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The Rule of Law

Thursday, March 24, 2011 4:39 PM

From: "Bob Livingstone" <>

To: Every Senator and Member of Parliament:

Dear House of Commons/Senate

Most Canadians are disgusted by the current practice of the Criminal Compensation Board but they do not understand the politics behind the provincial agency's bizarre rationalization. As long as that is the case, nothing will ever change.

This is not surprising because most Canadians know little or next to nothing about the law. If however, you have been the victim of an injury and you have been denied entitled compensation, you clearly understand the process. Thankfully, most Canadians have not been victimized in this manner.

The ethical lapse (self love) that is behind this denial was clearly illustrated by the piercing intellect of Spinoza, who said the following:

"After man has persuaded himself that all things which exist are made for him, he must in everything adjudge that to be of the greatest importance which is most useful to him, and he must esteem that to be of surpassing worth by which he is most beneficially affected. In this way he is compelled to form those notions by which he explains nature; such, for instance, as good, evil, confusion, heat, cold, beauty and deformity; and because he supposes himself to be free, notions like those of praise and blame, sin and merit, have arisen."

These self-serving urges are responsible for replacing the rule of law with bizarre rationalizations that deny justice, and that is essentially the issue that is being ignored.

I hope that the Government of Canada does not continue to ignore the law because it is supposed to be driven by the values of ordinary Canadian Citizens, not the self-serving, bizarre rationalizations that have been recently exposed.


Bob Livingstone