Laci Peterson Investigation

April 4, 2003

Excessive censorship conspires to derail an independent investigation.

nsnews:        Is there any reason to believe that Scott Peterson murdered Laci?

David Sween: Absolutely not.

nsnews:      Then why do so many people think that Scott Peterson was involved?

David Sween: The people who are spinning the news on this one are working overtime.

nsnews:       How so?

David Sween:    The campaign to misrepresent the evidence is absolutely extreme.

nsnews:        Can you give me an example?

David Sween:     Where do I begin? Let me see now -I think the biggest example is the absolute zeal to create the impression that the police and the Rocha family have this secret alliance which will invariably lead to the arrest of Scott Peterson. For example, now that Laci's mom has said she still has hope that Laci is not dead, contrary to the police declaration that Laci is a homicide victim, the spin doctors say things like, "I wouldn't be surprised if the Rocha family was helping the police to 'catch' SP by pretending they think Laci and Connor are still alive, and perhaps Scott would not be so hesitant to be around them or talk to them? etc., etc." It is difficult to believe that such airhead theories, which are as reliable as the claim that Scott Peterson placed his wife's feet in a bucket of cement, are leading people to believe that Scott Peterson is a murderer. Are people really that gullible?

nsnews:     I thought I was the one asking the questions here -are people really that gullible?

David Sween:    I was thinking out loud -I am stumped. I don't have an answer. As an investigator, I simply do not understand anybody who even remotely suggests that Scott Peterson is a murder suspect and I guess that's why the police do not call him a suspect.

nsnews:       Then why don't the police clear Scott Peterson?

David Sween:     Now isn't that the only question that is really worth its weight? You can probably write a five volume book on all the spin that surrounds that question because that is where all the cement-related theories come from. To be brief, you have to wash all the crap away, before you reach the substance which relates to the fact that Scott Peterson, despite all the predictions of all the finest experts, has not been arrested. Let me put it this way. I wouldn't be surprised if the police have not already cleared Scott Peterson and they are just pretending that he is still the focus, to keep the real murderers off their guard.

nsnews:        Is that counter spin?

David Sween:     No. The simple fact of the matter is, somebody has murdered Laci Peterson, the police know it, and it is their duty and responsibility to bring Laci's murderers to justice. Scott Peterson IS NOT a suspect.

nsnews:     Do you think this case will ever be solved?

David Sween:    As far as I am concerned, the case has already been solved. The plot to frame Scott Peterson has failed and the end of this story is merely a matter of doting the i's and crossing the t's. It may take another year, it may take another 5 years it may take another 12 years, there is no statute of limitations here.

nsnews:        And you call that a victory?

David Sween:  Absolutely. If you compare this situation to the Moxley murder, you will understand. In that particular case, Michael Skakel was convicted for a murder that his emotionally disturbed tutor, Ken Littleton, evidently committed. In that case, an innocent man is in jail while the real killer has been granted immunity.

nsnews:       Are the cases related?

David Sween:     I don't know, is Mark Fuhrman advising the Modesto Police Department? Is Mark Fuhrman still working with Lucianne Goldberg? If the answer is yes, there may very well be a link.

nsnews:      And if the link exists, have Mark Fuhrman and Lucianne Goldberg satisfied their expectations.

David Sween:    Absolutely not. Unlike Michael Skakel, Scott Peterson has not been convicted and like Ken Littleton, who has spent the last 29 years of his life running and hiding, the real murderers will never rest, and they will certainly be dead, buried and in hell, by the time this case is forgotten. Like Ken Littleton, they will never get away with murder, whether they are officially convicted or not.

nsnews:        You are not suggesting that granting Ken Littleton immunity is the equivalent of prosecuting Scott Peterson?

David Sween:    It certainly is an equivalent. The people who kidnapped Laci Peterson seek immunity from prosecution and Scott Peterson is their ticket to the peace of mind they seek.

nsnews:      Are you surprised that Scott Peterson has not been arrested?

David Sween:  Very surprised.

nsnews:        Why is that?

David Sween:     Difficult question because I am rarely surprised by anything. I have to give you an analogy to answer that, and if you do not know anything about the bizarre conviction of Michael Skakel, you might miss the point. To be brief, people like Dominick Dunne, Mark Fuhrman and Lucianne Goldberg created the environment that is responsible for the Skakel conviction, Scott Peterson has been the recipient of the same sort of negative, lynch mob publicity, and in that respect, the failure to arrest Scott Peterson is very surprising. Perhaps the Skakel case proved difficult to defend because it is impossible to convincingly prove what you or anybody else did over 27 years ago. It is difficult to defend yourself against fictitious publicity that is relentlessly promoted, and Michael Skakel is in jail, as a consequence.

nsnews:       Do you think that Scott Peterson will ever be arrested?

David Sween:     If it was not for the reporting of nsnews and wrtv news, I would say he would have been arrested in March of 2003, just as all the "authorities" and all the "experts" were predicting.

nsnews:        And what do you say now?

David Sween:    Absolutely Not. Scott Peterson will never be arrested.

nsnews:        How can you be so sure?

David Sween:     Because at this point in time, if I was Scott Peterson, I would want the police to arrest me. I would want the police to show me the proof that my wife had been murdered so that I could begin to investigate the people who are responsible for her murder.

nsnews:        It sounds like you are saying that Scott Peterson is invincible.

David Sween:     Absolutely !

nsnews:       Do you always put yourself in other people's shoes?

