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These are Jay Epstein's observations and he is one of the best:

On the evening of June 19, 1967, NBC devoted an hour to a critical examination of Garrison's investigation, entitled "The JFK Conspiracy: The case of Jim Garrison." The first part of the program dealt with Russo's allegation that he had seen Oswald, Shaw and Ferrie plotting the assassiantion at a party in Ferrie's apartment in September 1963. The NBC reporters demonstrated that at least one other person present at the party had not seen Shaw or Oswald there, and that Ferrie's bearded roomate, who Russo claimed was Oswald, had been identified by other people at the party as James Lewallen. The program then concentrated on Garrison's investigative methods, and a parade of witnesses was presented to allege that Garrison representatives had attempted to bribe or intimidate them. In addition, NBC revealed that both of Garrison's key witnesses, Russo and Vernon Bundy, had failed lie-detector tests before testifying at the preliminary hearing... During the time I studied Garrison's investigation and had access to his office, the only evidence I saw or heard about that could connect Clay Shaw with the assassiantion was fraudulent -some devised by Garrison himself and some cynically culled from criminals or the emotionally unstable.

Jay Epstein brilliantly exposed the fact that Garrison's staged ineptitude was absolutely consistent.

On January 21, 1969, after nearly two years of concocting and playing out his charges in the national media, Jim Garrison finally tried the accused, Clay Shaw, in a court of law in New Orleans.

The delay is inexplicable given the fact that on February 24, 1967, Jim Garrison claimed that he had "positively solved the assassination of President John F. Kennedy" and one week later, arrested Clay Shaw for conspiring to kill the president.

If Garrison had a case, his actions would be excusable and understandable, but the fact is, the conspiracy that Garrison laid out in court took place at a single meeting in late September 1963 in the apartment of David Ferrie in which three conspirators, Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and Lee Harvey Oswald, allegedly plotted the "cross fire" and triangulation of fire" in Dallas, and the disconnect between his sensational allegations and the substance behind them was clearly what Jay Epstein appropriately called "staged ineptitude".

Sensational allegations are designed to dominate publicity, not to solve a murder mystery, and Jim Garrison's actions speak for themselves. Clearly, he did nothing more than advance the opportunity to cover up the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Jim Garrison was too intelligent to suggest that he did not deliberately intend to bury the truth about the Kennedy assassination by dominating the circus he produced.

The last known person to speak to Ferrie was George Lardner, Jr., of the Washington Post, whom Ferrie had met with from midnight to 4:00 a.m. on February 22, 1967. During this interview, Ferrie described Garrison as "a joke". Several hours later, Ferrie died of a cerebral hemorrhage. [But he was probably murdered because "the joke" needed a corpse like Lee Harvey Oswald, to get away with promoting bizarre allegations that were supposed to provide the opportunity to cover up rather than to expose the truth.]

Jim Garrison was obviously not the heroic character that Oliver Stone made him out to be. Indeed, he was merely one of many villains who deliberately covered up the truth about the Kennedy assassination. If we are not attuned to the historical record, we can fall prey to the silly claim that Jim Garrison had struggled to exose the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

The media got it right and according to the New Orleans States-Item, once a key supporter of Jim Garrison, "This travesty of justice is a reproach to the conscience of all good men...Garrison stands revealed for what he is: a man without principle who would pervert the legal process to his own ends." Assassination buffs began to accuse Garrison of staging the Shaw affair as a red herring to divert attention away from more salient leads in New Orleans, and they were absolutely correct.

When anybody exposes the real Jim Garrison, imposter assassination buffs continue to promote the hollywood version of Jim Garrison, but there is no real evidence to substantiate this delusion. In particular, Garrison was caught lying during a Playboy interview on October 1967, wherein he exposed the following:

GARRISON: Until as recently as November of 1966, I had complete faith in the Warren Report. As a matter of fact, I viewed its most vocal critics with the same skepticism that much of the press now views me --- which is why I can't condemn the mass media too harshly for their cynical approach, except in the handful of cases where newsmen seem to be in active collusion with Washington to torpedo our investigation. Of course, my faith in the Report was grounded in ignorance, since I had never read it; as Mark Lane says, "The only way you can believe the Report is not to have read it."

But then, in November, I visited New York City with Senator Russell Long; and when the subject of the assassination came up, he expressed grave doubts about the Warren Commission's conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin...

PLAYBOY: So you began your investigation of the President's assassination on nothing stronger than you own doubts and the theories of the Commission's critics?

GARRISON: No, please don't put words in my mouth. The works of the critics --- particularly Edward Epstein, Harold Weisberg and Mark Lane --- sparked my general doubts about the assassination; but more importantly, they led me into specific areas of inquiry.

PLAYBOY: Why did you become interested in Ferrie and his associates in November 1963?

GARRISON: To explain that, I'll have to tell you something about the operation of our office. I believe we have one of the best district attorney's offices in the country. We have no political appointments and, as a result, there's a tremendous amount of esprit among our staff and an enthusiasm for looking into unanswered questions. That's why we got together the day after the assassination and began examining our files and checking out every political extremist, religious fanatic and kook who had ever come to our attention. And one of the names that sprang into prominence was that of David Ferrie. When we checked him out, as we were doing with innumerable other suspicious characters, we discovered that on November 22nd he had traveled to Texas to go "duck hunting" and "ice skating."

