Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman
Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman

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Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman

Ken Littleton bears false witness

by Jeff Falcon

Convicting the wrong man is the sport of insecure authorities and it happens all the time. Frustration, the common thread that unites them, is the powerful, driving force that makes them rabid in the face of common ignorance. These people are dangerous, not because they are intelligent, but because they dominate publicity and exploit ignorance and they must be ridiculed and disgraced before they are granted the opportunity to strike again. Unfortunately, the media aids and abets them because reliable, investigative journalism is evidently dead. Clearly, it is much easier to pile-on and to slander a murder suspect, than it is to think through the pieces of the puzzle independently, and the bizarre conviction of Michael Skakel certainly proves that. Michael Skakel is a middle-aged man now, and he is in prison --why? He is in prison because he allegedly murdered his pretty teenage neighbor when he was only 15 years old. How clever the authorities must be, to be able to solve a cold case that has eluded them for the past three decades. Think again! The undeserving capacity to dominate the unreliable publicity that surrounds the murder of Martha Moxley is not clever. It is misleading.

An independent assessment proves that Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley, and any competent investigator cannot possibly avoid the same conclusion. Formal jurisdiction does not define or shape the truth, it merely illustrates the tactics that are responsible for railroading an innocent man. The murder of Martha Moxley is a unique case because we know who did it, most people who are falsely accused are denied the opportunity to rely on such a rich body of evidence, to demonstrate the fact that they are not guilty of the crime they have been accused of.

Ken Littleton was a twenty-three year-old teacher and coach from the exclusive Brunswick School in Greenwich, when he murdered Martha Moxley, and despite his insanity, he has proved to be far more intelligent than Mark Fuhrman, Dominick Dunne and any other person who has falsely implicated Michael Skakel.

The disgraceful history of Michael Skakel's current accusers does not inspire confidence in the criminal justice system. Mark Fuhrman is ultimately responsible for the fact that murderers like OJ Simpson are free because he is a Detective who cannot be trusted and Dominick Dunne is currently being sued for trying to pin the murder of Chandra Levy on Gary Condit. Perhaps, he should also be sued for pinning the murder of Martha Moxley on another, innocent scapegoat. It took a civil, not a criminal court, to prove that OJ Simpson is a murderer, and if that is what it takes to expose the truth, it should be done.

It is very easy to adequately prove that Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley because he is the one who was all tangled up in the series of extremely unfortunate events which claimed the life of an innocent teenager. Ken Littleton was hired to tutor the Skakel children and he evidently murdered Martha Moxley on his first day on the job -indeed, the murder of Martha Moxley happened on the very day that Ken Littleton began his new job as the Skakel tutor and that is probably not a coincidence.

Ken Littleton is a tragic figure who simulates the life of Lennie Small, in John Steinbeck's novel, 'Of Mice and Men.' Like Lennie, who killed his victim without premeditation, Ken Littleton claimed the life of Martha Moxley, but instead of prosecuting him, the authorities exploited a heroin addict named Gary Coleman, to promote the false claim that Michael Skakel used a golf club to stab Martha Moxley in the neck. Gary Coleman, the desperate advocate who sold his testimony by the word, was dead by the time that Michael Skakel was tried and convicted for the murder of Martha Moxley, but the strength of the publicity he generated proved to be very powerful because the opportunity to cross-examine him was denied and his story was not appropriately challenged. Coleman cooperated with the authorities for the sake of using their money to support his addiction to heroin, he would not have been a reliable witness at trial, but that did not stop crafty authorities from using scripted, recorded "evidence" to railroad Michael Skakel. It sounds illegal, doesn't it? Indeed, it should be illegal, because as long as innocent people are in jail because disturbed people like Ken Littleton manage to evade criminal prosecution, the justice system is a grotesque failure.

