Propaganda continues to triumph and to dominate

The press has changed and this quote by Noam Chomsky illustrates a rather key difference;

"So for example, take where we are now, Boston. Boston used to have a very good newspaper, The Boston Globe. It still exists but itís a pale shadow of what it was twenty or thirty years ago. It used to have bureaus around the world, fine correspondents, and some of the best journalism on Central America during the Central American wars, and good critical journalism on domestic events and on many other topics. Go to a newsstand and have a look now. What you see is local news, pieces from the wire services, some pieces from The New York Times, and very little else."

Democratic governance relies upon an effective watchdog news media that does not exist and we provide an independent voice in effort to better inform.

Note the contrast regarding our reporting and the rest of the media. The media wants a horse race. We want the people to get the leader they want and to find the strength to overcome these forces which deny the opportunity.

In the meantime, these people virually control world events without real authority or any accountability.

We advance provocative arguments like, "Hillary Clinton belongs in a museum. Elizabeth Warren belongs in the White House" because we firmly believe that if you read this you will absolutely agree. In fact, propaganda is the only thing that stands in the way of common understanding and we must overcome it.

Karl Rove is two-thirds of the way back into the White house and the Democrats are still sleeping. Let's wake up before it's too late.

Hillary and politics are like America and the Confederate flag. She is a public servant not an electable candidate and that's not her fault. Remember Gore? Remember Kerry? Do you want to just remember Clinton or do you want somebody who can actually overcome this baggage?

Instead of wasting an hour reading a newspaper, spend some time to read our links and make a donation if you want to grow reliable information.



Look who's talking

It's not CNN, it's not CNBC, it's not NBC, it's not Fox.

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