Well, naturally, this sparked our interest. We staked out his house and we questioned his friends, and when he came back --- the first thing he did on his return, incidentally, was to contact a lawyer and then hide out for the night at a friend's room in another town --- we pulled him and his two companions in for questioning. The story of Ferrie's activities that emerged was rather curious. He drove nine hours through a furious thunderstorm to Texas, then apparently gave up his plans to go duck hunting and instead went to an ice-skating rink in Houston and stood waiting beside a pay telephone for two hours; he never put the skates on. We felt his movements were suspicious enough to justify his arrest and that of his friends, and we took them into custody. When we alerted the FBI, they expressed interest and asked us to turn the three men over to them for questioning. We did, but Ferrie was released soon afterward and most of its report on him was classified top secret and secreted in the National Archives, where it will remain inaccessible to the public until September 2038 A.D. No one, including me, can see those pages.

Jim Garrison creatively danced around the truth that is not supposed to be exposed, but the fact is, Garrison was in on the cover up with J. Edgar Hoover from day ONE! How could Jim Garrison possibly have faith in the Warren commission until 1966, when he knew that Hoover deliberately made the truth inaccessible? As a matter of fact, as early as November 1963, Dorothy Kilgallen had managed to expose everything about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that Jim Garrison relentlessly covered up.


NAME:  Jim Garrison  Date: 11/8/78   Time: 11:00 am
Address:  Federal Court House   Place:  New Orleans, La.

Gary Cornwell, Bob Buras, and myself (Mike Ewing) interviewed Garrison for approximately 45 minutes in his office at the Federal Courthouse in New Orleans.

Garrison began the conversation with a lengthy recounting of his efforts during 1967-69 to re-investigate the Kennedy assassination and prosecute Clay Shaw. Garrison spoke in general terms about the power of the CIA and FBI and their ability to "control and evade" the investigative resources of any other body, including a District Attorney's office or a Congressional committee. Garrison stated that he assumes that the Select Committee has learned of this unchallengeable power and has met with the same frustration that he did.

Garrison spoke in somber tones about his investigation, saying that he had done his best under very difficult circumstances, and had of course made a few mistakes in the process.

During the course of Garrison's long monologue about the power of the federal government, particularly the CIA, it was most difficult to ask him specific questions; Garrison would continue to talk without responding to a question on most occasions when they were asked.

In response to the question of exactly when and why he first began re-investigating the Kennedy assassination in 1966, Garrison gave a very vague answer, stating that he simply became interested in some manner with David Ferrie and Dean Andrews' 1964 story about a mysterious "Clem Bertrand." Garrison would not elaborate.

In response to the question of how he came to obtain David Ferrie's phone records of January to October of 1963, Garrison stated that he asked for and received them from Marcello's attorney G. Wray Gill. He indicated that he had long known Gill. He stated that Gill drew a line through his own calls listed on the bills, and thus Ferrie's calls were the other ones listed on the bill; as they had not shared an office. When asked if he had ever asked Gill why he had not turned over Ferrie's calls from November 1963 (which were not included) Garrison at first stated "I don't know." When the question was repeated, with the comment that he must have viewed the absence of the November 1963 calls disturbing, Garrison stated that he thinks that he did ask Gill about the missing November billing, and that Gill stated that they were missing. When asked if he followed it up, perhaps by asking Gill to make a further search for the records, Garrison said he couldn't recall.

It's called deliberate amnesia, whose purpose was, to cover this up.                     

JFK Site Award According to Kennedy assassination researcher, John Simkin;

"If you do any research of major figures in the JFK assassination via web search engines you will soon find yourself on John McAdams’ website. He is clearly the main disinformation source on the net. He adopts an academic tone and if one was not aware of the facts of the person or event he is writing about, one would think he has logically looked at the evidence available. He is therefore doing a successful job in misleading students about the JFK assassination. In fact, it could be argued that his impact has been as great as other disinformation agents such as David Atlee Phillips, G. Robert Blakey, Dick Billings, Jack Anderson, Gary Mack and Gerald Posner."

Indeed, John McAdams is a propagandist who simply exploits the well known capacity to deceive. Descartes illustrated the process when he said; "My second maxim was to be as firm and resolute in my actions as I was able, and not to adhere less steadfastly to the most doubtful opinions, when once adopted, than if they had been highly certain; imitating in this the example of travelers who, when they have lost their way in a forest, ought not to wander from side to side, far less remain in one place, but proceed constantly towards the same side in as straight a line as possible, without changing their direction for slight reasons, although perhaps it might be chance alone which at first determined the selection; for in this way, if they do not exactly reach the point they desire, they will come at least in the end to some place that will probably be preferable to the middle of a forest."

The only way to get out of the forest is to use your own head and to study the documents. It would also be nice to prosecute crackpots like John McAdams for deliberately covering up the truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, unless of course, they manage to cop an insanity plea.

When all is said and done, Jim Garrison is an open book because he was always loyal to his former boss, and this ought to explain everything !

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