Littleton said there had been no travel plans for that weekend until after the slaying was discovered. He said they stayed in Windham, N.Y., for the weekend and he never heard the children discuss the killing. Ken Littleton is a murderer and a liar and he does not deserve his freedom.

As the witness for the prosecution, Ken Littleton DID NOT claim that Skakel had confessed to murder because that would have given Mickey Sherman the opportunity to cross examine the liar. Mickey Sherman was even denied the opportunity to cross examine Gregory Coleman, who allegedly overdosed on heroin after the well publicized, false claim that Michael Skakel had said, "I am a Kennedy, I am going to get away with murder."

Ken Littleton adopted Coleman's lie AFTER Skakel's conviction, bolstering the suspicion that Gregory Coleman exchanged his false testimony for the money he received in exchange for his cooperation, and he evidently used the money he received to buy the drugs that evidently killed him.

The foundation of every inquiry, criminal or otherwise, is that a defendant is provided the opportunity to confront the source of the complaints against him, but Michael Skakel was denied every opportunity -first by the death of Gregory Coleman and then by the perjured testimony of Ken Littleton.

Perhaps, the publicity that criminal investigator, David Sween, who exposed the flaws in the prosecutor's case, is responsible for "forcing" Ken Littleton to manufacture yet another alibi ["I did it and you are going to get blamed for it."] The truth of the matter is, the environment that Ken Littleton and the prosecution produced, created the following scenario: "Ken Littleton did it and Michael Skakel is going to get blamed for it."

Despite every revision, the truth remains, and it all leads to the irrevocable conclusion that Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley and he spent his entire life revising the truth to get away with murder. Good for him, at least he has an excuse, he has the right to defend himself, but Nancy Grace and all the other prosecutors who destroy innocent people and protect murderers like Ken Littleton need to be held accountable for the innocent people they torture.





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