Lee Harvey Oswald witnessed Kennedy assassination

November 22, 1963

Distorting the photographic evidence

The first step to creating the false impression that Lee Harvey Oswald was on the 6th floor of the School Book Depository was to distort the Altgens photograph. Clearly, it is not possible to remove a face or faces from the area of the doorway of the TSBD unless the Altgens photo was deliberately defaced as illustrated below.

Oswald and Lovelady were both in the doorway.

Police evidence proves that both Lee Harvey Oswald and Bill Lovelady were at the doorway at the same time when Kennedy was shot, because they both identified Bill Shelley, who was standing in the doorway with them.

Mr. BALL - Who was with you?
Mr. LOVELADY - Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton, and right behind me...
Mr. BALL - What was that last name?
Mr. LOVELADY - Stanton.
Mr. BALL - What is the first name?
Mr. LOVELADY - Bill Shelley.
Mr. BALL - And Stanton's first name?
Mr. LOVELADY - Miss Sarah Stanton.
Mr. BALL - Did you stay on the steps
Mr. BALL - Were you there when the President's motorcade went by
Mr. LOVELADY - Right.
Mr. BALL - Did you hear anything?
Mr. LOVELADY - Yes, sir; sure did.

So you see, Lovelady and Oswald were both in the doorway, researchers have wasted their time all these years trying to prove that it was one or the other.


Three witnesses confirm the fact that Lovelady was with them on the steps of the Depository, William Shelley (6H328), Sarah Stanton (22H647), and Wesley Frazier (22H675). But in the WCH, Shelley testified under oath that Lovelady was SITTING DOWN on the top step directly in front of Shelley, and that is why the man pictured in the Doorway is not Lovelady, and J. Edgar Hoover knew it. Even Lovelady claimed that he was with Shelley, and the man in the Doorway appears to be alone and he is wearing Lee Harvey Oswald's shirt.

Lovelady did not appear to be asked about the shirt he was wearing on the day of the assassination by the Warren Commission. According to Michael Benson, Lovelady said he was wearing a red and white stripped shirt. However, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) claimed he was wearing a plaid shirt. Unfortunately, Lovelady was not able to confirm this as he died just before the publication of the HSCA report. He died of a heart-attack aged 42 in January, 1979.

And that's pretty solid evidence that somebody did not want to publish the obvious truth.

As you can see, when Oswald was arrested, he is dressed like one of the two men in the doorway, he is not not wearing
the red and white shirt that Lovelady was wearing. That explains all the spots where the photo is "distorted". Boy, the
authorities are tricky, aren't they?



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