Republican Nazi Convention
by Louis D. Thorpe

Election 2020

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Those who cloak their political beliefs in false rhetoric need to be exposed, ridiculed and ultimately prosecuted because they hijack reality at the expense of truth, freedom and justice.

The most confusing and entertaining part of the Republican Nazi Convention was when the republicans pretended to be democrats, so that they could create the false impression that they are politically viable. They are not democrats --did they fool anybody?

The Trump Regime is absolutely nothing beyond a criminal organization that imposes will without authority

Is the media not aware of the fact that the Trump Regime is currently trying to win the next election by stealing it? Most people get it. How much time does the media need to figure it out? Will the media hold every single, unelectable republican accountable for trying to steal the election again?

Next: For the first time in history the FBI gets it.



Look who's talking

It's not CNN, it's not CNBC, it's not NBC, it's not Fox.

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