God Exists

The circumstantial evidence that God exists is compelling. Atheists like Christopher Hitchens blame the problems of the world on religion, but the paucity of that inane logic is disturbing because the good that is quietly accomplished in the name of God clearly outweighs the evil.

It is silly and unnecessary to challenge the existence of God. If, as most people acknowledge, God created man in his own image, it makes as much sense to deny the existence of God as it does to deny the existence of any other human being.

Despite the Theory of Evolution, as long as what we do not know about the Universe exceeds our extremely limited knowledge, we choose to believe in God, not because we can prove that he exists, but because we need HIS guidance, and that guidance is clearly provided through our rhetoric.

Intelligent beings can accept both the Theory of Evolution and also maintain belief in God, without contradiction.

In my opinion, God consists of two, and only two definable elements -free will and intelligence. Free will and intelligence defines God as clearly and as conclusively as anything we can ever possibly think of, and everything else is merely an erroneous claim that begs correction or a mystery that will probably not be resolved in our lifetimes. So why waste any time in argument?

In this life, we basically have two choices. We can either exercise our free will and our intelligence to become what God intended us to become or we can live with regret.

As human beings, we probably betray ourselves when we do not exercise our talents, God-given or not, and it is therefore important and necessary to be true to ourselves whether we believe in God or not.

Criticizing people for no good reason is contrary to common sense and we should avoid it, unless it is absolutely necessary.

It sounds contradictory to say we should become what God intended, but we are merely engaging a simple, intellectual exercise. In fact, it is no more possible to prove that God exists than it is to prove that he does not, and since absence makes the heart grow fonder, it is only a matter of time before every atheist discovers God, or something like HIM.

Intelligence and common sense demands it and we should be endowed by both. You are certainly free to challenge my postulation as I am to challenge yours, but in the end, like God, we need to rely upon the fact that your rights end where my nose begins. In fact, we not only pressupose free will and intelligence, we try to perfect it, and what can possibly be more Godly than that.

Am I presuming God's existence? Not really. I am merely respecting yours and I should think that is a good thing.

The point is, if you fail to develop an appreciation for your priceless gifts -free will and intelligence, you betray yourself, and in the final analysis, that is what makes God so absolutely relevant.

Seek and ye shall find whatever you are looking for. Believe in yourself, and you might find God -or perhaps, a deeper understanding of your own talents, abilities and responsibilities.

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