By Mat Wilson

If the world does not change course World War 3 is rather inevitable.

Assuming it's all over and we're doing a post mortem analysis, the first cause of World War 3 will be the delusion that the west won the Cold War.

The second cause will be the current revival of the Cold War.

Sooner or later, this confrontation, if the course is not changed, will lead to mutual self-destruction.

The only way to derail this train wreck is through developing the kind of diplomacy that currently does not exist. Peace will never root until current adversaries try to see the world through the position of the other side, to be able to reach an acceptable accommodation.

The current approach is for adversaries to try find a way to destroy each other, and instead of seeking the opportunity to develop empathy, mutual demonization becomes the tactic that makes war inevitable.

And so, the choices are clear. We can either continue to destabilize the world or we can try to reach the accommodation that peace requires.

Those who continue to advance propaganda to suit one side of the agenda will ultimately be responsible for mutual, self-destruction.

Nuclear war is not survivable and school kids will not be assigned the task of explaining the madness, but if they were, historians would have to invent new terms like Iraqiism, Aghanistanism, Lybiaism and Syriaism to describe the madness, and it would all fall under the umbrella of American sponsored, Arab Spring.

The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine is merely the natural byproduct of the New Cold War because as long as Obama wants to kill Assad and Putin wants to save him, what do you expect? Will they not both seek to proxify Ukraine. That's right I invented the word "proxify" because the ignorant complacency behind this madness is absolutely unprecedented.

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