Leaking False Evidence


Prosecutors plan to introduce the potentially explosive DNA evidence and the tool, discovered stashed under a seat on Scott Peterson's 14-foot aluminum boat, as key evidence at Peterson's trial, NBC News said. Police sources say they believe cheating hubby Peterson violently killed his 28-year-old wife in their Modesto home the night of Dec. 23 and weighed down her body with concrete anchors before tossing it into the murky waters of San Francisco Bay. According to NBC, news of the pliers' discovery came as both the prosecution and defense claimed to have found more witnesses to back up their cases. It is very difficult to believe that both the defense and the prosecution are responsible for this leak. NBC News does not explain the fact that the pliers are just one more nauseating, predictable, infuriating, scandalous dot which routinely advances the pretense that the National Enquirer is Woodward and Bernstein's Washington Post.

Is it a surprise that the story about the pliers came out after Detective David Sween told the entire world [through friends on the Internet] that Laci Peterson was probably shot in the head by her captor? Clearly, the stories about the pliers are a clear example of what Mark Geragos calls "voodoo tactics".

The fickle attempts to "explain away" the fact that Laci's head is missing, will invariably produce other bizarre, stories and the one about the pliers is merely the latest, desperate installment.

Oh, and one more question. After reading all these preposterous leaks for over 4 months, is there anybody who thinks that the people who leak this garbage are the not the very same people who leaked the autopsy? Why do these freaks keep getting away with this grotesque, perversion of justice? The MORONIC, mainstream media calls these leaks, DEFENSE FAVORABLE.

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The point of the above, published before Scott Peterson's preliminary inquiry, is to illustrate the fact that all the so-called evidence against Scott Peterson had been published in the National Enquirer, and it is equally credible.

709  Date: 2004-02-28 00:33:07
Alex Pintura ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

I read that exact story in the Modesto Bee yesterday [actually, February 26, 2004]. This is quite the disgrace for the media, for the police and for the Modesto Bee reporters who have lost all credibility. Arrest should be based on evidence, not on the stories that the media picks up after the National Enquirer publishes bullshit.

708  Date: 2004-02-27 22:17:46
Jake Stewart ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Want to know where all the morons [the imbecillic prosecution] are getting their evidence from? Today, it's all in the mainstream media, including the retarded Modesto Bee, that is supporting John Edwards because the morons think they are powerful enough to manufacture a horse raise. Check it out for yourself, don't take my word for it.
National Enquirer

January 6, 2004

Heroic Tracking Dogs Prove Scott Lied to Police
by David Wright, Don Gentile & Charlie Montgomery

Three dogs that police used to search for Laci produced incredibly damning evidence against her husband Scott just days after she vanished.

Merlin, a bloodhound tracking dog that follows a person’s scent indicated Laci was taken from her home and then Scott’s warehouse in a vehicle.

Twist, a Labrador “cadaver dog” that searches for the scent of a dead body, picked up the scent of a body in Laci’s home and on a blue tarp Scott owned.

And Trimble, another Lab tracking dog, produced the most compelling evidence against Scott. He showed that Scott left his warehouse in his truck, headed for the Berkeley Marina, and the dog picked up Laci’s scent – at the marina!

"Trimble was brought to the area where Scott said he launched his boat to go fishing,"

"The dog grew excited. She pulled hard on the leash, taking her handler out to a pier where she stopped and stared out at the water. She then turned and looked into the eyes of her handler, indicating that Laci was out there somewhere. At that moment, detectives were convinced that Scott had sent his wife to a watery grave.

Scott was obviously worried about tracking dogs implicating him. Detective Al Brocchini testified at Scott's preliminary hearing that Laci's husband had asked him on Christmas Day, less than 24 hours after the search for her began, whether police were using cadaver dogs.

Brocchini was stunned. He told Scott cadaver dogs are used to search for bodies and he wasn't ready to say Laci was dead.

And the dogs' discoveries so unnerved Scott's lawyers, Mark Geragos and Kirk McAllister that they challenged the credentials of the dog handlers in an attempt to have the tracking evidence tossed out of court.

But the prosecution has no fears about the ability of Merlin, Twist and Trimble. The dogs and their handlers, Cindee Valentin and Eloise Anderson, are members of the prestigious California Resuce Dog Association (CARDA), the largest search dog group in the nation, which serves as a model for other search dog teams.

A pack of CARDA dogs joined Merlin, Twist and Trimble in the search for Laci. CARDA dogs have participated in over 2,000 searches in the past few decades, and have helped in such disasters as the Mexico City earthquake in 1985, the Northridge, CA earthquake and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Merlin the bloodhound, guided by handler Cindee Valentin, was brought in two days after Laci disappeared. A sunglass case belonging to Laci was used to give the dog her scent as a search was conducted outside the Peterson home.

