A History of Coalition Government

Unity in diversity. That's what Canada is. Those who are currently confused, Justin Trudeau in particular, appeared to be shocked and surprised yesterday.

Don't be.

Do not allow an inexplicable election, because bias is an impossible force to guard against (it has to be rooted out) perplex you. Have faith, not in the appearance that Canada is a divided nation, but in yourself, because that is the only thing that can possibly fix what ails you in particular and the nation in general.

The truth shall set ye free, and the truth is, there is nothing new under the sun -except for changing perspectives, and given the opportunity to mislead, they change faster, from one election to the next, than anything else does.

Do not fight a perception, you merely stoke the flame. Accept the claim that you are as divisive as Canadians say you are and if you want to change anybody's mind, do it by proving otherwise. That's what genuine leaders do. They are always a step ahead of the rhetoric. Prejudice is a very nasty and stable animal and if you want to overcome it, you must develop extraordinary wisdom.

I dare say the only reason Justin Trudeau is still Prime Minister of Canada is because his perceived repugnants (the plural form of repugnant) proved to be less repugnant than the perceived repugnants of everybody else.

And that is not a very firm footing to garner the confidence a leader requires to govern effectively.

The prince who would have been king, because that is what we really wanted, has been exposed. He is just another good man, flawed like any other, doing his ultimate best to become what we want him to be.

But politics is not a fairy tale. It is hard work that never ends and those who succeed at it are not the ones who work their fingers to the bone. That kind of weariness is self-defeating. The ones who succeed are those who work smart and that is what Canada currently needs.

Unfortunately, our Prime Minister thinks he can still govern effectively without understanding the "why's" of the current election results and that is clearly not true. Great leaders are constantly quenching their intellectual curiosity to be in a position to develop adequate leadership skills and Mr. Trudeau must do the same to fulfill his potential.

The Prime Minister of Canada must not only listen, he must also truly understand, to make him Canada's best choice, and that means he must respond in practice rather than merely through rhetoric.

His fate is in our hands, how will we make him listen and understand?

To begin the process of celebrating diversity, we must all expand our awareness, to be in a better position to understand the forces that are pushing and pulling us in every direction.

Beyond the daily grind, lifestyle is a key cause of alienation in Canada and the major blockage that interferes with that is corporate and bureacratic interference and indifference. Trudeau did not invent, he inherited structures that offends human decency for one reason or another and to the degree that our resources are used effectively or wasted foolishly, lives are enhanced, burdened and even destroyed.

It's really that simple and that complex. Today, we are all feeling the burden, are we not? And when the complications and the perplexity appears to be beyond comprehension, turn to people who use their intelligence to develop greater awareness. That is the requirement for being able to navigate what is essentially a huge mess because more and more people in our society are increasingly unable to make ends meet -and that's a big problem that should not be overlooked.

It is ultimately all about misapplied resources, will and priority, is it not?

The dirty little secret is that our needs are not even being considered in a serious manner, because special interests have hijacked democracy.

It is therefore rather clear and obvious that our prince has a great deal of growing up to do, to be in a position to meet the needs of his subjects. All he needs is a sufficient degree of humility, intelligence and good guidance, and he will be able to become the very best Prime Minister Canada has ever had. In the alternative, he will be become just another footnote in history.

All we can do right now is to define key challenges as clearly as possible because there can be no adequate roadmap without that.

In particular, Prime Minister Trudeau must listen to and apply the ideas that are currently a hindrance to progress, that is our shared obligation and if we all pull together, we will fly like doves. In the alternative, nothing will ever change for the better.

It may be trite to say it, but we must overcome every obstacle by working smarter, like birds that fly further using less energy because when one bird flaps its wings it creates uplift for the birds behind.

Where is the uplift today? We live in a world of downdraft and will continue to be interfered by obstacles that destroy prosperity because we ignore our geniuses -people like John Ralston Saul, a Canadian writer, political philosopher, and public intellectual who understands the perils we face...and the following is in the words of this champion of freedom of expression, whom we ought to listen to and understand because the former International President of PEN International has always has something interesting and intriguing to say;

"The corruption that really matters has been normalized and renamed, as if it was a useful part of the democratic process...Lobbyists aim to blind governments, and they do, but in a democracy, legitimacy lies with the citizenry...That use of the citizenry's intelligence is what differentiates a democracy from the various sorts of dictatorships, whether direct and brutal or sophisticated and managerial in the corporist mode.

The public sector has moved from an ethic centred on the strengthening of the public good, to an abstract, managerial religion. That in turn has facilitated the massive penetration of th epublic sector by business interests.

The problem -private interests are now so integreated into the functioning of the public good that our practical sense of the later has been erased. It is difficult even to identify this corruption except in the less important, blatant cases."

Such are the sound bites of the deep ideas we must firmly grasp, and Gerry Spence, the very best, people's lawyer ever, echoes the entire sentiment in the following six sentences;

"It is difficult to be ethical in a workplace where the employer - the government bureaucracy or the corporate employer - is essentially unresponsive to ethical concerns. That fact, more than any other, accounts for the continuous wave of crime we witness in both government and corporate service. The men and women who commit these crimes are not people with criminal records. They usually come to the bureacracy from good families with above-average educational backgrounds, with high hopes, and with their morals intact. Yet along the way something happens. I think it happens so slowly the employee is unaware of the change, like growing into the next-size pants."

Is therefore anybody surprised by the harm that this moral neutrality potentially causes? Can anybody defend this?

"The principles of morality most people have cherished from childhood become irrelevant in many of these workplaces. Everything and everyone seem separated from themselves, separated from their ideals, and separated from each other. People are no longer citizens and neighbors, but economic or mechanical creatures. Like hens in the hen house whose eggs are daily stolen by the farmer, their produce becomes a unit of corporate wealth, or an item of government waste over which the worker has no dominion whatever."

That is what we have become and as long as we continue to turn a blind eye to every injustice, this "mess" will continue to strengthen the obstacles that are killing our democracy.

Next: Will Trudeau survive a minority government.



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