Police Focus on Possible Role of Scott Peterson in Wife's Disappearance
Modesto police never fail to focus on the possible role of Scott Peterson in the disappearance of his wife. Laci Peterson has not been seen since Christmas Eve.

On February 14, 2003, Police called Scott Peterson a "person of interest" in the disappearance of his pregnant wife. Detectives said they hadn't spoken to him since late December.

They also say Peterson has been less than cooperative. According to Sgt. Al Carter of the Modesto Police Department, when detectives arrived at the family's home to look for clues, Peterson told them to get a warrant. That was not appropriate. Scott Peterson should have told the Police to get a clue.

Carter said the probe into Laci Peterson's disappearance is increasingly concentrating on her husband. "The further we go on in our investigation, and eliminate other parts of our investigation, the more we begin to refocus on Scott," he said.

When Laci went missing and Scott saw her purse and keys left behind, the poor guy panicked because his wife hadn't written a note as her mother said she "always" wrote to Scott. Scott called Laci's parents at their home and asked his stepfather if Laci was there and when he said she wasn't, Laci's stepfather called the police. Needless to say, there was no reason to suspect Scott and hardly anybody did until a report that he was having an affair leaked out. Scott Peterson's affair has furthered the interests of all the demagogues who are currently seeking to lynch him.

The only perplexing question about the relationship between Amber Frey and Scott Peterson is why did she come forward and contact Modesto police about her relationship with Peterson? If every woman reported her affair to the police, who would have any time to investigate a crime? At the same time, it is very difficult to blame Scott Peterson for anything beyond cheating on his wife because he has evidently been more forthcoming than anybody else. Indeed, everybody has been exceedingly tight-lipped about the affair, except for Scott Peterson. When the Modesto Bee tried to reach Peterson for comment, his attorney, Kirk McAllister of Modesto, said, "He's not going to talk to you, under my orders." Amber Frey, who worked as a massage therapist in Fresno, also remained unavailable for comment. When Scott defied his attorney and publicly talked about his affair, his own attorney dumped him and if that does not make Scott Peterson, who told the police about his affair on December 24, 2003, the most cooperative person of this entire affair, then what does he have to do to please his critics?

On February 19, 2003, in the midst of a carnival of reporters and visiting townspeople, Modesto police continued a two-day search in the home of missing Laci Peterson, saying they are trying to "eliminate or connect" her husband in their investigation into her Christmas Eve disappearance.

Throughout the day, detective teams wearing rubber gloves measured the home's driveway, yard and front side, while others gathered more evidence inside. Detectives seized about 12 more bags and boxes of possible evidence from the house, adding to nearly 45 seized Tuesday.

Modesto Police spokesman Doug Ridenour said Scott Peterson was neither a suspect nor ruled out as one, but according to prominent Los Angeles defense attorney, Mark Geragos, by measuring parts of the home, Modesto authorities were working the house as a crime scene.

Beyond the crime scene circus, Scott Peterson is forced to deal with fools like KTVU Reporter, Ted Rowlands, who called Scott Peterson at least 10 times a day despite being asked to refrain and most people who were harassed in this manner would use obscene language to dissuade the sleazeball. Indeed, if Ted Rowlands was trying to manufacture the claim that Scott Peterson has a violent temper, he has managed to prove the exact opposite.

It has been reported that KTVU, the San Francisco Bay area's Fox affiliate does absolutely nothing beyond dutifully report police spin, and that has evidently turned Ted Rowlands into absolutely nothing beyond a mouthpiece of the relentless zeal to create the impression that Scott Peterson is violent.

On February 19, 2003, Ted Rowlands made a point of emphasizing the claim that Amy Rocha and Scott Peterson were the last two people to see Laci Peterson alive and that is extremely odd because when Laci disappeared KTUV's own website published the following information:
Neighbors have told police they saw Laci -- dressed in a white shirt and black pants -- walking her dog in the park around 10 a.m. Karen Servas, a neighbor, said she spotted the Petersons' golden retriever about 10:30 a.m. The dog was wearing its leash, which was muddy. Servas said she returned the dog to its yard, not realizing there might be something amiss."

