Who murdered Laci Peterson?

Unnamed sources initially told NBC News that a strand of Laci's hair was found on a pair of pliers aboard Scott's boat. If this was true and the pliers were a murder weapon, why didn't Scott drop them overboard? I wonder why?

Since the prosecution was not able to establish by forensic evidence, that there are blood stains in the house, of the wife, that there are then blood stains on the tarp, that was recovered, that there are blood stains in the boat, then why was Mr. Peterson arrested. I wonder why?

Vivian Mitchell swears she saw Laci pass by her kitchen window, shortly after 10 a.m. the day Laci disappeared. According to Mrs. Mitchell, "That was the lady I saw. And she is so striking. Beautiful Lady and a Beautiful Dog." There is one and only one Beautiful Lady like Laci Peterson. People are attracted to beautiful things and in the words of Mrs. Mitchell, "she was so pretty, that you couldn't help but look." The credibility of Vivian Mitchell was viciously attacked. I wonder why?

People who commit murder do not lead the police closer to the murder scene, they shift them away from the murder scene. If Scott was guilty, he would not have directed the police to the location where Laci and Conner were found, yet the police evidently do not agree. I wonder why?

Judges in Stanislaus County ordered that nine search warrants remain sealed in the murder case against Peterson. Court records indicated the warrants dealt with the Peterson home, and a warehouse that Scott Peterson used for his business. Other sealed records included a warrant for a DNA sample from Scott Peterson and the warrant for his arrest. Records were sealed but the non-stop leak of prejudicial information which created the false impression that the authorities had conclusive evidence to prove that Scott was guilty, was encouraged. I wonder why?

The first thing that competent investigators do when a person goes missing is to identify the clothing of the person that everybody should be looking for. Investigators in the Peterson case focused on trying to prove that Scott Peterson killed Laci and lied about what she was wearing, as if he was deliberately trying to give the authorities the opportunity to discredit the obvious. I wonder why?

A rational man does not premeditate murder without some motive. There is no motive in this case, there's nothing to explain the behavior of Scott Peterson and so he is either a madman and completely irrational, which I do not think anybody believes, yet he is still a suspect. I wonder why?

Firearms are responsible for most homicides and it appears as if the remains of Laci and Connor were recovered in a manner that was deliberately supposed to conceal the cause of death. This makes the speculation that Laci Peterson was shot in the head by her kidnapper something that any homicide investigator would quietly contemplate, yet the drive to recover Laci's missing head appears to be less of an issue than the zeal to recover cement anchors that do not even exist. I wonder why?

Why would anybody suggest that Amber Frey is the reason that Scott murdered his wife when the evidence indicates that Scott Peterson was trying to dump Amber by lying to her about business trips to europe to make more time for his wife and the child that this would-be, doting father was expecting? I wonder why?

Why wasn't Connor more decomposed than Laci was? After all, he was "all food" because Laci had clothes and hair as a "barrier" for sealife to feed on. I have heard all the preposterous, "coffin birth" theories, but real evidence that is not merely a speculation based on the unproven claim that Scott murdered Laci, does not exist. I wonder why?

The prosecutor claimed that Laci Peterson had died in her own home even though he had failed to find any evidence to support the speculation. I wonder why?

On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, the Modesto Police Department held a news conference to reclassify the status of the Laci Peterson disappearance. According to Craig Grogan, the department's lead homicide investigator,"This investigation began as a missing person case and we were all hopeful that Laci would return safely. However, we have come to consider that this is now a homicide case." Moreover, Grogan said the homicide reclassification prompted a new $50,000 reward for "information that leads to her location and recovery." Why didn't the police arrest Scott, who had been under surveillance since December 25, 2002, before the bodies were recovered, if the police in fact had proof that Laci had been murdered? I wonder why?

Laci spoke to her mother on the phone at 8:30 pm. in the evening of the 23rd of December. If she did not take her dog out for a walk at 9:30 am. the next morning, why did her dog Mackenzie return without her and why didn't Scott Peterson show any sign of Laci on his boat or any sign of exhaustion, as he cruised the Bay? After all, if he was the murderer, he used the only unnaccounted time-frame, 8:30 pm - 9:30 am., to make every single trace of Laci vanish long enough to get away with murder until Connor's body surfaced, beside an empty bag of cement, to implicate his dad? I wonder why?

When Scott arrived home after his fishing trip, he discovered his dog in the back yard of his house with the leash still attached. There was nothing unusual found in the house to indicate anything had happened and Laci's purse was still in the house. If Scott was in fact a conniving murderer who had released Mackenzie on purpose to create the false impression that Laci was kidnapped while walking the dog, why didn't he panic when he returned to find that Mackenzie was not roaming the streets, to give Scott the opportunity to claim that Laci was kidnapped while she walked Mackenzie. I wonder why?

Vivian Mitchell's story was ruled out because police claimed that Mrs. Mitchell saw another pregnant woman walking her dog and not Laci Peterson. When Laci was spotted by a clerk in Longview Wahington, former FBI profiler, Candace DeLong claimed that it was another pregnant woman who had appealed for help, because she claimed that she had been kidnapped. If it was another pregnant woman, why wasn't she rescued? I wonder why?

I believe that Scott Peterson is 100% innocent, and I do not have the slightest shadow of a doubt, that I am absolutely correct. Anybody wonder why?

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