Merlin when nowhere near the park where Scott had said his wife went to walk their dog McKenzie. Instead the bloodhound made a beeline in the opposite direction following Laci’s scent for many blocks until his handler reeled him in.

Valentin said she’d learned enough to know that Laci was taken away from her home in a vehicle.

“The handler explained that the dog never sniffed sidewalks. It only followed Laci’s scent on a direct track right down the middle of streets.” Said the insider.

Valentin told detectives that a trained tracking dog following a scent down the middle of the street is a sure indication a person was in a vehicle.

Merlin was then brought to an area near Scott's warehouse Again the dog quickly picked up Laci's scent at an intersection and headed down the middle of streets until it wound up on Higyway 132-- a route on the way to the Berkeley Marina.

Merlin was finally taken to the door of the warehouse and again the bloodhound picked up Laci’s scent, following the trail out of the parking lot and on the same track down the middle of streets to the same spot on Highway 132.

“Detectives now knew Laci was taken from her home in a vehicle, then to the warehouse and then from the warehouse in a vehicle to Highway 132.” Said the insider.

The ENQUIRER learned that police believe Scott deliberately tried to confuse Merlin as the bloodhound was used to search along Highway 132.

“Scott was driving Laci’s Land Rover,” said the insider. “He had just come from his lawyer’s office and and he tried to drive past police officers on Highway 132 who were helping direct traffic away from the search area. “He was told he had to go a different way. Scott never identified himself to the cops or thanked them for helping in the search.

“But he was being followed at the time by surveillance teams who watched him stop and put of a search flyer on a pole that was in from of the location where the search was being conducted.

Detectives were convinced Scott was using Laci’s Land Rover to confuse the dog by introducing Laci’s scent in the area of the search. His lawyers could later say that’s the reason Laci’s scent was detected.”

Twist, the cadaver dog, and her handler Eloise Anderson were brought into the case to find out if the dog picked up the scent of a dead body. Inside the Peterson home, the dog showed interest in a spot on the carpet in the family room.

“Detectives felt this could be the spot where Scott wrapped up Laci’s body before removing it from the home,” the insider disclosed.

Outside the Peterson home, in a backyard shed, Twist came to a full alert at a blue tarp Scott had placed over a lawn mower. It was the same tarp Det. Brochini had found in the back of Scott’s truck the night he reported Laci missing

Back in the house again, Twist gave another indication a body had been in the family room.

At the warehouse, Twist was confused by chemical smells – but not as much as has been previously reported. “By Scott’s boat, the dog gave an indication a body had been inside,” said the insider.

“The dog also gave a stronger indication by three milk crates up against a wall in the warehouse. One crate had a large roll of shrink-wrap inside it. Detectives felt some of it was used to wrap around Laci's body.”

The next day, tracking dog Trimble was brought to the Berkley Marina. After sniffing at Laci’s sunglass case, the dog picked up a scent at an entrance to the
launch area where Scott said he put his boat in the water to go fishing.

“Trimble tugged hard on the harness, taking her handler to the westernmost pier at the launch area,” said the insider. “The dog continued along the pier, stopping at one pylon.

“That’s where the dog stared out at the water. The dog was indicating the end of the trail.”

Trimble was also shown a bedroom slipper belonging to Scott.

On Jan 4, 2003, the dog was placed in three different locations near Highway 132. And each time, Trimble picked up Scott's scent and wound up heading west on the highway -- on the route toward the Berkeley Marina.

Now you know exactly how the cops manufacture evidence and coach witnesses, when they need to convict an innocent man. First and foremost, Laci's sunglasses had Scott Peterson's scent all over them because HE is the one who found them, but that is just one of about 50 thousand points that the NE fails to mention. In the whole, this isn't contaminated evidence. It is absolutely fabricated, as one would expect, from the National Enquirer.

I just love the part where Scott deliberately tried to mislead Merlin LOL. This is SICK !

If you want to know the truth about the murder of Laci Peterson, just listen to what David Sween has said, otherwise, you can rely on the imbecilles who are promoting ALL the crap that the Globe and National Enquirer publishes.

707  Date: 2004-02-25 22:14:00
Joe Sneider ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

The dog handler evidence is explosive, it has made Scott Peterson and Vivian Mitchell stand out. The only potentially damaging "evidence" is in the category of "mild interest", and that smacks of a handler who wants to turn up something, even though the dog is not alerting.

706  Date: 2004-02-25 21:47:52
Tom Wilkinson ( tom5515@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Modesto police detective Al Brocchini called off a search even though a bloodhound named Merlin appeared to be following Laci Peterson’s scent, the dog’s handler testified Tuesday. That is very strange. This lapse has made it clear that the police had no interest to verify or to dispute Scott's claim that Laci was walking her dog in the park, and that is a consistent lapse. Is it any wonder that the police did not follow up, on Vivian Mitchell's claim that Laci was walking her dog? These lapses are not, by any stretch of the imagination, excusable, and they make the prosecutor's dog handlers testimony, relatively useless, except for the fact that this testimony exposes an incompetent investigation.

