Scott Peterson and the neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazis Target Scott

Is this mainstream news?

What kind of a conspiracy theorist to you have to be, to suggest that Scott Peterson murdered his pregnant wife the day before numerous, reliable witnesses saw her walking her dog?

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of tunnel vision, where the name of the game is to win at all cost. Unfortunately, the consequence of this game is that innocent people are wrongfully accused and convicted and the people who are pointing the finger have earned the right to be the butt of every joke.

Pundits like Nancy Grace are not above claiming that Scott's boat is too little for sturgeon fishing, but it's big enough to contain a body, tarps, anchors, cement blocks, and even a 55 gallon drum filled with cement. A scent dog who 'indicated' to it's handler that Laci was taken in a car is believed without question but numerous scent dogs who tracked Laci down Covena Street to Yosemite street and along Yosemite street to Maze boulevard are not considered credible. The list goes on and on and on...

The biggest joke of this entire charade is that the police can find a single hair on a pair of pliers but they cannot find an entire head of hair. Listen to Nancy Grace gloat about the hair: "And this hair, not only do I think it will be traced back in one in millions to Laci Peterson, but the context in which it was found allegedly is what is so important about this hair. It allegedly is found in a pair of pliers on Scott Peterson's boat. Important? Laci had never been on the boat! The virgin voyage of the boat was the day Laci went missing, and on this boat turns up her hair." The fact that Scott was repeatedly witnessed on his boat ALONE does not appear to matter to Nancy Grace.

Hunting for clues in murky, silt-filled shallow waters is a subject of intense speculation because the divers and Modesto police were not talking on the record. Why not? What were they looking for? Were they looking for Laci's head or for the anchors that were pictured in the National Enquirer? Silence is prudent because it is not possible to explain the intense, focused hunt in the 12-foot water where the visibility was nearly zero meaning they had to search the muddy bottom by hand. Under these circumstances, the divers were more likely to find a chest full of gold coins rather than evidence which is related to the murder of Laci Peterson. Needless to say, what is being created is the appearance of a search, and if anything of evidentiary value is found, it will be because it has been placed in front of the diver's noses to be found or because the police are going to make another mysterious, unexplained discovery, like the so called pliers with the hair that were supposedly found in Scott's boat. The fact is, when the search for evidence is turned into a blindfolded hunt for a needle in a haystack, the transparent effort to link Scott Peterson to the murder of his wife turns into a grotesque charade. Reality check; Laci was spotted walking her dog a day after Scott Peterson supposedly murdered her. The dog Mackenzie, was not another dog, and the lady that was spotted, was not another pregnant lady because Laci's dog is the only one in the neighborhood that returned home, without its pregnant master.

These periodic hunts for the needle in the haystack have reemerged, and now, the police have a new excuse for not telling us what they are looking for --a gag order has been issued. But they are so predictable that people who discuss the case on message boards have already figured it out.

The name of the game is to create the impression that Scott murdered his wife the day before she was witnessed walking her dog, and on that, we can all rely

The initial plot to that effect involved a trucker who allegedly saw Scott transporting Laci's corpse on December 23, 2003. The trucker told his story on a radio talk show and it is was heard by many people in California. He was said to have been told by law enforcement not to talk to anyone else, but that didn't stop him from getting his story out through the local KFBK Sacramento radio station. The reporter stated a truck and trailer with a boat resembling the one belonging to Scott Peterson cut him off while he was driving on 99 south, towards Fresno (kind of between Laci's home and his girlfriend's home. The truck driver said he drove along side Scott's truck for a long period of time, close to 80 miles. He went on to say he observed a women in the passenger side of the truck with her left shoulder slumped down, her head was hanging down with her hair covering her face. This women never moved for the 80 miles that he observed. He reported info to the police immediately following Laci's disappearance and was asked not to speak -- according to KFBK Sacramento radio station's broadcast!

This bizarre story was published in the National Enquirer on May 20, 2003, and it is too stupid to take seriously, unless one entertains the fact that the people who murdered Laci Peterson are desperately looking for a way to blame Scott. One can also assume that this trucker was the witness that the DA was planning to produce to justify Scott's arrest. After all, everything is routinely leaked, to turn the public against Scott, and if there was another witness we would have heard of him or her, by now.

Clearly, despite the gag order, we are still discovering everything there is to leak about the bizarre murder of Laci Peterson, and the latest story is even funnier than the trucker witness. It is difficult to make this up, so a direct quote from the media should convince the doubting reader, that the fodder of this report is authentic:

FRESNO, Calif., Sept. 20 (UPI) -- A Fresno County Jail inmate claims accused killer Scott Peterson plotted with Neo-nazis against his pregnant wife about a month before she disappeared.

