By Mat Wilson

The media coverage over the death of Robin Williams made me very, very angry. First and foremost, there is no evidence that Robin Williams killed himself. On the other hand, there is plenty of evidence that he is the last person in the world who would do something like that and I hope that my semi-comedic rant amuses and informs. Click here, George Carlin is also dead, unfortunately.

Knowing that Robin Williams did not kill himself, I also know, having studied victims of violence, that their greatest fear is to die without acknowledging the truth about their deaths. Consequently, if one respects Robin Williams, it is necessary to give him the recognition he deserves rather than to make him something he is not -whether it is a poster child for suicide or any other cause because the following is extremely disturbing in my opinion:

Robin Williams was a good mam who should be remembered for his humanity, he is not a poster child for suicide, Parkinson's disease, the Tea Party Revolution in Syria or any other cause that suits the character of fanatics who murder innocent people.

I just hope the people who killed Robin Williams spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder. You can fool some of the people some of the time... but it is the humanity of the man who admired Mother Theresa which dictated the scope of his actions and suicide was not in the deck of cards he played with.

Even George Carlin did not kill himself, and if the media said otherwise, you'd believe it, wouldn't you?

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