Needless to say, when Ted Rowlands demonstrates the power to revise his own website, to match the consistent obsession to create the impression that the interests of Laci's sister and Scott Peterson are at odds with each other, one gets the clear impression that reports of Laci sightings are fraudulently denied, because they do not implicate Scott Peterson in the assumed murder of his own wife.

Ted Rowlands is not the only hostile, media pundit who is inappropriately implicating Scott Peterson, he is merely following the lead of people like former prosecutor, Nancy Grace, who is the very best in the business. If the fish don't bite, Nancy baits them and the following exchange between Laci's sister and Nancy, on February 13, 2003, illustrates the point

GRACE: Amy, do you recall what she had on that night? The reason I'm asking -- there's been a lot of speculation, as you know, Amy, as Laci's sister, that she may have gone missing that night, after you trimmed Scott's hair, on the 23rd. And I'm just wondering about her clothing that night, if it has been recovered in the home, because if it was not, that would indicate to me that she did go missing that night. What was she wearing?

AMY ROCHA: I do remember what she had on. I don't know if they've -- I haven't heard -- I don't know if the police have found clothing. She was wearing, like, a black-colored top with cream either flowers or polka dots on it. It was a maternity shirt. And like, cream-colored pants, a black coat, cream scarf.

Without providing a single shred of evidence to justify the allegation that Scott Peterson murdered his own wife, Nancy Grace used revisionist reports to manufacture opportunity and Ted Rowlands became the local keeper of the lynch mob "timeline".

Demagogues like Nancy Grace, Ted Rowlands and Mark Klaas do not need evidence to prove that Scott Peterson is a murderer, they just make it up as they go along. The most bizarre claim that they all promote with clockwork efficiency, is that Scott Peterson used "cement slippers" to sink Laci. Nancy Grace never fails to discuss the use of cement in relation to the disappearance of Laci Peterson and Mark Klaas, even defends the National Enquirer. In his own words; "Well, you know, 'The National Enquirer' reported that there were a couple of bags of cement in the backyard that Scott had said were left by the pool people who apparently adamantly denied it. If, in fact, there is cement there, that Scott put there, the possibility I think is very strong that he could have put some cement booties on her and she could be at the bottom of some body of water somewhere." Ted Rowlands confirms Mark's bizarre claims by saying: "As far as the cement goes, Scott acknowledges that he does have cement here at the house and at his warehouse, saying that he uses it for work here and there. " And these are the clowns that call Scott Peterson a bizarre liar.

Despite the fact that these morons are all very bizarre and outrageous, the misinformation that pundits routinely emphasize is evidently the roadmap intended to frame Scott Peterson. In particular, police blinders have evidently limited the entire investigation to only two days, December 23, 2003 when Laci's sister cut Scott's hair and December 24, 2003, when Laci Peterson was reported missing. In a climate where the only motivation to date, is the obsession to make the rift between the Rocha's and the Peterson's, material evidence, there is no mystery about the framework of the plot to get Scott. Indeed, the scripted gameplan is so absolutely clear, that anybody can recite it by heart:

Scott Peterson murdered his wife on the night of December 23rd, sometime after she spoke to her mother on the phone around 8:30 pm. Laci didn't mention anything to her mother about Scott's fishing trip the very next day, and one can call that "suspicious". The drapes in their house were closed on Christmas eve morning because she was not alive at that point and could not have opened them. On the 23rd Scott Peterson strangled his wife and placed her body in the back of his truck. The evil genius purposely let the dog out that morning, to make it look like Laci was still alive and to make it look like a stranger abducted her. The evil genius then went to the marina to provide himself with an alibi and to get a receipt. Then, he went to bury her body at some location where it would never be found.