David Sween:  You are not a human being, if you don't.

nsnews:       Thank You Mr. Sween.

David Sween:  My pleasure.

April 19, 2003

Scott Peterson is arrested

nsnews:        Mr. Sween, it looks like you have been discredited?

David Sween: Excuse me?

nsnews:      Scott Peterson has been arrested and you said that he was invincible?

David Sween: This is not exactly a typical arrest and I am an investigator, I am not a fortuneteller. When desperate criminals plant a fetus because every other effort to force an arrest has failed, I do not accept the proposition that a legitimate arrest has been obtained. This arrest is nothing more and nothing less than an act of pure showmanship and absolute desperation. The bodies of victims do not conveniently wash to shore in unison, after being in the water for 4 months, simply because somebody wants to arrest Scott Peterson. You can call this an arrest but in my opinion, it is an illegal, unjustifiable detainment.

nsnews:       How can you possibly say that?

David Sween:    I can say that with absolute confidence because Scott Peterson was fishing when Laci Peterson was spotted walking her dog and that has not been credibly discredited. In a material sense, Scott Peterson is the only person who has retained his credibility. Is he a liar? Of course he is, but that is not materially relevant and police duplicity in this case has been so extreme it is absolutely hypocritical to call Scott Peterson a murderer simply because he possesses common, human faults.

nsnews:        Is there any such thing as an illegitimate arrest?

David Sween:     With all due respect, I think that you have to be pretty stupid to consider the sudden arrest of somebody who has not even been declared to be a suspect, to be legitimate. If you recall, during our last interview, I said "if I was Scott Peterson, I would want the police to arrest me. I would want the police to show me the proof that my wife had been murdered so that I could begin to investigate the people who are responsible for her murder." I called their bluff, and on the very day that Scott Peterson was arrested, the police chief essentially disclosed the fact that despite previous declarations, he did not have any evidence that Laci Peterson was dead, prior to the discovery of Scott Peterson's son. Needless to say, the perpetrators knew that Scott would never be arrested unless the bodies surfaced, and Scott's son and wife conveniently surfaced, proving once and for all, that Scott Peterson is the only person in the world who gave a damn about his own wife and child.

nsnews:    You are an incredible Detective.

David Sween:    Not really, I merely rely upon the logic of the experts and reject the dictum of their false assumptions.

nsnews:       Can you give me an example?

David Sween:     Jeffrey Toobin said "it seems to me that the biggest piece of evidence here is that the bodies of the two victims were discovered within a couple of miles, where Scott Peterson says he was, on the day that Laci Peterson disappeared." How convenient. Needless to say, if, as all the evidence indicates, Scott Peterson is not a homicidal maniac, the people who planted the bodies are as sick as the people who murdered Laci Peterson. Moreover, the relentless campaign to implicate Scott Peterson is motivated by the obsession to get away with murder.

nsnews:        Why would anybody frame an innocent man?

David Sween:    To get away with murder. Jeffrey Toobin said that the recovery of Laci's body "is a little like the Chandra Levy case. The body was recovered but it did not produce much evidence to lead to any arrest. Here, the location of the body was very important, but actual evidence produced there doesn't seem to have come up with much at all.

nsnews:     Then why was Scott arrested?

David Sween:    Because the murderers are extremely aggressive.

nsnews:        Are you serious?

David Sween:  Absolutely. Jeffrey Toobin was not as explicit, but he essentially said the same thing when he said; "Well, I think that in cases like this, the question that all of us ask, and the question that the jury certainly asks, if not the husband then who did this? Who had a motive?...It's a strong case because it is simply implausible to most people that anyone other than her husband could have murdered her." Needless to say, that is the prejudice that the murderers have exploited in this case, but this is evidently a repeat performance and it is not as implausible, the second time around. In particular, the M.O. of the Chandra Levy and the Laci Peterson disappearances are very similar and the peculiar recovery of their bodies should arouse the suspicion that these murders are in fact linked.

nsnews:       Who killed Chandra Levy?

David Sween:     I don't know, if somebody who allegedly commits suicide is in fact the victim of a murderer who covers his or her tracks, it doesn't change the fact that the suicide verdict is false. It is not possible to respond to every question. All we can do, to be effective, competent investigators is to reject the consequence of prejudice. I can certainly tell you that the murder of Laci Peterson is evidently a revision of the failure to arrest Gary Condit, and I can tell you that people who bring bodies back when they are too useless to determine the cause of death are sophisticated cover up artists, but like all murderers, they are not very bright. And I can also tell you that if Gary Condit or Scott Peterson had murdered anybody, the circumstantial evidence would have been credible.

nsnews:       What does the arrest of Scott Peterson mean?

David Sween:     From my perspective, it doesn't mean anything at all because it will not advance my knowledge about the murder of Laci Peterson. From Scott's perspective, he is now clearly aware of the fact that he has been framed. It's very bizarre to watch. it's like falsely assuming that somebody committed suicide or murder and inventing the "evidence" to justify the delusion. It's very sad and it is evidently far more common than we think.

POSTSCRIPT: Censorship which relates to the disappearance of Laci Peterson is so extreme and vulgar that even Internet message boards slander Scott Peterson and censor anybody who provides an inconvenient rebuttal to the unsubstantiated claim that Scott Peterson murdered his wife and child. On February 21, 2003, we even told you that the murderers would plant the bodies of Laci and Connor in effort to implicate Scott Peterson. Sorry for inconveniencing the plot to frame Scott Peterson and this absolutely proves that we were absolutely right. CASE CLOSED.


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