Ken Littleton has managed to evade criminal prosecution because his mental illness (feigned or real) and the circumstances which lead to the murder of Martha Moxley, have not been properly scrutinized. On the day that Martha Moxley was murdered, Ken Littleton, who was allegedly an undiagnosed bipolar disorder sufferer, was responsible for supervising the Skakel brothers, and that made them the ideal scapegoats of a saga that now spans three decades. It was difficult to pin the Moxley murder on Ken Littleton, the "tutor" because the murder of Martha Moxley was probably a spontaneous act of panic and if Ken Littleton's mental illness made him prone to such attacks, it was not known at the time.

Bipolar disorder is a ferocious mental illness which makes life extremely challenging. A volatile illness which can be triggered by a traumatic event, the first day on the job as tutor at the Skakel household, may have challenged Ken Littleton's capacity to cope. How can one possibly expect a bipolar disorder sufferer like Ken Littleton, to cope with the chaos of the freewheeling, Skakel household, on his very first day on the job? In retrospect, it is probably silly and unrealistic to expect that Ken Littleton had the capacity to cope, and Martha Moxley evidently paid the ultimate price for Ken Littleton's emotional instability.

This is what in fact probably happened, on Ken Littleton's first day on the job and it is merely a modern twist of the mirror that Steinbeck portrays in 'Of Mice and Men'. On his first day on the job, Ken Littleton could not possibly avoid meeting the attractive and flirtatious Martha Moxley, and he misread her "signals". As a matter of fact, when he was a child, Michael Skakel innocently disclosed the fact that Martha Moxley had peaked Ken Littleton's interest to the point where he had asked about her, and that is evidently the smoking guns that clearly implicates Ken Littleton. Detectives like David Sween have indicated that Ken Littleton's constant, false denials, regarding the fact that he had noticed Martha Moxley, prove that Ken Littleton is consciously lying, to cover up the truth about the murder of Martha Moxley.

If Ken Littleton did not murder Martha Moxley, he would have assisted the police investigation, and the only plausible reason for his reluctance to cooperate is the fact that like the murderer, Ken Littleton is probably the last person to see Martha Moxley alive -making him the killer. The unruly, Skakel crowd was either drinking or drunk when Martha Moxley was murdered, and Ken Littleton, the 23 year old male, in charge, is the only plausible suspect, under these circumstances.

Ken Littleton has consistently lied about the murder of Martha Moxley and it is not reasonable to expect his cooperation in any way shape or form, because his consistent propensity to cover up the truth spans three decades -and that provides more reliable evidence than any confession. As a matter of fact, on October 18, 1976, Ken Littleton failed a polygraph test, and the next day, his attorney advised him to refuse further tests. Bipolars are easily destabilized when they are forced to react rather than to follow the rigor of a schedule, and Ken Littleton has spent his entire life frantically reacting, in effort to cover up the fact that he murdered Martha Moxley. Is there any sign of intelligence that still doubts the fact that Ken Littleton is responsible for the death of Martha Moxley?

At Michael Skakel's trial, Ken Littleton testified that after Moxley's body was found, family advisers suddenly directed him to take Skakel, his siblings and a cousin to upstate New York, about two and a half hours away, where the Skakels had another home.

Littleton said there had been no travel plans for that weekend until after the slaying was discovered. He said they stayed in Windham, N.Y., for the weekend and he never heard the children discuss the killing.

If Michael Skakel had murdered Martha Moxley, Ken Littleton would know about it, and he testified, under oath, that the children never discussed the killing. That means that Michael Skakel did not murder Martha Moxley.

After Michael Skakel was convicted, Ken Littleton changed his story. In fact, on Tuesday 12 December, 2002, Ken Littleton claimed that Michael Skakel had said, "I did it and you are going to get blamed for it."

This is really an explosive self-serving revision which proves, at the very least, that Ken Littleton testified for nearly 3 days at Skakel's trial and he essentially perjured himself because his only intention was to do whatever he had to do to implicate Michael Skakel, without regard to the truth.

Why is Ken Littleton granted the opportunity to pervert justice in this fashion?


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