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We have been Duped
John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were not lovers.

Mr Hill is the figure in the famous Zapruder film of the killing which shows him climbing onto the back of the president's limousine.

‘I heard the first shot, saw the president grab his throat, lurch left and I knew something was wrong,’ he recalled, his voice halting.

‘When I got to the presidential vehicle, just as I approached it, a third shot rang out, hitting the president in the head, just above the right ear and left a hole about the size of my palm.

Vivid memory: Now in his seventies, Hill still remembers the tragic day clearly ‘There were blood and brains spewed about over myself and the car.

‘I helped Mrs Kennedy get in the back seat and the President fell into her lap.

‘I was quite sure it was a fatal wound. The First Lady was in shock. She was doing the best she could, she was covered in blood.’ On the way to Parkland Hospital, where the president would be certified, dead there was little conversation. But, according to Mrs Hill, Mrs Kennedy ‘said something about, "Oh, Jack, what have they done? What have they done?".‘ In the book the agents also discussed what it was like to work in the White House and addressed a number of rumours, such as the affair between Mr Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe which they say never happened.

Their anecdotes also include light-hearted moments such as the times Mrs Kennedy used to ask permission to smoke a cigarette.

Nobody at the time knew she was a smoker and she wanted to make sure the secret service had checked the area so it was ‘safe’ for a quick puff away from prying eyes. The agents hope their book will put an end to the ‘conspiracy theory industry’ which has grown up around Mr Kennedy’s assassination.

Ex-agent Gerald Blaine said: ‘Most of history today has been written by what I call a cottage industry called 'conspiracy’. ‘If we didn't speak up and give a balance to this, history would never know exactly what happened.’




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