A. Elizabeth Warren acted alone. She singlehandedly occupied the seat formerly held by Ted Kennedy by refusing to be intimidated by Scott Brown's shiny new truck, invariably financed by Tea Party Birthers, the Koch Brothers.

B. Magic Bullet Theory. It is commonly asserted that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic favourite and the Republicans are doing everything in their power to entice her to run against Jeb Bush so that the Karl Rove sleaze machine can steal another election, but she don't care. Elizabeth Warren can fill any auditorium which would be totally empty if Clinton tried to do the same without the Warren Magic.

C. The collapse of the authoritarian police state. Ferguson has made it crystal clear that when push comes to shove, Americans will march in the droves that are necessary to restore justice despite Republican bigots and racists like Rudy Braindead Guiliani and Dick Bullhead Cheney.

D. In conclusion. History proves that liberal-leaning, interventionist presidents are far better stewards than conservative, laissez-faire warmongers and just like Franklin Delano Roosevelt saved U.S. capitalism from its own excesses, Elizabeth Warren is geared to set up the infrastructure which will save capitalism again.

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