Today's Republicans are not electable unless they steal or disenfranchize voters
Florida has never been won without fraudulent interference since at least 2000

---NOVEMBER 19, 2020


Trump had repeatedly claimed that the election in Florida would be the ideal template for winning the election in 2020. What did he know and who told him?

As long as people like Roger Stone, Karl Rove, Steve Banon and other corrupt operatives are not in prison for stealing elections on behalf of republicans, ask them. They are the ones who were obviously responsible for stealing Florida and if there was any doubt about that, we would have heard by now.

If we are wrong about that, it should be easy to prove. There were about 9 million mail-in ballots. Re-count and verify the result, if Trump in fact won in Florida.

In the meantime, all the polls clearly indicated that Biden would win in Florida, Trump calls that "suppression polls" and the reason for that is rather clear and tansparent, don't you think?

Next: Punishment for Ken Starr's crimes is still pending...

Supreme Court Justices

Richard MELON Scaife

Richard MELON Scaife

Richard MELON Scaife

Supreme Court Justices



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