Trump repeatedly claims that the democats cannot possibly win the election unless they steal it and that is obviously because, as usual, the exact opposite of what he says is in fact true.

It is consequently not at all surprising that the post office has been hijacked for the purpose of stealing the election and the following evidence is very clear in that respect;

Battleground states sorting machines removed
59 in Florida
58 in Texas
34 in Ohio
30 in Pennsylvania
26 in Michigan
15 in North Carolina
12 in Virginia
12 in Wisconsin
11 in Georgia

Needess to say, Karl Rove, who is Louis DeJoy's friend, dots every “i” and crosses every “t” whenever he steals an election, and in 2020, the challenge is especially huge because Joe Biden cannot possibly be beaten in a race where he is clearly the only one who is “presidential”.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to what Karl Rove said, right here, to get the picture.

Cleary, Trump is the destroyer, not the defender of western civilization. The delusion that he is the “bodyguard” of western civilization is a profound misunderstanding of the fact that democracies are led by Leaders, not Authoritarian Demagogues and reasonable people clearly understand the distinction.

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Today's republicans are hypocrites.