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Martha Moxley
On October 30, 1975, Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley, and he spent the next 27 years of a shattered life, trying to maintain a cover-up.

Cover-up: An unnatural act like murder is covered up, but it can never be successfully disguised.

Thursday June 13, 2002

By David Sween
nsnews guest

On October 30, 1975, a twenty-three year-old teacher and coach from the exclusive Brunswick School in Greenwich, Connecticut, spent his first night in residence as a tutor for the Skakel family children. It was a night, which dramatically changed the course of Ken Littleton's life for the worse. Young, athletic, handsome and a recent graduate from Williams, it seemed his future was full of nothing but promise. In the wake of Martha Moxley's murder, however, Ken Littleton fell victim to heavy substance abuse and extreme psychiatric problems. He was arrested in the summer of 1976, on Nantucket, for grand larceny, breaking and entering, and burglary. His criminal record would grow from that point to include shoplifting, assault and battery, and numerous DWI convictions. Within five years, he was working on a loading dock.

According to Littleton, the murder of Martha Moxley was either "an individual act of madness or a conspiracy." An individual act of madness evidently refers to his secret encounter with Martha Moxley. His reference to a conspiracy refers to his constant suggestions that one or both of the Skakel brothers bludgeoned Martha Moxley to death. Ken Littleton is clearly a man who desperately deflected attention away from the dreadful truth, and he is, given the fact that he has consistently managed to thwart the authorities, a very clever liar. In particular, Ken Littleton does not explicitly claim that Tommy or Michael Skakel murdered Martha Moxley, he merely plants dramatic suggestions and whenever he is asked a question that would clinch the opportunity to divulge the truth, he says, "no comment."

To quote directly from the Sutton Associates report, Ken Littleton was a man who never failed to beg to be the central suspect of the Martha Moxley, murder mystery:

While there is no doubt Littleton was profoundly affected by Martha Moxley's murder and its subsequent investigation, to what end his problems can be attributed to this event is uncertain. He is a haunted man, but why? Is he somehow responsible? Is he involved in some complicity, some conspiracy?

Ken Littleton is a wild card literally and figuratively. If he is entirely innocent of any involvement in the murder of Martha Moxley, he has certainly gone to great lengths to make it seem otherwise.

The Sutton report appropriately determined that Ken Littleton "has left many questions unanswered about his actions and whereabouts on the night of October 30, 1975," and I do not believe that any competent investigator would fail to fill in the glaring blanks that Sutton Associates take for granted. Needless to say, I intend to fill in the blanks in an appropriate and reasonable manner. Moreover, the unanswered questions of the Martha Moxley murder mystery are the blueprint of a vicious murder, and we warn readers that the language we use will get as ugly, as obscene and as vulgar as the circumstance which lead to the brutal, vicious, panick-stricken assault that claimed the life of 15-year old, Martha Moxley.

Ken Littleton was a sexually active young man who was looking for a new home to park his penis, and we are supposed to believe that he didn't talk to Michael Skakel about the attractive, flirtatious, Martha Moxley. Give me a break! Nobody is stupid enough to believe that, and every mystery that Ken Littleton's ignorant denials produce fall into place as tightly as the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Ken Littleton was clearly on the prowl, on the night that Martha Moxley was murdered and everybody around him was either too drunk or too self-absorbed, to notice or to care. But that doesn't matter, because it is ultimately what Ken Littleton noticed, that defined the fate of Martha Moxley. Ken Littleton noticed the attractive, Martha Moxley flirting with the boys and determined to cultivate the opportunity to get his own piece of the action. This is not some 'magic rabbit' conspiracy theory, it is Ken Littleton's own preoccupation with sex, and the following excerpt from the Sutton Associates report, illustrates the point;

Littleton told our investigator he believes Martha could have been lured out of her house, or could have been having a sexual encounter in the mobile home, and then been murdered later, sometime around 11.00 pm and 12.00 am.
Littleton had sex on the brain, Martha Moxley was the available flirt and if his cryptic remarks were not a virtual confession to murder, we could excuse the failure to indict Ken Littleton for the murder of Martha Moxley. To be sure, Littleton made his cryptic comments because he promoted the conspiracy theory that Tom and Michael Skakel were responsible for the murder of Martha Moxley, but Tom and Michael Skakel did not have to discover a way to lure Martha Moxley. Tom and Michael Skakel knew Martha Moxley, and the person who murdered her was as unstable, as manipulative and as deceptive as Ken Littleton is. Michael Skakel was an immature young man with a firm grip around his adolescent penis, he did not murder his neighbor, nor did he falsely accuse anybody, for the sake of getting away with murder.

