The Murder of Papa Hemingway
by Mat Wilson
November 25, 2011

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A nybody who has studied the cold war does not require any more evidence than the picture on the left to clearly understand the fact that Ernest Hemingway was murdered. Nevertheless, the point will be proved by evidence which is too compelling to deny.

Ernest Hemingway was a keen observer of the truth. He possessed the perception, the passion and the ability to shred deceit and to cause those who did not share his extraordinary gifts, to challenge his very sanity.

It is consequently no surprise that in the world according to J. Edgar Hoover, Ernest Hemingway was "Public Enemy #1." Where did all this paranoia come from?

Prior to his murder, Ernest Hemingway had a 20-year-long rivalry with Hoover's FBI. In 1940, Hemingway earned the wrath of The Director because he had organized a spy network in Cuba to gather information about Nazi sympathisers. Hemingway called his anti-Nazi operation the Crook Factory and despite repeated attempts to close down the operation, Hoover failed.

J. Edgar Hoover was not the sort to be denied, and the effort to control Hemingway persisted. In 1942, Hoover wrote: "Any information which you have relating to the unreliability of Ernest Hemingway as an informant may be discreetly brought to the attention of the Ambassador Braden. In this respect it will be recalled that recently Hemingway gave information concerning the refuelling of submarines in Caribbean waters which has proved unreliable." Hoover repeatedly and persistently challenged Hemingway's judgment, and Hemingway accurately exposed Hoover's character. In 1950, when most Americans were having a love-in with the Director and his "infallible" FBI, Hemingway claimed that Hoover's FBI was antiliberal, pro-Fascist and prone to become "America's Gestapo".

J.Edgar Hoover mocked and vilified Hemingway in effort to convince the world that he was a worthless, pathetic drunk with a proclivity to support Communist causes. Hemingway opposed the mindless, McCarthy-style persecutions that Hoover supported, and in May of 1954, quoted in Look he said, " there is nothing wrong with Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin that a .577 solid would not cure".

Not surprisingly, like Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway was a routine target of illegal, FBI surveillance. In 1959, the FBI New York office had over 400 agents working on controlling "Communists" like Hemingway, while only four worked on organized crime. When Hemingway arrived in New York, he told his wife that the FBI was tailing him and she believed he was irrational. On the contrary, Hemingway was perceptive enough to be able to recognze the simple truth.

Hoover exploited the prestige of the FBI and it therefore became relatively easy to control Hemingway. In 1960, suffering from high blood pressure, liver, kidney diseases and haemochromotosis, a rare chronic form of diabetes, Hemingway entered the Mayo Clinic and hoped to return home in time for Christmas. But the FBI had tracked Hemingway to the walls of the Mayo clinic and discussed Hemingway's case with psychiatrist Dr. Rome. At the Mayo Clinic, instead of treating his physical ailments, Hemingway was given a series of electric shocks to the brain. Electro-convulsive therapy is reserved for hopeless, psychiatric patients. In some cases the loss is catastrophically complete: memory is erased for professional skills as well as orientation to places and friends (e.g., Roueche, 1974); and that is clearly what Hoover's interference did to Hemingway.

Under the circumstances, it is futile to attempt to argue that J. Edgar Hoover was not directly responsible for the brain damage that shock therapy caused. Tragically, the law betrayed Ernest Hemingway as certainly as history restores his reputation: Repressive societies routinely destroy penetrating thinkers, and if Hoover's covert support of McCarthyism in America was not directly responsible for destroying Hemingway, Papa would have been able record his impressions of the JFK Presidency, as he intended.

Tragically, shock therapy denied the opportunity and J. Edgar Hoover is directly responsible for that.

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