Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman
Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman

Scott Peterson Trial: Timeline

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Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman

Who is Amber Frey?

by Tom Wilkinson

March 21, 2003

Amber Frey is what the CIA and the KGB used to refer to as a "honey trap" -a temptress that is used to blackmail the enemy. The only mystery surrounding Amber Frey is to what extent did she cooperate and to what extent was she manipulated by the people who are responsible for kidnapping Laci Peterson?

Why was Laci kidnapped? That's the million dollar question. But you can rest assured, that the California College student who wrote this, probably hit the nail on the head: "Now this story seems like a repeat of the Chandra Levy scandal, in which a Modesto woman vanished in Washington, D.C. Upon investigation, it turned out that she had been having an affair with Congressman Gary Condit (R-Calif.). Although Condit had nothing to do with her disappearance, journalists pounced on the story and turned it into a sordid soap opera."

This is bizarre. Ava Frey, Amber Freys' sister, who lives just a few blocks away from Scott Peterson in Modesto, is helping Private Investigator/quack, Bill Garcia look for Laci Peterson. Are these the fools who are responsible for setting up Scott, because they act like they know where Laci Peterson's remains are buried, and only the people who are responsible for kidnapping Laci Peterson, would know that.

Ava was in Fresno taking part in the ground and water searches, and she was interviewed while on a power boat with her little black lap dog. Garcia was seated in the boat, along with the man in charge of the sonar device. She stated that there were many, many volunteers searching alongside the lake and river beds. It was reported that her sister Amber has maintained on-going contact with the Rochas, and that they were searching this area because of newly-surfaced clues. Garcia (who found the recent bloody "blanket-like" cover) also gave out the same info as in the 5:00 interview. Then--they dangled the old carrot, stating that there will be more on these new clues and further new twists coming up on the 11 Oclock News.

They also said that certain new clues and a sighting of Scott by a woman , where he was not supposed to have been, were also "coming up".

Aren't they good. They are countering credible sightings of Laci Peterson with their own witnesses. Now that's what you call absolute DESPERATION !

A bloody cloth, similar to one that is used by movers to protect furniture, was discovered in the mountainous outlying area of Fresno, and appeared to be a few months old. It is presently being DNA tested. No doubt, it will complement Garcia's chunk of cement with the tire mark. It looks like Ava is using Garcia in effort to "prove" that Scott Peterson murdered Laci, and she cannot possibly do that unless she knows who is responsible for kidnapping Laci Peterson. Needless to say, Ava has made herself the biggest suspect in the disappearance of Laci Peterson, and she is clearly not a lone nutcase.

The Amber sisters are a class act aren't they? The CIA can use more of these wackos. Ava lives only two blocks away from Laci's home and Amber claimed she didn't know Scott was married? Why didn't she ask her sister? And then, Amber changed her mind and said she did know that Scott was married but she thought he was a widower. Can't she make the fact that somebody is using Amber for the sake of setting Scott up, any more obvious?

Scott met Amber Frey in a bar on 11/20, and that is what his critics call his 1st date. His last date was the very same bar for a Christmas party 12/14, 2002, a very convenient set-up, if you consider the number of "family album" snapshots that this casual encounter produced.

The talking heads claim that Scott visited Amber once a week, and if they are correct, he was with her 3 or 4 times. Her Dad & sister said they never met him. During their final encounter, Scott told Amber he was spending 2 weeks in Maine with his family before going on a 4-6 week, extended trip to Europe. It sounds like he was trying to find a way to dump Amber without hurting her feelings. When Scott told Amber that he would be in "France" for an extended period of time, he was making it very clear that he did not want to see Amber, following the 12/14 Christmas party that produced all kinds of incriminating photographs that were so embarrassing, he wanted to buy them off the photographer.

No doubt, most people would freak to learn that is is not even clear if Scott met Amber more than 3 or 4 times, because the common impression, with all the "family album portraits" and all the gossip, is that Scott and Amber had a serious relationship going. The truth is, there was no relationship.

Amber is reportedly an escort and she understands her role very well. She even had Christmas cards printed up as a couple with their picture on it [Scott & Amber] and she probably even dressed up as a school girl, if that was what her role called for. I hate to be rude, but the only safe bet about discussing the life of a "whore" is that she will play any role for money. I am therefore more interested in learning about who pays for her time, for her private investigators, for her photographers, for her makeovers and for her lawyers, because the rest of her life is rather transparent. Scott Peterson is not the only married man who has rolled in the hay with Amber Frey.

Amber Frey is a very manipulative and a very stupid young woman who trusted Scott Peterson with her own child, and the effort to use her to demonize Scott Peterson has fallen flat on its face. Amber Frey is not a victim. Amber Frey is a whore. Laci, Connor and Scott Peterson are the victims.

I think that the most prescient thread I have read about Amber claimed that she was hired to replace Laci because;

"An escort like Amber does not spend 2 months posing for family album pictures, the cost is prohibitive unless somebody is footing the bill. There are enough photographs of Amber and Scott together, to justify all the lies that Gennifer Flowers promoted, for getting laid, one time -remember when she claimed an 11 year relationship with a married man or something stupid like that. Amber Frey is just another bimbo pawn of some vast network of CON-servative sleazeballs. Follow the money trail. Who is paying for Amber's makeover and for Gloria Allred? No doubt, it's so well concealed, that Gloria whispers and Amber moves her lips."

It's funny, but there's truth in humor, isn't there? To be sure, the poster did not even understand the simple fact that all those "family album" pictures were taken in 2 or 3 staged encounters. It may feel like the relationship could not have possibly been less than 2 months old, but it wasn't even one.

Despite all the lies, the ignorance and the disinformation, Scott was too busy to deal with Amber Frey and he invented an imaginary trip to europe to dump her in what he thought would be the path of least resistance. The following excerpt from an article published in the Modesto Bee on April 21, describes the real life that preoccupied Scott Peterson:

"After several years of trying, Laci became pregnant last summer. She was so excited when she found out that she began calling family and friends at 7 a.m. after taking a pregnancy test. As the holiday season progressed, the Petersons held several parties at their home. Guests walking in noticed that the house no longer resembled the place that the Petersons had purchased. "Scott remodeled the entire house, doing woodwork, tile, plumbing, a little bit of everything," said Guy Miligi, a friend of the Petersons'. "I know he put a lot of hours into making that baby room just right. He was real excited about having his first child. He talked about that all the time."

POSTSCRIPT: Time has unfortunately proved that victims like Scott Peterson are a dime a dozen.


Footnote; Remember when Ken Starr frivolously indicted Julie Hiatt Steele, for the sake of trying to create the impression that the anti-Clinton witch hunt was legitimate. This campaign to terrorize Scott Peterson in the name of the law is equally bizarre.

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