The inebriated, physically underdeveloped, adolescent, sexually immature Skakel clan had absolutely nothing to do with the brutal, vicious assault that claimed Martha Moxley's precious life. Only Ken Littleton was in a position to commit and to get away with the Skakel murder, and that is absolutely clear. This is not rocket science. It is the simple consequence of responding to the mysterious questions that surround the bizarre murder of Martha Moxley. I am merely an investigator who demonstrates the capacity to respond to the simple facts, in a reasonable manner. There is no magic to the method or mystery to the art. I simply reject the unsupported fantasies that reside in the heads of conspiracy theorists and ignore periodic, politically motivated schemes like the obsession to tarnish the Kennedy reputation. If it is not directly relevant to the brutal murder of Martha Moxley, it should not be an issue, and that does not appear to be the case, when the aura and the mystique of the Kennedy family is exploited, to satisfy the obsession of conspiracy theorists who are determined to prove that "this Kennedy will not get away with murder." The pervasive impression that the Martha Moxley, murder trial is about reigning in the imagined, Mafia-like control of the Kennedy clan, has evidently prejudiced the process. Indeed, Mickey Sherman did not fail to defend Michael Skakel. When prosecution witness, Gregory Coleman suddenly died, Mickey Sherman was denied the vital need to cross-examine the carefully veiled slander which created the false impression that the Moxley murder trial was about declaring war on the so-called, Kennedy capacity to get away with murder. Clearly, if the jury could see beyond the victim and the "arrogant Kennedy" who had to be controlled, it might have been able to notice the vicious murderer, but that is evidently not what the trial of Michael Skakel was all about. Mickey Sherman did not defend Michael Skakel. Mickey Sherman was ambushed by anti-Kennedy prejudice.

It is difficult to understand why Michael Skakel was ever charged with the murder of Martha Moxley, outside of the fact that the Kennedy name never failed to emerge, whenever the Martha Moxley murder mystery took a turn away from a serious investigation and towards lame efforts to turn the Skakel murder mystery, into a Kennedy-dominated incident. Littleton made headlines in 1998 when he faked a suicide attempt and tried to cast suspicion upon the Kennedy family. Littleton was granted transactional immunity in exchange for his Grand Jury testimony shortly before his suicide hoax. Gregory Coleman had falsely claimed that Skakel said that he was going to get away with murder because he was a Kennedy, and then he suddenly died. This preposterous campaign to turn Michael Skakel into a poster boy for bad, Kennedy behavior is disturbing because shady people like Lucianne Goldberg and Mark Fuhrman appear to be the behind-the-scenes force of the witchhunt which lead to the unexpected conviction of Michael Skakel, and these people are not known for anything beyond their capacity to corrupt.

Prosecutors and juries evidently like to use the words of dead people to justify a fickle judgment, and that is quite curious, given the fact that Ken Littleton is still alive and his words are more relevant than the testimony of somebody who does not know anything about the murder of Martha Moxley. In particular, Ken Littleton beat Martha Moxley to death, in an "act of individual madness" and that is clearly confirmed by the fact that Ken Littleton has been consistently overwhelmed by the obsession to cover up the truth about the murder. It is no great leap of faith, to determine that the recognizable madman who was crazy enough to murder Martha Moxley in an "act of individual madness" was sane enough to use a Skakel golf club after the fact, in a desperate effort to divert attention. After all, Ken Littleton has repeatedly promoted the cover-your-ass claim that Michael Skakel used a golf club to murder animals, and if it was his intention to promote the claim that an elaborate, Skakel conspiracy is responsible for the murder of Martha Moxley, he only managed to convince writers of cheap fiction. The vicious assault that is responsible for the murder of Martha Moxley was committed by a killer who is as mad, as manipulative, as strong and as deceptive as Ken Littleton is, and that is not fiction.

Martha Moxley was known to be a "relentless flirt" according to her friends, but she was not sexually promiscuous and her flirtatiousness was a consequence of her cheerful disposition. Ken Littleton was known to be sexually active, and if tried to seduce her, Martha Moxley would have probably resisted his sexual advances and created a serious problem for the jock who had banked on a new job as the Skakel tutor. Littleton distances himself from the opportunity to suggest that he and Martha had any contact at all, but despite the booze and the self-absorption that restricted the observations of unsuspecting adolescents, witnesses like Skakel sister Julie, inadvertently confirm the obvious fact that Ken Littleton could not have possibly failed to notice Martha Moxley. Moreover, beyond simply noticing Martha Moxley, Ken Littleton was probably privy to every single move that Martha Moxley was about to make, because there was no impenetrable mystery about the whereabouts of anybody in the Skakel household. These young, aimless adolescents who hung around in groups and who were prone to make spontaneous plans on the fly, were clearly not in a position to maintain secrecy. The only agenda of young people who hang out in groups and publicly air their plans is to reverse boredom and to discover one more way to entertain themselves. Indeed, Sutton Associate investigators discovered no less, and the following direct quote from the report, sites the organized chaos that Julie Skakel had observed, on the night that Martha Moxley was murdered.

