Media wants a Horserace
By Mat Wilson

Media wants a horserace

Only the media wants a horserace between Bush and Hillary. If it happens, nobody will show up to vote and Republicans will win.

The reality is, Obama beat her when she should have won and if she runs against Bush, most people will be so disgusted they will be thinking about "more worthy" candidates like Elizabeth Warren.

Glenn Greenwald essentially illustrated what I am trying to say in more eloquant terms when he said;

If this happens, the 2016 election would vividly underscore how the American political class functions: by dynasty, plutocracy, fundamental alignment of interests masquerading as deep ideological divisions, and political power translating into vast private wealth and back again. The educative value would be undeniable: somewhat like how the torture report did, it would rub everyone’s noses in exactly those truths they are most eager to avoid acknowledging.

Beyond the obvious, a close race between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush raises the foregone conclusion that election 2016 will be stolen and if you read between the lines right here, it is indeed a very good possibility.

Needless to say, Republicans clearly understand the fact that they need hillary Clinton to make Jeb Bush the next President. Without her, the focus is all on Jeb Bush and he is simply not electable without using Hillary Clinton to turn the electorate off.

Consequently, if Hillary Clinton is realistically ambitious and she doesn't wish to hand this election to the Republicans she will consider the prudence of this imaginary converstation between the Warren and the Hillary camp.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have done much for the Democrats but if they do not embrace the furure they are in a position to destroy the party.

In the alternative, if they are not willing to do what it takes to satisfy the will of the people, Elizabeth Warren has the public support she requires to go it alone.

Obama did it and it is an insult to women everywhere to suggest that Elizabeth Warren cannot.

This is the conversation that Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton need to have to make it work.


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