705  Date: 2004-02-25 21:13:24
Jeremy Russell ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

It was getting late on Dec. 26, 2002 - two days after a pregnant Laci Peterson was reported missing.

“In spite of the fact a missing woman is out there whose scent is out there, Brocchini made the decision not to track it?” defense attorney Pat Harris asked.

“Yes,” said Cindee Valentin, a volunteer dog handler with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department.

Valentin maintained that the her assessment that Laci Peteson left in a vehicle was accurate.

“Looking at the entire trail,” Harris asked, “Do you still think this was the scent of Laci Peterson in a vehicle?”

“Yes I do,” Valentin said.

But she said police never instructed her to have her dog search in East La Loma Park, where Scott Peterson told police his wife may have walked their dog.

Valentin also said it was her impression from talking to police on Dec. 26 they were looking at Scott Peterson and not trying to find his wife.

Sounds like the prosecutor's own witness proves that Laci was kidnapped and that Scott did not murder her, in their own home.

704  Date: 2004-02-25 14:06:59
Mike ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Not quite Tom. The "investigative developments" were well reported in the media. The police, Bill Garcia and Ava Frey were trying to "cement" the case against Scott Peterson, and when they failed to implicate Scott, they said "we are not going to disclose our investigative developments." The police obviously think they have a license to bury their failures. If they don't do that, they cannot justify the arrest of Scott Peterson.

703  Date: 2004-02-25 13:10:32
Tom Wilkinson ( tom5515@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

How did the police know that Laci was dead when she was spotted in Longview Washington?

The fact that the gun-toting District Attorney intimidates witnesses is absolutely clear, but where is the proof that Laci was dead?

Scott Peterson is entitled to receive ALL the evidence, the trial is on. It was well promoted in the media that the police refused to reveal the investigative developments that caused them to clasify Laci's death a homicide and there is absolutely no justification for withholding this information at this point in time.

702  Date: 2004-02-25 02:11:08
Joe Sneider ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

The police have been acting like Laci was murdered on December 23rd, and then she is spotted walking her dog.

And then she was spotted in Longview Washington, by at least 2 independent witnesses.

And then they claimed that Laci was dead, but they refused to disclose how they knew [only the murderer would know that Laci was dead, without providing proof].

In the meantime, Scott Peterson was under 24/7 surveillance. He is the only one who had absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of Laci Peterson because all of his time has been fully accounted by the incompetent idiots who were tailing him.

Having been under surveillance since December 25, 2002, Scott Peterson has proved to be so absolutely innocent, that this prosecution has merely coached Amber Frey -a modification of the old "jailhouse snitch" tactics, that were frequently used to falsely implicate inocent people. Remember the hilarious effort to claim that Scott hired neo-Nazis to murder Laci? Is there no shame? They tried to convert allegations that Scott visited strip clubs into a murder-for-hire plot, and the Amber Frey angle was merely one example of a stupid strategy without substance.

This is indeed a classic fiasco. The police classified Laci's death a homicide based on investigative developments they refused to reveal and they expect us to believe that Scott did it? Why was Ava Frey, Amber's sister and Garcia, a creepy Private Investigator, looking for Laci's corpse when there was no proof that she was dead? Are they accomplices, are they hired guns, are they just weird or what?

701  Date: 2004-02-24 22:35:27
Mike ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Oh, that Vivian Mitchell was a nasty liar. She killed Laci !

700  Date: 2004-02-24 19:16:11
Tom Wilkinson ( tom5515@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Any journalist or legal expert who analyzes the bogus case against Scott Peterson clearly understands the fact that Scott Peterson is not guilty. In fact, Scott Peterson is the only person who has been absolutely cleared by all the scrutiny.

699  Date: 2004-02-24 14:40:35
Mike ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Amber Frey, the Fresno massage therapist Peterson was "romancing" when Laci Peterson, 27, vanished Dec. 24, 2002, was a secret Scott tried feverishly to conceal, Distaso said. Scott was obviously embarrassed. But Frey was not the only one, he said.

Prosecutors have evidence Peterson had at least one other affair early in his five-year marriage, according to Ken Starr-like documents. Distaso did not identify the woman.

Time and again Peterson lied or deliberately misled investigators, presenting himself "quite strongly as someone who is lying about his involvement in Laci's disappearance," Distaso said.

Does this MORON understand the difference between lying about sex and the MURDER of Laci Peterson.