"...I could hear Tommy and Martha talking at the back door. I couldn’t hear absolutely clearly, but it seemed that whatever the plans were for the evening, Tommy wasn't interested and he was just going to stay home. I could hear the backdoor close after Tommy said goodnight to Martha. I could see Martha walking around the back fence and, about the same time that Tommy closed the door, Andrea tried to get in the front door, but she couldn't, so she rang the doorbell. I could see Tommy slowly walking through the kitchen... and I think looking through the glass to see who it was". Julie also recalls that Ken Littleton was there.

Ken Littleton was there, and if a 'bombshell' like Martha Moxley had failed to catch the eye of the condom-armed tutor, it is because the jock was afraid of the truth. The sexually active tutor who could see and hear every plan in the making, was provided the opportunity to peek into Martha Moxley's schedule, and these adolescent plans that were publicly and informally aired, provided a sexual predator the common access that lead to the brutal murder of Martha Moxley. The young, attractive, cheerful girl who flirted with all the boys appeared to be sexually promiscuous, and when Ken Littleton found out she was not, Martha Moxley was placed in a position to make his very first day on the job, his very last. And Ken Littleton panicked.

Where, when, and how Ken Littleton got to Martha, will be very easy to determine when Ken Littleton answers all the questions that he brushes off with his standard "no comment". Martha was known to sneak out of the house on occasion, and given the fact that Mrs. Moxley was intoxicated on the night in question, Ken Littleton was provided the ideal opportunity to exploit a 15-year-old girl who was essentially unsupervised. Tragically, Ken Littleton was provided the ideal opportunity to cultivate the opportunity to be alone with this young, attractive, flirtatious girl, and the ingredients of the toxic recipe that made sexual assault a sure thing in the 1970's, could not have been more potent. You have got to feel sorry for a guy who is temporarily crazed by the male tendency to put the brain on hold while the dick does all the talking, because the common criminals who engage sexual abuse destroy their lives as certainly as the victims they target. You can feel sorry, but you cannot excuse, condone or cover up this criminal conduct which is clearly far more common than anybody publicly acknowledges -except for the overkill that is exclusively reserved to condemn the Catholic Church.

The suggestion that Tom or Michael Skakel is responsible for the murder of Martha Moxley is absolutely preposterous, and it is not even remotely plausible to credibly turn them into scapegoats because the evidence does not support the claim. Tom and Michael Skakel were sexually immature adolescents, and if they had tried to have sexual intercourse with Martha Moxley, she would have simply brushed the little wimps off. Like most boys of their character and temperament, they used Martha Moxley the way adolescent boys use adolescent girls. Their expectations were clearly experimental in nature, and they did and went as far as Martha Moxley permitted. It is only Ken Littleton, who had high expectations, in terms of what he demanded from a young, attractive, flirtatious girl, and it is only Ken Littleton, who had the physical power to treat Martha Moxley like an obedient rag doll who died on the command of his powerful fists, without raising a single arm, to resist the savage assault.

Sutton Associate investigators believed that the person who murdered Martha Moxley had plenty of opportunity, to "stage" the crime scene, and that is evidently consistent with the view that the introduction of the golf club to the crime scene, was an afterthought, to cover up the real nature of the murder. To quote directly from the Sutton Associates report:

It is believed that after leaving the victims body, the offender returned to the scene of the crime before her body was discovered. After departing the crime scene, he went home and thought about what had happened. Finding it hard to believe that he had murdered his friend, he returned to verify that she was in fact dead.

The analysis is good, but the motivation of the killer was evidently misstated. The killer did not return to verify death, the killer returned to manipulate the crime scene, and that should now be obvious because anybody who manages to evade the authorities for twenty-seven years through his capacity to say "no comment" is clearly the king of the cover up.

After repeatedly pounding Martha Moxley in the head with his bare fists, Ken Littleton returned to manipulate the crime scene and to perplex the authorities in the process. Indeed, Ken Littleton successfully covered up the fact that he was the murderer, but all the pieces of all his fickle lies and manipulations fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle, and it is no longer possible to credibly disguise the vicious murder of Martha Moxley. The Skakel golf club perplexed the authorities, but in retrospect, it should have exonerated the Skakels because they were certainly not the ones who used their own gulf club to implicate the alleged killer.

