The Legend will Grow
by Louis D. Thorpe

Election 2020

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, and she proves once and for all, that her legacy reflects everything Trump lacks. She is courageous, she is beloved, she is resilient, she has integrity, she has credibility, she has authority and she is immortal. Trump is a hated coward, he is a serial loser, he is a liar, he has no authority whatsoever and will always be nothing beyond a weird anomaly.

Every single person in the United States is better off because of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and every single person is more impoverished because of Donald Trump.

And despite Moscow Mitch, Donald Trump will never replace Ginsburg because legends never die and America is great by her shadow, not the hypocrisy of republicans.

The biggest myth now is that the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will change the balance of power. People are mistaken, if that's what they think. The fact is, Ginsburg was the power and anybody who continues to think otherwise is unbalanced.

The death of Ruth Ginsburg highlights the fact that Trump is trying to replace a superhero with people who trash the Constitution and that is clearly the final nail of his political coffin -well done, Ruth, well done...R.I.P.

Next: For the first time in history the FBI gets it.



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