Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman
Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman

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Michael Skakel and Mickey Sherman

A comprehensive analysis of the Sutton Report.

by Mat Wilson

The Sutton Report clearly exposes the fact that when it comes to deception, Ken Littleton is an absolute master and anybody who doubts his guilt is rather gullible. “I have a definite feeling in my mind,” he told our investigator, “that this murder was committed after 10:30 at night."
“Why do you say that? he was asked.
“Because,” he responded cryptically.

The investigators cleared Ken Littleton, because, in their words:

... the perpetrator was most likely in a state of severe psychosis and intoxication. While we have indication that both Tommy and Michael were under the influence of alcohol, and possibly drugs, that night, Littleton seems to have been clean in that regard.

How can anybody be that ignorant? How can anybody suggest that Ken Littleton was not "under the influence" when the voices in his lunatic head have dictated his entire life?

The Sutton Report's free-flow speculation provides the opportunity to accuse anybody of the murder of Martha Moxley, but a thorough analysis identifies a single murderer, and that person is Ken Littleton.

The Sutton Report identified the right questions...but it has failed to answer them, and it is about time... To quote directly from the Sutton Report:

... to say, as he [Ken Littleton] has, that he didn’t even notice her [Martha Moxley] at all seems to be going too far in the other direction. She was in the house that evening on at least two occasions. By most accounts, she was very attractive and out-going. She and Tommy were cavorting very publicly by side of the house. Why wouldn’t Littleton have noticed her? If he had, what would keep him from admitting that?

These are the questions appropriately asked and not answered in the Sutton Report, the lapse is not excusable, and it's about time...

Q: Why wouldn’t Littleton have noticed Martha Moxley?
A: Ken Littleton needed an alibi.

Q: If Ken Littleton had noticed Martha Moxley, what would keep him from admitting that?"
A: The obsession to cover up the fact that bipolar sufferer, Ken Littleton murdered Martha Moxley.

The Sutton Report accurately depicted the turmoil that governs Litttleton's life through rhetoric like:

While there is no doubt Littleton was profoundly affected by Martha Moxley’s murder and its subsequent investigation, to what end his problems can be attributed to this event is uncertain. He is a haunted man, but why? Is he somehow responsible?

Is he involved in some complicity, some conspiracy?

Ken Littleton is a wild card--literally and figuratively. If he is entirely innocent of any involvement in the murder of Martha Moxley, he has certainly gone to great lengths to make it seem otherwise.

The claim "to what end his problems can be attributed to this event [the murder of Martha Moxley] is uncertain" is rather silly because bipolar sufferers like Ken Littleton do not compartmentalize, their entire lives are one big predictable mess.

Indeed, to quote directly from the Sutton report, Ken Litleton did not have a life, he had a series of crime spree incidents.

Littleton’s crime spree on Nantucket, which he attributed to his drinking problem, brought him swiftly to the forefront of speculation in the investigation of Martha Moxley’s murder. The Greenwich Police Department’s efforts to attach the crime to Tommy Skakel had proven futile. Their focus now shifted. Defenders of Littleton insist the continued harassment of the Greenwich Police--who frequently questioned Littleton while he was working--lead to his dismissal from teaching jobs.

Littleton probably did lose teaching jobs because of his status as a suspect and the Greenwich Police’s continued efforts to build a case against him, but he has only himself to blame for their interest. His foolish crimes on Nantucket were a red flag to investigators. Furthermore, to this day, he has left many questions unanswered about his actions and whereabouts on the night of October 30, 1975.

Ken Littleton cleverly blames drinking problems for his "crime spree" but the truth is, alcohol is merely an aggravating factor, it is not the cause. Ken Littleton is mentally ill, he murdered Martha Moxley, so why is Michael skakel in jail?

Ken Littleton is not the "wild card", he is in fact, the "wild man" who has never demonstrated the capacity to control his life. To quote from the Sutton Report:

Again, it is difficult to sift through the real and the paranoid when listening to the voice of Ken Littleton. We must remember, he is a man with a genetic and socio-cultural predisposition to bipolar mood disorder stemming from stressful occurrences from which he now suffers. He is also a serious alcoholic, allegedly “recovering” through the assistance of twelve-step programs.

We must consider that Littleton may be a guilty man, haunted by his actions, who seeks for the sake of self-interest to protect himself by throwing speculation towards others. For all his problems and pitiable weaknesses, he is still an intelligent and potentially conniving convicted felon who has failed two lie-detector tests regarding the murder of Martha Moxley.