The most intriguing questions of the entire, Peterson fiasco were raised when the police confiscated Scott Peterson's brand new truck.

It is very intriguing because police investigators could not satisfy the mutual fantasy of all the pundits [that Scott Peterson placed his wife in the back of his pickup] unless the the new truck was used. If they tried to plant evidence in the old truck, Laci sightings suggest that it would merely confirm Scott's innocence because Scott's wife was probably still alive when Scott's old pickup was in police custody, and DNA evidence could be used to prove it.

As soon as Scott's truck was confiscated, Internet message boards were abuzz with rumors and jokes -the police needed a new car, being one of the most popular. Other messages, like the following posted on February 18, 2003, were more analytical.

Yes--I think this is VERY interesting, them taking his new truck. Mark Fuhrman speculated that maybe they had Scott under surveillance and saw him put something into truck that is related to the crime.

I think them taking the new truck to search is the most compelling part of this whole thing. In order to have gotten a search warrant for the truck, police had to present some pretty good evidence to a judge, showing that the truck is somehow connected. Do you think he actually might have moved Laci's body after the fact? Using his new truck? What else could he have done with the truck to make it a focus of investigation at this point?

Investigator, David Sween, posted the following message:

Only somebody like Mark Fuhrman could possibly understand why the Modesto police would seize Scott Peterson's new truck. The stunned disbelief on the faces of Connie Chung and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin, was not congruent to Mark Fuhrman's peculiar understanding.

Connie Chung: You know, what I think I don't understand and I think a lot of people are wondering, why would they take Scott Peterson's second pickup because you know what conjures up in your mind is, if he was taking anything out of the home or out of the area, why would he do it much later?

Jeffrey Toobin: It is very peculiar, I mean this is a vehicle that was purchased well after his wife disappeared. I guess they are looking for something in the vehicle that may have been removed, that may have been carried in the vehicle, but it is very peculiar to think that it would be of much investigative use to the prosecutors and the police.

Toobin and Chung are confounded, but Mark Fuhrman clearly understands what it takes to frame an innocent man and to grant murderers immunity from prosecution.

I don't think there is any need to belabor the point -If confiscating Scott Peterson's pickup to encourage perpetual speculation was dumb, returning the new pickup on the very day it was confiscated, was dumber than this.

The media and the police have portrayed Scott Peterson as a man who is guilty of killing his wife and this obsession has been extremely irresponsible because it has denied the opportunity to objectively investigate the disappearance of Laci Peterson. On February 14, 2003, Ted Rowlands exposed the foundation of a miscarriage of justice in the making, when he said:

Well, not necessarily out of the department, but a very reliable source is telling me that investigators are working methodically, and they are weeks rather than months, from getting enough evidence to go to the DA with or without a body. And this just goes to what we were talking about earlier, that this department and these detectives have seemed focused from weeks ago that they knew what they were doing. They're not waking up every day, putting their finger in the wind to figure out what they're going to do today. They've been methodically building the case, and presumably, that case is against Scott Peterson.

When Nancy Grace asked him if the arrest of Scott Peterson was imminent, Rowlands said, "I wouldn't say imminent, but weeks away, rather than months away. And it's -- there's light at the end of tunnel. They have a plan, and they are just methodically building to that end, and they have very clear focus."

Needless to say, the Modesto police were prepared to arrest Scott Peterson on the advice of an outsider like Mark Fuhrman, but under the circumstances, the so called "unspecified discovery" that is keeping the focus on Scott Peterson is less credible than the National Enquirer. Mark Fuhrman understands why the Modesto police would seize Scott Peterson's new truck, to the point where he felt the search warrant on the new truck was MORE important than the house, but as far as most people are concerned, that's not "unspecified evidence" -that's ridiculous.

Laci's kidnappers have demonstrated the power to make a pregnant woman vanish without a trace, to manipulate the media with clockwork efficiency and no doubt, they also have the power to bring her back at any time and at any place, just like they did with Chandra Levy.

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