Infatuated by the girl who had the reputation of "making out" with all the boys, Ken Littleton wanted a piece of the action. Martha Moxley resisted Ken Littleton's sexual advances, and the athletic, 23-year old, mentally unstable jock panicked and pounded the living hell out of Martha Moxley. When he fully realized what he had done, he returned to the crime scene, and used a gulf club that did not belong to him, to create the inexplicable, "ovekill" mess, that is beyond human comprehension.

If Ken Littleton did not introduce the golf club to the crime scene after killing Martha Moxley with his bare fists, he was the obvious suspect. The awkward, immature, adolescent Skakel brothers did not possess the physical capacity to beat Martha Moxley to death with their bare fists, without encountering the slightest resistance, and the Sutton Associates report made that absolutely clear in the following terms.

"The bruising of the victims inner canthus of both right and left eyes, as well as her broken nose, indicate that the attack was sudden and severe. We believe that the attacker punched the victim in the face without warning. The fact that no screams were heard and the victim had no defense wounds on her arms indicate that she did not expect to be struck, as she knew the attacker."

Ken Litteleton was the only suspect who was physically capable of delivering a knockout punch, and he knew it. And so, after thinking about his transparent crime, he introduced a bizarre, perplexing twist that the authorities mistakenly called "overkill". The so-called overkill was in fact the cover-up that provided Ken Littleton the opportunity to get away with murder, and Ken Littleton may be a mad, evil genius, but he no longer has the power to fool anybody. The brutal assault that has haunted him for the past 27 years, will continue to haunt him, until the day he dies, because it is Ken Littleton who "has left many questions unanswered about his actions and whereabouts on the night of October 30, 1975, and it is Ken Littleton who is directly responsible for that.

The investigators that produced the Sutton Associates report were stifled by persistent stonewalling, and the following excerpt illustrates the point;

After Littleton gave indication, through certain remarks, that he may have seen Michael outside on the night of the murder, our investigator pressed him on the issue as well. First, Littlejton denied making the comments in question. Then, asked if he had seen Michael outside that night, Ken said "No." Would you tell us if you did? asked our investigator. Tellingly, Littleton replied, "No." Littleton has something to say, but is unwilling to say it. "I have a definite feeling in my mind," he told our investigator, "that this murder was committed after 10.30 at night." Why do you say that? he was asked. "Because," he responded cryptically.
Ken Littleton never failed to hold back in a predictable manner, and it is not even remotely possible to explain away his implicit guilt. When Ken Littleton was interviewed for the first time, he said "he never went out that night after dinner...he saw nothing suspicious" and now, we can safely say that Ken Littleton never failed to manufacture an alibi when he needed one. Furthermore, investigators for the Sutton Associates report hit the nail on the head, wherein they wrote:
We must consider that Littleton may be a guilty man, haunted by his actions, who seeks for the sake of self-interest, to protect himself by throwing speculation towards others. For all his problems and pitiable weaknesses, he is still an intelligent and potentially conniving convicted felon who has failed two lie-detector tests regarding the murder of Martha Moxley.

On the evening of October 30, 1975, Ken Littleton asked Michael Skakel about Martha Moxley, in the kitchen of the Skakel residence. The fact that the attractive Martha Moxley had peaked his interest is entirely normal and to be expected. But Littleton denies such a conversation ever took place, holding vehemently to the preposterous assertion that he never knew who Martha was until after she was murdered, and that is ultimately the smoking gun which proves that Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley. Martha Moxley was in the Skakel house on the night she was murdered on at least two, identified occasions, she was very attractive, she and Tommy were cavorting very publicly by the side of the house and if Ken Littleton thinks that he can credibly deny asking Michael Skakel about the girl who was so flirtatious that she embarrassed the ones who were not, he has clearly overestimated his capacity for deception.