698  Date: 2004-02-22 23:28:25
Joe Sneider ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Good point Mike. The entire case against Scott is too stupid to take seriously. The police are even promoting the preposterous claim that Scott Peterson was so guilty, he was planning to flee the country. I guess they forgot to mention the fact that the rules of flight do not include a game of golf at the Poshe, Torry Pines golf course. Scott changed his appearance in a way that called attention to himself [orange hair] because he was planning to flee the country? Get real. The police certainly had no trouble finding Scott on the morning of Good Friday, April 18, 2003, when Scott was on his way to play golf. Scott never made it, he was kidnapped as he approached the golf course. Laci Peterson understands.

697  Date: 2004-02-22 22:09:45
Mike ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

GPS evidence proved that Scott Peterson, who was falsely accused of murdering Laci, was concerned about the course of the investigation. As a matter of fact, he evidently went to the Bay, more out of disbelief about the course of the investigation, than out of fear that the police would discover his wife's body. When Scott Peterson went to the Bay, he only stayed 2 or 3 minutes each time, and that is clearly not a man who was concerned about what the police were doing. The police had already shocked and isolated Scott Peterson by treating him like a guilty suspect, and Scott didn't need any more than 2 or 3 minutes to confirm the fact the police were not investigating the disappearance of Laci, they were merely seeking to confirm their suspicions at best and pursuing the leads that the real murderers were advancing, at worst.

Perhaps the police are angry at Scott Peterson because he was aware of the fact that they were tailing him to the marina and having made fun of them, they think that GPS tracking devices prove that the police essentially duped a confession. They did not.

Since when is Scott denied the opportunity to observe the investigation into his own wife's murder? -- if anybody cares to call tailing Scott Peterson, an "investigation". In the final analysis, the police were tracking Scott Peterson when they should have been looking for Laci, and they are pursueing Scott at all cost, to evade the simple truth.

696  Date: 2004-02-21 20:10:46
Erin Henderson ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

It sounds like the prosecution is playing "let's pretend". Let's pretend there's blood in the boat, let's pretend there's blood in the house, let's pretend that Scott Peterson has no right to monitor the activities of the police, when they try to falsely blame him for murdering his own wife. Sounds scary.

695  Date: 2004-02-20 23:59:27
Jeff Weatherspoon ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

DA James Brazelton has a history of withholding exculpatory evidence, why does he always get away with it?

In court this morning, defense attorney Mark Geragos complained that prosecutors just recently gave him thousands of pages of information about several tests, the results of which could clear Peterson. He said the tests included examinations of what appeared to be blood spots in Scott Peterson's boat. The results showed the spots weren't blood, Geragos said.

This prosecution is still playing games, why is this tolerated?

694  Date: 2004-02-20 23:50:36
What the hell is going on. ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

I find it extremely funny that Scott Peterson is being criticized for visiting the marina while the police were searching for his wife in the Bay. Duh, is anybody home? The police were searching for HIS wife. I think it's extremely funny that when a wacko like Ava Frey, Amber Frey's sister, is in a boat with a moron named Garcia, searching for a dead body, they are not criticized, but Scott is.

WTF is going on?

693  Date: 2004-02-19 12:23:37
James McDonnell ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Conner’s remains show he was killed long after Laci Peterson was reported missing, when police were tracking Peterson’s movements. Can't help a victim like that, can you?

692  Date: 2004-02-17 21:12:14
The days of public lynchings are back ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Sweeping gag orders prevent the people who really know about the Jackson and Peterson cases from talking about them and the "evidence" is sealed, to create the impression that all the exculpatory evidence is not reliable. Remember when Laci Peterson was spotted in Longview Washington? It sounds like Laci was another Elizabeth Smart with media savvy killers. The common echo on every message board...

"The stupid thing is, do you tell someone you went fishing in the very place the bodies came up? After Scott said where he was, the killer may have put them there."

691  Date: 2004-02-17 18:54:15
Joe Sneider ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Scott Peterson's defense lawyer interviewed Vivian Mitchell several times over the past year, nailing down her story that she saw Laci Peterson walking her dog the morning she disappeared -- an account which proves that Scott Peterson is innocent.

Nancy Grace has not made a single comment about Vivian Mitchell since her death, does this mean that she will be treated as if she never existed?

Funny thing is, crackpots like Nancy Grace claim that investigators like David Sween do not exist. David Sween proved that Scott is innocent, but James Brazelton is a corrupt DA who does not acknowledge exculpatory evidence. Clearly, Scott Peterson would not even be held over for trial if District Attorney James Brazelton, did not have a history of withholding exonerating evidence.

I believe Vivian Mitchell because she identified the clothing Laci wore when she was kidnapped, as confirmed by Scott and all the other witnesses and by the fact that Laci's dog was "traumatized" that very same day. [Laci's dog was found in the middle of the road on Christmas eve, staring in the direction of where Laci's probable kidnappers drove away, leaving the dog stranded and disoriented.]

All a coincidence? I think not.


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