This Little Piggy is a Traitor.
by Louis D. Thorpe

Election 2020

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This little Piggy claims that he is not human and that's pretty obvious. Anybody who shares the ethics of a tyrant adopts the belief that he is a myth because the truth is unbearable.

When Mitt Romney ran against Obama, he poured millions down the drain, trying to dictate the outcome of the election. Thankfully, he did not manage to steal enough votes to put Romney over the top.

Regardless, Karl Rove helped to found two groups that raised hundreds of millions of dollars for television, radio and online attacks ads in effort to defeat President Obama. The groups American Crossroads, whose donors are public, and Crossroads GPS, a so-called "social welfare" organization whose donors are anonymous operate out of the same offices, share many of the same staff, and pay millions to air similar attack ads. Thankfully, Obama was too popular to allow their illegal schemes to triumph.

Karl Rove is back and now, he has secret meetings with Trump as he seeks to get him re-elected. Pay very close attention to the Rovian strategy of blaming the accusers rather than the abusers and turn the tables on them. For example, the current, perverse tendency to deliberrately divert attention away from the disgusting crimes of Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell by suggesting that people like Tom Hanks and Chelsea Clinton are associated perverts, is beyond disgusting.

Make no mistake about it, little piggies like Karl Rove are nothing more than Bait in the hands of pedo island perverts who blackmail for power. Indeed, Karl Rove is a frequent flier in the world of Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and if justice catches up with the "myth", Karl Roven and his clone, Roger Stone, will be in jail, where they belong. In the meantime, investigate every single move they make in effort to steal the next election.

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