This diatribe is based on a very sound and reasonable analysis so you ought to take it seriously.

Politics in America has devolved to the point where it is a very dirty business, and sometimes, the consequences, intended or otherwise, are never understood by a public that is constantly manipulated by false information. What you hear is rarely the truth and what you will get here is the closest approximation of the genuine reality. If I am wrong, share your views and we can discuss them. But if you agree with me and I am right, you need to share this information with as many people as possible.

First and foremost, since George Bush "defeated" Al Gore in 2000, politics has been dominated by hatred. We don't want to accept this unpleasant reality so we fool ourselves into believing something that conforms with our own values. For example, we would like to think that the nation that elected the first Black President is color blind, but that is not true.

The fact is (and this is supposed to be a huge secret) Obama was elected because the Republicans feared and hated Hillary Clinton, not because Americans are color blind. Racist republican strategists who were convinced that if Obama destroyed Hillary's presidential ambition, the race to the white house would be a cake walk, poured money and resources into the bid to unseat Hillary, and it worked. Obama defeated the Big Blue Democratic Machine, not because America is color blind but because some Americans are filled with so much hatred, they will do anything to destroy a democrat.

Now let me be clear, I am not trying to suggest that Obama was not the better candidate. There is no question he was, but in politics, it is not always the best candidate who wins. Sometimes, the one who has the Big Machine behind him or her is poised to win, and Hillary Clinton was on her way to defeating Obama until his secret weapon, undeclared Republican support, pushed him over the top.

The irony of course is that if Republicans did not help Obama and Hillary defeated him, the presidential race between Hillary and McCain might have been closer and Hillary could have easily "lost" just as John Kerry and John Edwards had "lost" -because Republicans had become expert at controlling the Diebold outcome and the only reason Obama did not fall victim to the same old trap is that he proved to be so popular he managed to overcame the margin of thievery.

And that's how we got from there to here. The current suggestion that the next election could be a face off between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton is so repugnant to many that it is vital to derail this prospect even before it gets off the ground. The public is sick and tired of the Bush/Clinton rivalry and for the sake of sanity, Republicans ought to sink the prospect that Jeb Bush is a viable presidential candidate as quickly as Democrats ought to do the same about the prospect of Hillary Clinton's presidential viability.

Sometimes, you just have to let bygones be bygones. Al Gore didn't run again after he lost and neither did John Kerry. More importantly, Hillary Clinton's final position was an unelected public servant and that is the role that currently suits her. She can be Elizabeth Warren's Vice president, but it would be disastrous to try to reclaim a past that has way too much baggage, to be a viable positive force in the future.

Consequently, if the Democrats are smart, they will run Elizabeth Warren on the top of the ticket and they will make Hillary Clinton the next Vice President. Given the high stakes, the only serious question should be "can the United States continues to ignore the lessons of the past?"

I am suggesting that the unintended consequences of the past are no longer affordable and the next election is going to demand extraordinary unity to be able to effectively tackle the challenges of the future.

Drop all preconceptions, consider every opinion and embrace the best one. Personally, (and this might sound like a joke to some) I do not even consider Obama to be the first black President. In my opinion, Bill Clinton was the first black President because he is the one who convincingly won over the black vote long before anybody knew who Obama was. In many respects, Obama is more like his role models, Ronald Reagan, and if none of us were ever influenced by stereotypes, we could perhaps say that neither sex nor race matters, except that people think it does. In this election, out prejudices lean towards the prospect of electing the first female President, and why can't that be Elizabeth Warren? She certainly appears to have what it takes if she receives the support she needs.

The point I am trying to emphasize by relating peculiar opinions is that most Americans were indeed color blind long before Obama became President. I am also suggesting that the racists are a very tiny but powerful minority and the only reason it is important to be united agains them is because they currently wield more influence than they ought to.

And so, it is my respectful position that the best way to deal with America's current and future problems is to make Elizabeth Warren the next President and Hillary Clinton the next Vice President. I genuinely believe that if reason prevails, it will happen.

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