Joe Jackson

LOS ANGELES - The hostility directed towards Joe Jackson, who turned up at Sunday's BET Awards and addressed his son's shocking death, is phenomenal. The showman plugged his record company on the red carpet, and that was just too much for Jackson haters to excuse.

The Jackson patriarch, who walked the carpet with his attorney, told E! News that he wished Michael could've seen the tribute that BET had in store that night.

"This should've happened when he was living because he was that kind of a star," the elder Jackson said.

He asked that people remember that his son "was the greatest star in the world" and that the late musician deserved all of the recognition.

Asked about the events surrounding Michael's death, he told CNN, "I have a lot of concerns but I can't get into that…I don't like what happened."

Despite his critics, his concerns about his sons death are very real and an authority like Dr. Henderson appears to voice them here, you and you can post your own message as well.



Greatest Performance ever !


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Greatest Performance ever !