Didn't their mothers tell them that it's rude to point? Boys will be boys, but they're men with a nauseating sense of entitlement and that is not what America needs today. Indeed, America needs the exact opposite; it's called competence and Elizabeth Warren has it in spades, diamonds, hearts and even clubs.

The men she will knock out to become the next President of the United States are formidable -in their own way, but the public really gets it.

This is the general and genuine, social media view; "All Joe Biden does is ramble incoherently and all Elizabeth Warren does is speak with courage and moral clarity. Incoherent rambling won’t beat Trump. Courage and moral clarity will"

And that's the bottom line.

Next: The people are speaking out.





Look who's talking

It's not CNN, it's not CNBC, it's not NBC, it's not Fox.

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Elizabeth Warren will be the next President