Cory Lee Carroll passed a polygraph test and met this week with investigators in the Laci Peterson case, his attorney told the Fresno Bee.

Officials directly associated with the case refused to comment on the claims, citing a gag order imposed by the court.

This is certainly a new twist to the old standard gimmick --the jailhouse snitch --it's the sophisticated version here. Needless to say, the plot to frame Scott Peterson is not your regular, run-of-the-mill operation --this is bigtime. What we have here is a career criminal who is being cultivated to replace the trucker witness who failed to deliver the goods. The polygraph test is a nice touch, but it's not washing. When the police, forensic experts and crown prosecutors are so confident that they built their case backwards, manipulating and creating evidence to prove the guilt of a suspect, they pervert justice when the target is innocent.

Attorney Frank Muna told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America his client, Cory Lee Carroll, a convicted forger, thief and parole violator, told him the story about Peterson while submitting to a lie detector test administered by Muna's private investigator. Muna said he called authorities after Carroll passed the test while giving the account. Modesto Police have not commented on Carroll's story, citing a gag order in the case. This is bigtime. A Neo-Nazi gang kidnapped and murdered Laci Peterson, even though the prosecution repeatedly insists that Scott Peterson murdered Laci on the 23rd or the 24th of December.

Somebody is working awfully hard, to create the false impression that Scott Peterson is responsible for the disappearance of his wife. The only problem is, a murder is not solved by working hard. It is solved by acknowledging credible evidence and by exposing the gimmicks that conspire to cover up the truth.

If you believe the claim of a Fresno County Jail inmate who says that accused murderer Scott Peterson broached the idea of kidnapping his wife while meeting with two members of a Neo-Nazi gang about a month before a pregnant Laci Peterson disappeared, you need help. Why was Cory Lee Carroll, interviewed in jail by investigators from the Modesto Police Department and the Stanislaus County District Attorney's Office? Why have police divers returned to the bay, to fish for clues? This message posted on one of the boards that discuss the murder of Laci Peterson, has answered the question very nicely:
Jailhouse snitches have been fed information "only the killers would know" and police divers are still looking for a way to pervert justice. This is in the media on September 20, 2003:

"On Friday, divers from the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department searched the waters of the east San Francisco Bay for additional evidence in the Laci Peterson murder case. The divers concentrated their efforts in the area of Point Isabella, near Richmond. However, investigators would not say what they were seeking."

If the police want to solve the murder all they have to do is arrest the creeps who are planting all the evidence. It's very simple --DUH ! ! !

By the way, are the MORONS looking for Laci's head, or are they just interested in leads that manufacture the cause of death?

Ordinary people get it. Why doesn't the DA?

Where did these ridiculous, exhaustively developed stories about a Neo-Nazi gang come from? Isn't it obvious? On June 26, 2003, prosecutors said that witnesses were not available for a preliminary inquiry that had been scheduled for next month. Isn't that a strange, indefinite referral? Why don't we all just wait until the DA finds somebody who is prepared to lie. No doubt, if all else fails, we can always rely upon the ability of putting the squeeze on desperate, jailhouse inmates who will do or say absolutely anything to make a deal.

I have an idea. Why don't we pick you up, whoever it is that is reading this right now, throw you in jail and keep you there until we find a jailhouse snitch who is willing to call you a murderer. How would YOU like that?

This idiotic prosecution has more theories about how Laci was murdered than you can possibly imagine. It was a hard kill, then it was a date-rape drug-induced, soft kill and now, it was a planned kidnapping? Are these people nuts? They refused to believe that Laci was kidnapped until a bunch of Neo-Nazis told them so? If you think the satanic cult killing theory was mad, this is absolute lunacy. This investigation is a total fiasco and there is ABSOLUTELY NO excuse for the fact that Laci's husband is in jail because Scott Peterson is clearly the one and only person who had the most to lose from the fact that his pregnant wife was kidnapped and murdered. What happened to the stupid theory that Scott murdered his own unborn child because he wanted to be married to a single mom with a child that was not even his own? Are these MORONS who are essentially framing Scott Peterson, real prosecutors?

Needless to say, these prosecutors are either extremely corrupt or too ignorant to take seriously. They don't even have enough evidence to hold Scott so they stall for time, to give them the opportunity figure it out. Why do you think they delayed the preliminary hearing, in the first place?

