One person was shot dead in Portland Oregon after a night of violence between protestors and Trump supporters, and Trump predictably laid the blame for that on the democrats.

Ted Wheeler, Portland's democatic mayor appropiately pushed back and said, “Do you seriously wonder, Mr. President, why this is the first time in decades that America has seen this level of violence? It’s you who have created the hate and the division.”

Saying that it has long been his “greatest fear” that someone would die as a result of growing unrest in the city, Wheeler urged calm from both Portlanders who have been protesting racial injustice, and people on Twitter who he said have been threatening to “seek retribution” for the killing.

“The tragedy of last night cannot be repeated,” Wheeler said. “All of us must take a stance against violence. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your politics are.”

John Dean praised Wheeler's reaction in the following terms; “I thought it was terrific. I thought Ted Wheeler, I don't know him, but I thought his standing up and calling it out for what it is. They've seen these caravans come into town... we've got them here in Los Angeles -of Trump supporters, they're looking for trouble, they're trying to provoke conflict with the peaceful protestors, the black lives matter protest, and they're trying to disrupt it and somehow taint it. So I thought the Mayor was right on, and he called Trump out and obviously he got under his skin for doing so.”

Indeed, Ted Wheeler did not only get under the skin of Donald Trump, but also under the skin of sophisticated, Trump enablers like David Gergen, whose dramatic critique of a very human response was rather hysterical, pretentious and repugnant, under the circumstances.

According to Gergen, “I think the Mayor, he must be a fine man, I'm sure of that, I think he cares deeply about his city, and he wants to get a good resolution...but I didn't think he helped himself today with that. The first thing was, as you said, there has been an escalation in the rhetoric. He came in and said there is a need to de-escalate and then immediately escalated. Went after the president in vey harsh terms, vey pesonal, very ad hominem -he has a good case but if you want to find peace and healing, you need to be able to sit down with each other too. It is impossible now for alot of republicans to work with someone like this.”

David Gergen sounds like he embraces the politics of Ted Cruz and Rudy Giuliani, doesn't he?

The indifference of police officers who stood by and watched pro-Trump demonstrators drive their trucks through a group of Black Lives Matter Protestors is an invitation to violence and David Gergen is clearly intelligent enough to get it and he ought to denounce it.

It appears that Gergen's exclusive obsession is to make republicans a politically viable entity no matter how revolting their agenda is, and that makes Trump enablers like David Gergen a huge part of the current problem.

Do not be influenced by all the propaganda. Listen to honest witnesses like John Dean, who clearly exposed the real issue at hand when he compared Richard Nixon's insistence that he was a law and order president with the latest hoaxes in that regard. According to John Dean, “Well if you recall back at that era, Hunter Thompson was a very active jourrnalist and he described it as fear and loathing that Nixon was engaging in. I think those terms are as apt today as they were during the Nixon era. The fear was to frighten the voters into following the strong leader. The loathing was the dislike of the other and we are seeing that in spades throughout this presidency and it's what's attracting his voters.”

That is what David Gergen would sound like if he was not a republican strategist and it is therefore important to take everything propagandists say with a boulder of salt.

In February 2020, David Gergen said, “if the election were held today, Donald Trump would win and he'd win big.” He further insisted that Elizabeth Warren was a bully and a platform for spreading propaganda. Needless to say, this “good ol' boy” is trying to influence the outcome of the 2020 election and it is therefore necessary to filter everything he says through the lense of the crafty, republican strategist that he is.

He pretends to be an independent analyst but David Gergen is clearly a partisan, republican strategist of the sort who seek to turn the media into Trump's re-election committee.

Reject the nightmare they are selling. When the media promotes assertions like “suburbean voters do not like Trump but they fear the violence” it is rather clear that Trump Regime propaganda, which is largely absorbed through implication, has polluted the airwaves.

It is time to make the Trump Regime's “peace through strength” scheme backfire because Trump himself is the toxin that motivates anti-protestor violence. Joe Biden is a solution to the chaos and disorder that is deliberately orchestrated in effort to make the Bunker Boy appear to be strong and needed. He is neither.

Protestors are being murdered in cold blood while the Trump Regime belittles and defames crime victims by insisting that they are destructive rioters who deserve to be killed and this hatred, which is unpecedented in its current volume, is absolutely revolting and the cause of peaceful protest.

Division is indeed overcome through strength, but it is Trump who is weak and Joe Biden who is strong because one understands the need to heal the wounds that exist while the other embraces vigilante violence and is ultimately responsible for producing criminal disruption in America today.

Take a stand for genuine law and order.

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