The possibility that Littleton is a completely innocent man, merely haunted by the specter of suspicion, is not credible because Ken Littleton now claims that he has direct knowledge of the fact that Michael Skakel murdered Martha Moxley. That makes his obsession to manufacture an alibi the only consistent element that not only betrays Ken Littleton's inexplicable behavior but also responds to the material questions that have to be answered to be able to fully comprehend the tragic fate of Martha Moxley.

First and foremost, it is not possible to talk about Ken Littleton and crime spree in a separate breath, and the Sutton Report summarized some of the allegations in the following manner:

Unfortunately, there are many issues with regards to Ken Littleton that need further investigation and clarification before any resolution can be reached as to his possible involvement in the murder of Martha Moxley. As mentioned earlier in this section, a great number of allegations and innuendos have been made against Littleton, particularly after Greenwich Police Detectives Soloman [Solomon] and Garr recently intensified their interest in him. According to Ken, he willingly submitted to their questioning, but finally relented after it was clear he was being given “the naked light-bulb treatment.” Some of the allegations are as follows: 1) Ken Littleton had some sort of a sexual encounter with the wife of a fellow teacher from the Brunswick school at a softball picnic during the Spring of 1976. Although there were no charges brought, it has been alleged that Littleton was attempting to rape her. 2) Other somewhat similar incidents of teenaged girls bludgeoned to death are alleged to have occurred in close proximity to Littleton’s whereabouts. 3) Littleton was arrested for DUI and Assault and Battery, after having been driving the wrong way down a street frequented by prostitutes. He mumbled that "he had to speak to the Kennedys."

Why hasn't this lunatic who is obsessed with the Kennedys, been prosecuted for the murder of Martha Moxley? His troubled life would certainly satisfy most reasonable people that he is a dangerous criminal who does not deserve to be free. To quote directly from the Sutton Report:

1) Within a year of the murder, Littleton was given and failed two polygraph tests. At first, Littleton claimed he was being represented by Tommy’s attorney, Manny Margolis, but then retained John Meerbergen. 2) After making a full confession with regards to his crime spree on Nantucket, Littleton is given a 5-7 year suspended sentence in May of 1977. He refused to submit to a sodium amytal interview regarding the murder of Martha Moxley in exchange for a reduced charge. 3) Littleton was arrested at least three times in Orlando, Florida. On February 14, 1982, he was convicted on charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct. When arrested, he gives a false name. On February 28, 1982, he was convicted of disorderly conduct again.

On March 3, 1982, Littleton was convicted for shoplifting. We know he was drinking heavily at this point. 4) In subsequent years, he was arrested for numerous Driving While Intoxicated offenses. The period when Littleton was in Florida, however, is of special portent. Martha Moxley’s father, before his passing, recorded in his papers that Littleton called him at that time and expressed condolence for Martha’s death, saying he wanted to take a sodium pentathol test to help solve the case. When asked about this call by investigator in Boston, Littleton initially denied ever speaking with Mr. Moxley. He claimed that only his wife had actually spoken to Mr. Moxley. When later confronted with the specific recollections of the call from Mr. Moxley’s personal papers, Littleton conceded he may have spoken to him while in a state of severe intoxication, stating, “Maybe I spoke to him when I was really shit-faced.”

Littleton’s accusers have pointed to this incident as an indication of his guilt and need for contrition.

Ken Littleton's constant lies and revisions are extremely incriminating. When he was interviewed for the first time, he said, "He never went out that night after dinner ... he saw nothing suspicious." When Michael Skakel was falsely implicated, he claimed that Michael Skakel had murdered Martha Moxley, and that is certainly a far cry from the original claim that he saw "nothing suspicious".

In the final analysis, the Sutton Report is a document that implicates Ken Littleton through facts and clears him through speculation. When will the facts be recognized?

On December 15, 1992, Littleton took a polygraph exam administered by the nationally recognized polygraph expert Robert Brisentine. The test again indicated that Littleton "was not truthful when he denied causing the death of Miss Moxley." After confirming these results in a second test, Brisentine left the examining room. According to someone close to the conversation, he took Solomon aside and said, "The man who murdered Martha Moxley is sitting in that room. Don't ever let anyone persuade you otherwise." Ken Littleton has failed five polygraphs about the Moxley murder.

Even the media has exposed the lunacy that governs Ken Littleton, and this is another, direct quote from the Sutton Report:

A couple of years ago, the tabloid television program, A Current Affair, ambushed Littleton in Canada for an expose-style interview. Anxious, stuttering, and shaking uncontrollably, Ken initially tried to flee the encounter, but then awkwardly relented. He made a few comments and answered some questions while remaining just barely within the realm of coherence. He is a man who suffers from severe depression and alcoholism, and his demeanor is inherently disabled. In this regard, he is his own worst accuser.

In conclusion, Ken Littleton is his own worst accuser because he murdered Martha Moxley.

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