Date:  7/3/2009, 10:50 pm, EDT
Name:  Common Sense
Number:  125
The "official" explanation is crystal clear, DIPRIVAN allegedly killed Michael Jackson !

Michael Jackson's WILL has been UN-DONE, and contrary to non-stop media speculation, DIPRIVAN had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it unless it was forcibly injected or administered without his knowledge in food or drink BEFORE Michael Jackson's good friend, Doctor Conrad Murray, found him practically dead.

Michael Jackson was determined to stay healthy and drug free, to stage a successful comeback.

So who is responsible for the death of Michael Jackson?

This is not manslaughter, as CNN repeatedly claims.

This is pre-meditated murder, and the people who are planting evidence to create the impression that Michael Jackson essentially committed suicide are very predictable.

Date:   6/27/2009, 4:38 pm, EDT
Name:   Dr. Henderson
Number:   112
"Michael Jackson has died from a suspected cardiac arrest."

News reports are not making any sense.

Sounds more like a lethal injection or death by some kind of poisoning.

Just because the paramedics administered CPR when they arrived, that doesn't mean that Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest, that's just a meaningless term which means his heart has stopped.

It sounds like they were trying to revive a man who was already dead -and the cause is a mystery.

Date:   6/27/2009, 4:16 pm, EDT
Name:   Debbie
Number:   111
Dr. Tohme Tohme is the scapegoat.

Another case of a lone gunman firing 3 Demorol pills in rapid succession -one of them hit the curb, one of them merely made Michael dizzy and the third blew his brains out.

Might as well make Deepshit happy -oh, let the police investigate first !

Date:   6/27/2009, 3:27 pm, EDT
Name:   Nick
Number:   110
This is getting interesting.

Police want to talk to Dr. Tohme Tohme about an "alleged indirect connection" between prescription drugs and MJ's passing.

The zeal to blame this death on drugs is astounding.

Date:   6/27/2009, 2:52 pm, EDT
Name:   Jill
Number:   109
I can't stand all the STUPID ENABLERS who are ENABLING the STUPID THEORY that Michael Jackson essentially COMMITTED SUICIDE through DEMORAL.

I used to have enormous respect for ENABLER Deepak Chopra, I didn't know he was such an ignorant, ARROGANT MORON.

I just hope that all the leeches who have been exploiting Jackson's property are forced to return it all to where it all belongs -without debt -to Jackson's children.

Date:   6/27/2009, 1:31 pm, EDT
Name:   Gary
Web:   Click Here !
Number:   108
The voice on the emergency 911 take sounds like a well rehearsed, death penalty publicist.

"He's pumping, he's pumping his chest but he's not responding to anything, sir, please," the man said.

When the 911 respondent asked the unidentified voice if anybody had witnessed what had happened, the unidentified voice asked the Doctor,

"Doctor, did you see what happened sir"

Why is this person using the Doctor to dodge a response, it wasn't a medical question?

Clearly, it appears as if this person who claimed that "we're trying to pump him" was essentially hiding behind the Doctor to avoid answering questions. Here is a word-for-word rendition of the artful dodge that is designed to make the Doctor the "fall guy".

911 Attendant: Did anybody witness what happened?

Unidentified Voice: Ah, No, just the Doctor Sir, The Doctor is the only one who was here.

911 Attendant: Did the Doctor see what happened?

Unidentified voice: Ah, ah, Doctor, did you see what happened sir?

Michael Jackson's executioners are not answering any questions, they are evidently trying to create the impression that there was a genuine effort to resuscitate Michael Jackson, but Michael Jackson is merely lying in bed dead or dying when he was allegedly being pumped.

Michael Jackson was always surrounded by people who exploited him -that's why Michael Jackson preferred the company ofchildren -most adults are morons -they don't even know how to cover up a murder... oh well, you know what they say?

It's not the crime, it's the cover up, stupid !

-my bet is, the Doctor is just a scapegoat, he is clueless, and everybody is going to pin the blame on him for allegedly overprescribing demoral -what a great idea!

Even Deepak Chopra, is claiming that he is prepared to "name names" to pin the blame for the death of Michael Jackson on some Doctor who has, what he called a "licence to kill".

What a MORON !

This guy has gone over the edge, sounds like an overdose of James Bond Movies.

Date:   6/27/2009, 1:24 pm, EDT
Name:   Randy
Number:   107
Did you hear that BIZARRE 911 call?

There was no urgency in the voice.

At a doctor's office if you develop a serious thing like this, they call 911 before they do ANYTHING. Then they do the emergency CPR waiting for the EMS.

It sounded to me like the male on the phone just needed a "bus" to carry the body.