The "overkill" aspect of the injuries that Martha Moxley sustained are traditionally considered to be a sign of uncontrollable anger, aimed at a specifically targeted victim that is well known, to the assailant. But in the case of the Martha Moxley murder, overkill is a deliberate effort to cover up the truth. We tend to underestimate the manipulative capacity of deceptive people, and we cannot afford to grant them the opportunity to hide behind "no comment" because we invariably fall victim to the pitfall of ignorance and misleading generalizations that divert attention away from the truth. In retrospect, Ken Littleton used a golf club to divert attention away from the fact that Ken Littleton was the murder weapon, and if this so-called man of promise has been a psychological wreck since the murder of Martha Moxley, it is entirely understandable. Clearly, Ken Littleton destroyed his life on the day he beat Martha Moxley to death with his bear fists, and if the prosecution of Michael Skakel restores his sanity, the power of self-delusion and self-preservation will certainly be proven to be stronger than anybody can possibly imagine. Needless to say, time has destroyed the room for further uncertainty, and 27 years is more than long enough to remove even the slightest tinge of plausible doubt. Ken Littleton has consistently done whatever he has had to do, to get away with the murder of Martha Moxley, and this is clearly one homicidal maniac who has been the architect of his own fate.

Ken Littleton repeatedly implicates himself, and we can go on and on and on, belaboring the point. For example, Ken Littleton told a Sutton Associates investigator that Michael Skakel could have lured Martha Moxley from her room if he had "thrown a pebble at her window or something like that" and when he realized the implication of what he had said, he denied having ever made the comment at all. To quote the Sutton Associate Investigators directly:

To our investigator in Boston, the fact that Littleton mentioned pebbles being thrown at Martha's window in conjunction with his assertion that the murder occurred after 10:30 and that Michael was somehow involved, suggested that perhaps he actually saw Michael outside of Martha's house between 11:40 pm and 12:30 am. As disclosed earlier in this report, Michael has testified, with regards to his late-night excursion, that after climbing down from the tree, he stopped near a street light on Walsh Lane. Michael stated that he felt 'someone's presence' in the area where Martha's body was eventually discovered. He yelled 'into the darkness' and threw something in the trees. Still fearing what was there, he ran back to his house. Was it Littleton in the darkness? Is this why he knows Michael was out there throwing pebbles at Martha's window, but cannot disclose as much, due to self-incrimination?

As long as Ken Littleton refuses to disclose what he knows, speculation of the following nature is the only recourse. For example, Ken Littleton was obviously intrigued by the fact that Michael Skakel had climbed a tree and threw pebbles at Martha Moxley's window, but how did he know that? Was he spying on Michael under the cover of darkness, was he trying to peep into Martha Moxley's room or was he in fact, in her bedroom [making out with the lights out] when Michael Skakel was throwing rocks at her window. These are the possibilities that Michael Skakel's new, handsome tutor, steadfastly diverts, and they would all be the uneventful gossip about the new kid in town, outside of the obsession to cover up the truth about the murder of Martha Moxley. Regardless, aside from all the necessary speculation that is prompted by Ken Littleton's refusal to cooperate, it is absolutely normal to expect the fact that Ken Littleton and Martha Moxley had some sort of encounter on the day that she was murdered, because it is simply not credible to suggest that they did not notice each other. Indeed, if Martha Moxley was inclined, she might have even accepted some help with her homework or a private lesson from the enthusiastic tutor, but we cannot confirm that because Martha Moxley was murdered and Ken Littleton is not talking. At the very least, it is reasonable to assume that Ken Littleton is the last tutor that Martha Moxley ever flirted with.

Sutton Associate investigators tried to get an explicit confession out of Ken Littleton, but he was too deceptive to oblige, and under the circumstances, a 27-year-old, implicit confession is even more reliable than if Ken Littleton ever decides to break his silence. To quote the Sutton associates directly:

Is this why you mentioned the pebble throwing to me? asked our investigator. Instantly guarded, Littleton first replied that he didn't think he had mentioned anything about pebbles in the previous interview. It became quickly clear that Littleton was now on the back-peddle, once again holding back. He was asked if there was ever a time he saw Michael out there after hours? Did you see him throwing pebbles at the window? Ken's response; "No". Would you tell us if you did? Would you tell anyone if you did? Ken's response: "No".

The message is very clear. No need for overkill here. Deliberate, consistent, predictable silence speaks a thousand words, because when all the questions converge to the point of a rational conclusion, it is not possible to successfully maintain a cover up. Littleton's lies, denials and revisions are too consistent and too self-serving, and when you betray the deception, you discover the truth.

When Ken Litttleton repeatedly, consistently and aggressively denied the innocuous, he left his DNA on the lifeless body of Martha Moxley and he can cry "no comment" until the fat lady sings because the jig is up; I am not a gambling and I still put all my money on the obvious fact that it is time for Ken Littleton to cry uncle -or he can maintain his non-incriminating silence until the day he dies -it will not make a single shred of difference.

In the final analysis, the claim that Ken Littleton is responsible for the murder of Martha Moxley is not subject to serious dispute. This prejudicial conviction is not acceptable to anybody who is reasonable and who is concerned about the quality of justice.

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