The words of great reporters never die because they become history.

Brooklyn born Peter Hamill certainly made history whenever he used his skills to expose the pettiness, the resentment and the racism that always creeps out as certain as a knee-jerk reaction on steroids.

His words lay bare what only a Rorschach Test of the human soul can reveal; "Snarling in heartless and fraudulently tough, insisting on the virtues of stupidity, it was the epitome of blind negation. Hate was just another luxury. And Trump stood naked, revealed as the spokesman for that tiny minority of Americans who lead well-defended lives. Forget poverty and its causes. Forget the degredation and squalor of millions. Fry them into passivity."

Peter Hamill was responding to a full page advertisement Trump had placed in the New York Times, wherein he demanded the death of four young black men who had been falsely accused of rape.

What had triggered Trump's anger? Was it that the rape victim was white? Was it because rape is, in the violent, twisted, vulger world Trump inhabits, nothing more than a missed opportunity? He can deny it but Trump himself is a repeat offender by accusation and if the standard he advocated then was applied today, he deserves to be put to death.

You see, Trump is a recipient of the reality that the law is not always applied as the letter demands. As a matter of fact, the law is frequently misapplied or justice is deliberately blinded by silencing great reporters like Peter Hamill.

In 1976, Rupert Murdoch bought the New York Post for US$30.5 million, fired Hamill, who had been on Nixon's enemies list and turned the newspaper business into a Ministry of Propaganda.

Money is still doing the talking where ANY good press Trump currently receives is involved because he does not deserve ANY attention, let alone, media publicity -despite the fact that he is currently warming up the seat of a President who understands or respects the Constitution.

Does Trump currently hold the title? Of course he does, but like Kavanaugh and Bill Barr, he has never deserved it.

Aside from the vagrancies of fate, Donald Trump is nothing more and nothing less than an unindicted, serial criminal, and if that is not crystal clear by now, check your pulse. So was Nixon -so is Murdoch and unless we continue to live in a fantasy land, so would the assassins who murdered the very best and the brightest we had to offer.

What Murdoch essentially did when he replaced reporters like Hamill with propagandists was to revive and to misrepresent the domestic cold war climate that had claimed the lives of two Kennedys, a King, and subsequently completed Nixon's unfinished business, which was, to destroy the key man who wanted to give peace a chance. It's called targeted assassination...sound familiar?

People tend to replace invisible influences with fantasy because they are more inclined to believe what they are told rather than to carefully investigate planned, deliberate murders that are meticulously concealed and that is a rather perplexing and curious degree of insanity to be acceptable to any relentless researcher who rejects propaganda.

Is America heartless enough to elect a racist again, now that all doubt has, or should be removed?


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