According to Ted Rowlands, Scott Peterson was upset over the fact that the Prosecutor delayed his preliminary inquiry. In his own words:

Probably the most surprising thing is that Scott Peterson actually spoke out today in court and seemed to be upset when he was asked if he was willing to waive time. He said, "Yes, I'll waive time," begrudgingly, in effect, and he sort of pointed at the prosecution, he said, "because they're not giving us the evidence," they've pushed back the preliminary hearing. It was to be July 15. It will now take place on September 9. That has been expected. But it seemed like Peterson was generally upset about it and wanted to say something in open court.

The prosecutors said that witnesses were not available for the preliminary inquiry, and now, it appears, they meant that witnesses had not been successfully cultivated because the trucker was not credible. They are currently testing the credibility of Neo-Nazis who claim that Scott Peterson is responsible for kidnapping his own wife.

It is popular to assert that the sneaky, Mark Geragos deferred the preliminary hearing because delays benefit the defense, but that is a load of crap. In open court, the defense team said, "We still aren't getting evidence from the prosecution that they have a responsibility to turn over to us" and Rick Distaso, the assistant DA, said "listen, we're having trouble getting some of that information over to the defense. So it is still going on, this discovery problem, the slow discovery making its way to the defense." Needless to say, discovery hasn't even reached the prosecution yet, because they are still looking for a needle in the haystack through the eyes of Neo-Nazis.

As long as the prosecution withholds discovery evidence [because they have nothing credible] they indefinitely postpone the preliminary inquiry, and it will be interesting to see how much time they are going to waste trying to cultivate a witness who is credible. Scott Peterson, who has repeatedly and emphatically indicated that he had absolutely nothing to do with the disappearance of his wife, is the only credible witness to date.

Mark Geragos is routinely ridiculed for investigating the satanic cult angle of the murder of Laci Peterson, but he did not make up the claim that a satanic cult was potentially involved. To be sure, a satanic cult was probably not involved, but Mark Geragos gathered the information from a report that he was given by the Modesto prosecutors, and if anybody is to blame for failing to bring Laci's murderers to justice, it is ignorant prosecutors who are blaming the man who is, under the circumstances, the least plausible suspect.

Defense Attorney, Christopher Pixley put it best, when he said; "But at this point, what's more logical, that Scott Peterson murdered his wife without leaving a trace of evidence, no blood or DNA anywhere, removed her head and her limbs from her body, potentially excised the baby from the womb, or that some deranged psychopath snatched her in a park and did it? I think there comes a point in time where it is more likely that someone else committed this crime, whether it's a satanic cult or just some crazed transient, than Scott Peterson himself." Christopher Pixley did not solve the murder, but neither did he make it impossible to do so, by blaming an innocent man.

The chances that the police will find some desperate, jailhouse inmate who tells them what they should be looking for, in the bay where Scott Peterson allegedly dumped his wife is absolutely zero. The chance that the police will find what somebody deliberately plants in front of their noses is excellent. So why are the police still combing the bay for clues?

On May 5, 2003, Nancy Grace said, "the worst thing that could happen to the defense is for the state to finally find anchors, if they exist at the bottom of the bay, through the use of a very interesting technique called side scan sonar. If those anchors are found and linked back to Scott Peterson, it is over." Are the police looking for anchors, because the Nazis claim that Nancy Grace is a good prosecutor? What a huge joke this would be, if the murder of Laci and Conner was not so tragic. Remarkably, the killers planted Laci and Conner to implicate Scott Peterson and Nancy Grace thinks that finding an anchor is more important than the fact that the killers produced a decapitated body. In other words, an anchor that resides in the imagination of an idiotic conspiracy theory is more important than Laci Peterson's missing head. If that is what Nancy Grace in fact believes, then she is too stupid to take seriously. If she is intelligent, she is deliberately covering up the truth about the murder of Laci Peterson.

At this point in time, when a desperate, career criminal claims that Scott Peterson discussed the kidnapping of his wife with members of a prison gang, he is doing it at the behest of the people who are trying to cover up the truth about the murder of Laci Peterson. And if Modesto police investigators, who recently returned to the San Francisco Bay Area with Police divers who searched the bay and visited the Richmond marina, are not trying to frame Scott Peterson, they should begin to arrest all the people who are.

The current, Neo-Nazi effort to set Scott Peterson up is reminiscent of the campaign to suggest that the trucker witness was credible. Indeed, according to the nonsense that Nancy Grace broadcasts, the trucker was a viable witness because he identified the word 'Gamefisher' on Scott's boat, before it became public knowledge, and that was supposed to be his lie-detector test. Instead, it is just another part of the overzealous effort to create the false impression that Scott murdered Laci. [September 23, 2003]

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