Everything can be explained as the effect of some cause. The circumstances surrounding the death of Robin Williams do not compute with the act of the deliberate self-infliction of an injury which leads to death. It is consequently clear that Robin Williams was murdered -not an opinion but a conclusion derived from a series of events and sequences which are in illogical opposition to the claim that Robin Williams killed himself. Consequently, the fact that Robin Williams was murdered is cogent, compelling and removes the opportunity to credibly assert he killed himself.

Premeditated murder is easy to expose. For example, the idiots who killed Robin Williams had placed superficial, transverse cuts on his inner left wrist to create the false impression that Williams had taken his own life.

The fact is, this self-destructive pattern is a cry for help in the female population, men who kill themselves do not typically make shallow, exploratory cuts because they are more decisive. The murderers who staged the suicide scene were stupid.

According to Lt. Keith Boyd, Assistant Chief Deputy Coroner, when Robin Williams was discovered by his personal assistant he was; "Clothed, in a seated position, unresponsive with a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt wedged between the cloths closet door and the door frame. His right shoulder area was touching the door with his body perpendicular to the door and slightly suspended. Mr. Williams at that time was cool to the touch with rigormortis present in his body and livor mortis positioned appropriately for the position he was located in. The inside of Mr. Williams left wrist had several acute, superficial transverse cuts. A pocket knife with a closed blade was located in close proximity to Mr. Williams. The pocket knife was examined and a dry red material was located on the blade of the knife which appeared consistent to dried blood."

If Robin Williams had in fact hanged himself, he would have been in a hanging position, not a sitting position. The only thing that would have been accomplished if it was Williams who had positioned his own body the way it was found (staged his own suicide) was to use a belt to massage the muscles in the back of his neck. Again, I reiterate. The people who staged the suicide of Robin Williams are stupid.

At the time he was murdered, Robin Williams had conquered all his demons. The autopsy proved that he did not have any alchohol or drugs in his system. Indeed, Robin Williams proved to be the sweetest and the sanest man we know and even his final tweet confirmed that. Robin Williams did not kill himself, he was murdered.

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