August 22, 2009


I review messages with considerable delight and being a criminal investigator, I offer my own view with respect to the preceding comments on this website. I have examined the opinions of others in order to clarify, confirm and/or modify my own.

I have carefully weighed assessed and refined observations in effort to arrive at the truth and fellow posters have thankfully provided a great deal of material to chew on.

As expected, the Larry King Live show on August 20, 2009 was extremely predictable but it was also surprisingly informative. It was predictable because it failed to expose hard evidence to advance concrete knowledge about the death of Michael Jackson and surprising because the show actually exposed interesting details about Michael Jackson's past drug addiction.

In a nutshell, the detail exposed on Larry King Live on August 20, 2009 provided the evidence that is necessary to clear the two Doctors on the crosshairs of the currently irresponsible, overwhelming obsession to implicate them in the death of Michael Jackson.

These are the facts which are apparently conclusive; Michael Jackson was addicted to drugs at some point in his life, he had sought and received treatment and his power of self-control at the time of his death was not in question nor has it ever been discredited despite every effort.

In many respects, the obsession to implicate the Doctors is natural because the fact that Michael Jackson was a drug addict at some point in his life has been thoroughly exploited and it is therefore not entirely unusual to speculate or to suspect.

At the same time, the spotlight has removed all doubt about the fact that Michael Jackson was not, I repeat, HE WAS NOT controlled by drugs at the time his heart stopped beating unless the drugs were forcefully administered by culprits who have yet to be exposed.

Gossip and unconfirmed rumors are currently being used to explain the death of Michael Jackson, and that merely means that unknown facts are being supplemented by circumstantial speculation, to unfairly implicate two men who are victimized by unconfirmed gossip which deliberately creates the impression that they are responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.

The well scripted narrative will invariably produce the conclusion that Michael Jackson overdosed, and that is quite clear because authorities have targeted the Doctors and the pharmacies in a manner which suggests that if Michael Jackson had been shot, they would be raiding the people who sell guns and bullets.

Clearly, what happened on Larry King Live on August 20, 2009 was entirely predictable because it was nothing more than a response to irresponsible media leaks, and that will become crystal clear when you read Tom Byrd's post, wherein he exposed details which essentially prove that the Larry King Live production was nothing more than a response to previously aired, Fox News reports.

In particular, to quote the Fox News Reports that preceded Larry King Live;

"Michael Jackson's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray will be charged in the pop star's death, is reporting...The anonymous law enforcement official also reportedly told Fox that Jackson's dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein will be charged as well, most likely for medical malpractice. The source said this would not happen for several weeks."

It is remarkable that these unnamed, law enforcement sources are evidently seeking to manipulate the process through unconfirmed, nameless leaks and that is wrong. The transparent obsession to link the alleged negligence of Dr. Conrad Murray with the alleged negligence of Dr. Klein is certainly plausible in the field of theoretical speculation, but it is entirely void of fact in the world of law and evidence.

In conclusion, Dr. Murray and Dr. Klein will never be arrested if the authorities act in a responsible and proper manner, and if they succumb to the pressure that unconfirmed media leaks are producing they will merely enable a perversion of justice which should be avoided at all cost.

The Michael Jackson death investigation has been dominated by authoritarian tunnel vision, and when you have a case that is so publicly aired, it is very easy to determine the fact that the resolution regarding the death of Michael Jackson is being scripted by prevailing prejudices.

Sadly, instead of investigating the facts surrounding the mysterious death of Michael Jackson the authorities are merely mimicking the resolution of the Anna Nicole Smith case where 2 Doctors and one lawyer were arrested for enabling a "known drug addict".

It is therefore no surprise that Michael Jackson's Doctors are constantly being accused. The authorities initially blamed Dr. Murray, but as soon as he made a credible Youtube appearance professing his innocence, the knee-jerk authorities re-interviewed Dr. Klein to re-bolster the focus on Dr. Murray through a proxy rather than through a direct challenge.

In the context of a tunnel vision investigation, if the Doctors are not blamed, Michael Jackson's death will be ruled accidental.

When authorities are essentially baffled, as they were during the Marilyn Monroe death investigation, a default ruling like "accidental death" is routinely applied because it is easier to be wrong than to admit ignorance. Those who have carefully examined the facts surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe do not doubt the fact that her death is a consequence of foul play.

Similarily, if Michael Jackson was a victim of foul play when Dr. Murray left Jackson to make phonecalls, we will never know because the cause of Michael Jackson's death is not being investigted in an appropriate manner,

Toxicology results identify the poison not the culprit, and competent investigators expose the facts, they do not entertain common prejudices.


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